The Enveloping Light around Earth

In November 2016 (3rd to 17th from the 7D to 1D) there came a huge download of Light energies into the core of Earth, activating the vertical tube of our planet and opening up the star gates. These “star gates” are the access portals of the Tubular Network/ “Highways of Light” that interpenetrate the whole galaxy. Why is this important? It further unites Earth with the external space of the Solar system and the Galaxy, helping the Lower 3D have access to unconditional Love energies – it is a next step in “releasing the quarantine” that we’ve been in for a very long time. (The first step in releasing it was made in 1987).

This recent event brought into being an Enveloping Light around Earth that exists in the next sub-harmonic (6D, 5D, 4D) down into our sub-harmonic (3D, 2D, 1D). This “light envelope” looks like a field of pearlescent-gold energy, gently holding the planet.

In December 2016 (17th to 22nd from 7D to 1D) there came another download of Light – from the Galactic center. This energy went right into the field of Enveloping Light, activating it – and by the Winter Solstice it began to hum! Why is this important? This amplifies the morphogenic fields of Unity and not the fields of Separation. Remember, morphogenic fields are sort of the "communal consciousness” patterns of tribes– the shared human beliefs that people subscribe to. The Lower 3D contains many of these Separation-based belief fields that people who don’t have an individual Self yet, or who’s Self is “new” (“middle-schoolers” and “high-schoolers”) are plugged into. The newly vibrating Enveloping Light is meant to begin to modify these fields of Separation into the healthier fields of Diversity. If human beings can learn that this Simulation is about Diversity instead of Separation, the Lower 3D will evolve into a harmonious space. The healthy perception of Diversity is based on the incorporation of Divine Love – i.e. we can celebrate the differences, study them, learn from them, be curious about them – it is a way to learn much more quickly because instead of a firsthand experience of everything we can have a  secondary-type experience by tuning into another person and see the situation through their eyes.

The activation of new Light always brings a subsequent integration process, and it tends to be painful in unconscious people. The lower morphogenic fields are challenged by the new Light and “fight back” through activating people into rage, hatred, fear and victimhood. Unconscious people tend to experience a false sense of relief from their beliefs being “right”, thus many chose to fight for the “right-ness” of their existing disharmonious beliefs instead of opening up to the greater truth – which, from the "need to be right" perspective, seems challenging and uncomfortable. Of course, not everyone will externalize these negative energies, but the ones  who do end up affecting many people through spouting their negativity outwards through speeches, actions, and even through the acts of terrorism. The Lower 3D definitely reflects that.

Thus you want to focus on the Higher 3D Enveloping Light. What does it feel like? You might experience it as a vibration moving THROUGH your body from the inside out. Most of the time we feel the new energy downloads as coming from the outside inward. But this Enveloping Light vibrates from the inside of our bodies out into our energy fields – this is because it utilizes the newly-opened micro-tubular channels inside of us (recently activated in November 2016). This perception of energy moving from-inside-out was extremely apparent on New Year’s night (12/31/16 – 1/1/2017).


2017 – The Year of the Rooster

2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. The energy shifts on January 28th (and continues until mid-February). The Fire Element is the strongest, so unless you are very comfortable with red fire, you might want to use complimentary yellows, oranges and browns to support the Fire energy. The same goes for the color of clothing and stones that you wear – avoid red-colored stones unless you use then directly to amplify the Rooster fire (an intent for action), otherwise violet and purple are more suitable (Amethyst, Topaz, Purple Jasper, etc.) or yellow and brown stones.

2017 will require patience and hard work from all of us. Its energy is filled with efficiency and integrity, thus any personal or political/religious/tribal behaviors that lack integrity will have an immediate negative result. Because efficiency is paramount during 2017, make sure that you build a strategy, have a plan, and chose the most efficient course, before jumping into any action. Efficiency will be supported, while aimless wandering about will have negative consequences. The more efficient effort that we put into something in 2017, the better the result will be.

You need to make sure to be in harmony with friends and family. This year it is better to not have any communication at all than to have a disharmonious one. So, if you have friends or family members that you have constant discord with, put your interaction on hold for a year to not create any further damage (or cut the relationship off completely, if it is not a beneficial one). For those people who are single and wanting a relationship you have the possibility of a mate to look forward to – because Rooster energy stands on integrity, it brings the possibilities of trustworthy relationships that last. It is a good year to have a baby (pregnancies are easier going), if this is on your agenda :)

Because the Rooster years are always high on internal integrity, you must make sure that honorable behavior is spread over all areas of your life. Such as in how you interact with yourself in your own mind, how you interact with other people, how you invest your money, what you choose to purchase, watch, listen to, etc. Shady financial dealings will backfire badly in 2017, no matter how tempting and profitable, so stay out of these.

Politically 2017 will be tense. Expect the unpleasant, and often aggressive masculine stances, and profoundly neutral stances from world political leaders – right now there is not much integrity in world politics, and this will become very apparent in the year of the Rooster. Heavy migrations due to war zone changes and climate change will further destabilize the political scene.

Anyone who has endured being in the central stabilizing role in any project (when it often felt like you were doing everything all alone and others just could not be bothered to help out) will be rewarded in the year of the Rooster. This project role might have been at work, at home, at school, or with family or friends. This also goes for the internal projects – if you have been standing by your Higher Self and persevering no matter what negatives the Lower Self and Ego were screaming at you, in 2017 is should get easier :)

It is important to stay positive and use your will power efficiently when needed. Waiting too long, not having a strategy, falling into procrastination, lost-ness, sadness, or spacing out will have negative consequences during 2017. This doesn’t mean that you have to run around like crazy and do, do, do all the time. Instead, use your electric energy wisely, when needed, but do use it. It is almost better to be too electric/active in the year of the Rooster, than to be too magnetic/passive.

Use meditation to balance out the electric/active forces of 2017. Sitting in solitude, quietly, while connecting to the Universe is a great way to enhance your capacity for that year.

Watch out for negative righteousness (Ego desire to be right) – stand in Truth and Justice instead. Watch out for foolish bravery and cocky behaviors – staying with logic and efficiency will do more for you in 2017.

This year is great for careers in administration, military and law enforcement. If this is not your field of work, see how the honorable qualities of these careers can be applied to your life – better “internal administration” perhaps? More efficient agreement to “follow orders” from the Soul/Higher Self? Stronger “inner positive male” to support your feminine side?

The fall of 2017 is the most stable time to anchor projects – so if you plan on bigger changes (career change, moving, marriage/divorce, baby, etc.), it will go better in the fall.

Thus to celebrate the Rooster, and to have a harmonious year, employ efficiency, behave honorably, and use your will power to move your strategies along, while being patient and honest with yourself.

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Two Planetary Timelines - The Winter Solstice

Image Credit: Magicsart
On December 21st the sun is at the lowest delineation in the sky. This is a still moment before it begins its ascent again, in 3 days time, continuing onward in its cycles.
This Solstice, take time to look at your internal possibilities. What has been chosen? What could have been chosen differently? What could have occurred more harmoniously? Why was the outcome what it was?  Now restate your internal intent for Awakening, for climbing the Ascension Stairway, in order to give power to the next cycle of your life. This is the time for celebration of your Path, time for  honest contemplation and of deep meditation to anchor the changes.

The Winter Solstice is the portal for the Gateway into 2017 (January 28th) – if humankind is able to hold the new timeline in December 2016, then January 2017 becomes the entry point for that timeline.
There are two timelines we are currently choosing between, but since the entire 3rd dimension of this planet is speeding up its frequency rate, the speed will affect either timeline.
One timeline is of a slower learning with the Lower 3D still “going down” while the Higher 3D is going up; the gap between them continuously increasing; the “slower learning” does not mean “less intense speed” though – in fact, there will be a much “stronger than before” friction in the Density levels.
The other timeline will have an accelerated uplifting effect on the Lower and Higher 3D – with the Lower 3D joining the upward motion towards Source (this is the AwakeningTimeline that I wrote about earlier).

People who are able to vibrate consistently in the range of the Higher 3D Earth and are consciously participating in the Ascension process will have an expansion into Unity Consciousness regardless of what the Lower 3D people do. The “collective choice” of the human race does not apply here – we have the right to choose within the range of our own consciousness only. I.e. someone from the “college level” of consciousness can choose to help out the lower levels, or to move on further in his/her education, and cannot be interfered with by the lower levels of consciousness (unless by personal choice) – while someone on the “middle-school” or a “high-school” level can choose to move up or down, but cannot stop the “college level” from moving up. (Thank God for these Universal Laws!)

A reminder here, please do not use this “education/consciousness scale” as a judgment! It is meant to be a useful assessment of the situation, allowing you to differentiate and see clearly. Anyone on the lower levels of consciousness is simply standing on the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway and we all have been there at some point.

To help yourself, and humanity in general, in choosing the most harmonious learning, work with your own inner sun – the Core Star of who you are. Allow your vertical tube to run the energies of Light to activate further self-realization

I am setting up a special Night Quad for the night between December 21st and 22nd.
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Activating the Awakening Timeline

We all have an opportunity to support the timeline for planetary development that activates experiences of an awakening nature for the entire 3D of this Earth Simulation. As I have been writing before there are many timeline possibilities for the evolution of Earth, and for a while now the Lower 3D Earth has been digressing downwards into density to mine for more friction, while the Higher 3D has been moving progressively at an accelerated pace. The timeline that the Solar Council and the Kadishtu beings are attempting to bring our planet into is meant to help the Lower 3D to finally “turn the corner” and begin the process of moving out of unconscious density, thus bringing more opportunities of accelerated awakening to the Souls that have been asleep in the dark.

This timeline is meant to bring forth many benefits including: heightened spiritual experiences for the “primary-schoolers” who have not had them yet, challenging the fanatical “victim mode” and the toxic projection of authority of the “middle-schoolers”, and catalyzing the “high-schoolers” into looking inside of themselves (instead of playing out their inner struggles externally). If this timeline is the one that we collectively choose, there will be a global shift in how we understand the human race, a quickening of the necessary changes in the financial structures because of the amplified transparency of the dealings, plus changes in religious views moving towards unification of the concept of the Divine, and an amplified acceptance of peaceful solutions when conflicts arise (cooperation vs competition).

This does not mean that if we chose this timeline, we will suddenly have a paradise on Earth – global peace and love, and no hunger, etc. – that takes consciousness, and consciousness is what  humankind does not have enough of yet. But this timeline will set the planet onto the path of change towards caring – about the planet, about each other, about our own health, about how we invest the money we have, about how we use our technologies, about how we treat other nations, etc. In other words, if this timeline is chosen, the Lower 3D Earth will begin its ascent towards the Higher 3D Earth, hopefully eventually closing the gap between them and unifying the 3rd dimension once again. And that is the beginning of harmony.

How can we help?
  • Stay out of the Lower 3D affairs! The Solar Council right now can use EVERY person who is ABLE to vibrate at the higher rate – so, do it, vibrate at the highest rate you can (instead of constantly looking over your shoulder into the spiritual, political, financial, and social messes that the Lower 3D is in).
  • Stay self-responsible. No one is at fault for your experiences. Ever. If you are uncomfortable, or in pain, this is either a RESISTANCE to an experience (i.e. you feel discomfort because of “friction”), or a component of the INTEGRATION of the new Light Codes. If resistance is the cause – find your emotional REACTIONS to reality, and deal with the conceptual Lower Self misunderstanding. If integration is the cause – be supportive to your system and deal with the fear-based emotional reactions.
  • Stay in self-love. This is the time when all the issues we have tend to come up to the surface and trigger the hell out of us. Whatever your habitual reaction is – fear, judgment, pain, blame, sorrow/depression, exhaustion, over-analyzing, spacing out, anger, hiding – deal with it by LOVING yourself no matter what. You still have to deal with the incorrect conceptual program that has generated the reaction, but it is essential to know that you are LOVED by the Universe, by the Solar Council and the Kadishtu, and by your own Soul – you are always loved.
  • Stay in a leveled self-worth perspective. What you feel or do does not change your internal spiritual worth from the view of the Soul/Source. You can like or dislike how you are, what you do, what you feel, but your worth remains the same.

The Ascension Timelines

There is more than one of everything that exits, including the timelines for the transformation of the 3rd dimension of this planet.
What are the timelines? – think of them as “possible developmental lines” of etheric and astral energy. Only the timeline that is grounded into the etheric and physical reality of this planet (i.e. linked to the entire First Subharmonic of the 1D, 2D and 3D) will become the primary one that the body of Earth will follow.

The timelines for Ascension of the planet are the possible scenarios, developed by the Solar Council, the Kadishtu, and influenced by ALL beings on Earth – the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, and the Human (lower and higher consciousness) kingdoms. This explains why it was so important to arrive at the 22% of human beings holding the higher consciousness energy in order to change the planetary course in 2012. Because we arrived at only 18%, the entire timeline of Ascension for the whole 3D could not be done, but a portion of 3D was able to “ascend” into an expanded range as planned (this is what became the Higher 3D Earth).

Going forward there are many proposed scenarios. Some timelines imply the eventual split of the Higher 3D Earth from the Lower 3D (because the gap becomes too large), with the Higher 3D joining the 4D (i.e. merging with the lower portion of Agartha in the Second Subharmonic – the 4D, 5D, and 6D). In some of these timelines the Lower 3D remains where it is now while the Higher 3D progresses on. In some less likely timelines the Lower 3D actually descends into a much less harmonious place than it is in now (sort of the version of where “humans destroy the earth” and then have to rebuild it, and through this process they grow up), while the Higher 3D merges with 4D Agartha of Earth.
Other timelines show a possibility of the Lower 3D “catching up” in vibratory frequency to the Higher 3D, and becoming “one 3D space” again (no more Lower and Higher 3D, but one 3D that is similar to the current Higher 3D).

There is no way to say which timeline the Earth will follow – only that if each of us does our best, we will help the Solar Council and all the citizens of Earth to create the best possible scenario. We are each fully responsible for OUR OWN internal space – in how we behave, which principles we stand on, what we allow ourselves to think and feel, what actions we take (and don’t take!) No one else is at fault for our own discomfort and pain – everything is a lesson. And if that lesson is proceeded into without resistance, we will have much less discomfort!


Acceleration of Awakening

The vibrational rate of the 3rd dimension (and the amount of Light that the 3-D space can hold) is accelerating. The human collective spiritual energy is constantly being triggered by Pi into “paying attention” and moving along the Ascension Stairway. The speed is slower on the lower steps and faster on the higher ones, but all are being triggered into their internal “next step”.

This of course looks very different for the various levels of consciousness. People in the “kindergarten” and “primary-school” developmental stages (of consciousness – and this is NOT a judgment, simply an honest assessment) are being triggered into movement, according to their desires and fears as a means of building their identities. People in the “middle-school” stage of development are being triggered into believing and following their leaders, into tribal warfare and fear-based assumptions as they are being asked to experience themselves differently, to awaken their humanity. The typical “high-schoolers” are leading this economic, religious, corporate and political tribal warfare (just like in ancient times one king would expect his subjects/serfs/slaves to fight for him against the neighboring king). This is the Lower 3D Earth. It might look and feel disturbing to the people at the “college” level of development – and it might not look like “awakening” at all! How can wars, misconceptions, judgments and fear be awakening, right? – they can be, and they always have been, the steps one must go through in order to learn compassion and caring, learn to desire peace and cooperation, learn to create harmony and to share Love.

This disharmonious stage in human development is necessary because when the Soul descends into density, it separates from the Oneness of life as a training in Individuality, and is eventually meant to rejoin the Oneness. The process of moving along in the dark – in Separation from Oneness – occurs initially when one is confused and in pain, and then one attempts to regain the safety of the Oneness by adopting its surrogate – the Tribe. As the tribal support is relied upon,  the identity of the tribe becomes one’s identity, which supports one’s development at first, builds “civilized patterns” within, but in due course results in tribal warfare. Until eventually a Soul find too many inconsistencies with the tribe, cannot fit in anymore, and the process of moving on begins. At first these lifetimes are difficult – experiences of abandonment, fear, anger; but in time one learns to rely on oneself, forging one’s individual identity, becoming one’s own leader.

On the higher steps of the Ascension Stairway, the people of the “college” level of development are triggered into staying present, respectful of ALL life (including the unconsciously behaving humans!), compassionate while at the same time not in “rescue mode” or “victim mode” or “merging with the pain mode”, and in Self-Love that radiates onto ALL life, becoming the Divine Love. The people on the highest steps of the Ascension Stairway are asked to radiate this Divine Love/Sophia energy from their bodies, to harmonize the 3rd dimensional space. This is done in unison with the Solar Council, the Kadishtu beings, with Pi, and with the Elementals of Earth.

The energetic gap between the Lower and Higher 3D is becoming larger – in parallel with the  general semi-conscious (and various-levels-of-unconscious) human population. We have more Lightworkers and spiritual Masters living on the planet in material bodies right now, and at the same time so many such unconscious humans that they can barely be termed the same species! The planetary body is holding this accelerating shift in the Lower Subharmonic (the 1D, 2D, and 3D), but for the planetary energies to keep accepting the incoming photonic Light (from the Galactic Center) eventually the material form of the physical body will have to change into a less-dense mechanism (a micro-tubular evolutionary upgrade) and this is what the Higher 3D Earth is for!

The Higher 3D Earth still contains everything materially, but the energetic quality is of a much higher level, more Light and a much faster speed. It is like all of the senses have been turned on high all at once, as if one is in a magical land :) The acceleration of planetary evolution, especially in the Higher 3D, will support more and more upgrades in the DNA and in the etheric bodies to eventually translate the current material vehicle into a less-dense one.


Moving Along the Ascension Stairway

Image Credit:  rosannjoh
There is no hierarchy of Ascension from the worthiness perspective. Each step is important in and of itself. The Forerunners who are on the higher steps than our younger cousins must learn to be patient. Human beings who have just stepped onto the Ascension Stairway are not going to suddenly move up really fast and “catch up” to the concepts of Divine Love, Connectedness of all things, one’s creation of one’s own reality, and respect to all – this takes time and many more steps!

There is an acceleration of energy at the higher steps of the Ascension Stairway – the further up one is, the faster one is asked to move, while it is still quite slow at the bottom. This “speeding up” was pre-set before 2012 as a component of the planetary Ascension, and when only the faster Earth frequencies made it into the ascended state (what eventually became the Higher 3D), the “upper portion” of the Ascension Stairway gained momentum.

What does it mean to “stand on the Ascension step” within our spiritual development? Think of it as “existing in and being aware of..”, or “reacting to..”, or “focusing on..”, or “believing in presently..” (even if one conceptually understands the Higher Truths), whatever one finishes these phrases with – that is the actual step one is on. In other words, we might believe that, for example, everyone is on their own path and we each set up circumstances that are best for our learning, but at the same time, because of a belief in lack, feel envious of what someone has or is able to experience – this type of perception means that  this person is NOT on the higher step of “knowing the truth” but on the lower step of “envy because of internal not-enoughness." 

Being honest with oneself allows us to truly release the old and move on along the Ascension Stairway. The more quickly that we can remove old limiting beliefs, habits, expectations, old lower-consciousness energies, the easier and faster will be our ascent. Why is this ease so important? – because we must make repeated adjustments to embody the NEW not-presently-existent energies, while simultaneously releasing the negative past of our journey through the 3rd dimension, and this is a very difficult and at times painful process of perpetually transcending the current Self while evolving into the next Self (the Soul-Self). We must give ourselves all the help we can to do this smoothly and without struggle. Otherwise it’s like standing in the middle of a opening drawbridge, with one foot on each side – an uncomfortable, scary and highly unproductive way of moving to the other side!

And what is on the other side? What are the new higher energies that we are to incorporate as we move up the Transcendental Ascension Stairway? – among many are the ever-expanding capacities of consciousness, higher abilities, DNA upgrades, evolving chakras and energy bodies beyond the seven, and the Light Codes. The further up we move, the higher our standards must be – for self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-vigilance about not falling into any old beliefs or tribal safety patterns, and for self-love on a new scale. This brings us closer to rejoining the galactic Kadishtu community of Connectedness and Divine Love (Sophia energy).

The Coexistence of Two Earths

The Universe we live in is built on the frequency of Divine Love. This means that everything is interconnected. This Divine Love (Sophia) is a “fuel” for all of  the 12 dimensions and for every structure built inside of them. Our planetary Simulation experience is 7-dimensional, and is also fueled by the Divine Love frequencies. The current 3D expansion is possible because Pi is drawing more of the Sophia frequency into the Simulation.

Since 2013 the 3D of Earth (the 3rd “plane of existence” counting from the slowest) has been undergoing a major change. The original plan of “ascending the 3D Earth," in order to generate a more harmonious 3D, didn’t work in 2012 because there weren't enough awakened humans (the needed ratio was 22%). But there were 18% of us – and this created an unprecedented situation of having two defined realities co-existing here on Earth in the 3rd dimension.

The Lower 3D Earth remained with the majority of human beings who are either not participating in the awakening process due to being on the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway (the “primary-schoolers”), or those who are living in the conspiracies and victim modes (the “middle-schoolers”), or those who have given their power away to tribal leaders ("high-schoolers”). Please do not think of these levels of human development as “behind” where they should be. There is no “ascension schedule” that everyone must follow – the process ebbs and flows, as Souls enter the Earth Simulation and experience the friction, pain, compassion, love, desire, betrayal, attraction, fears, etc. As this process affects each person differently, one becomes a part of various tribal systems and morphogenic fields. This process contains the required challenges on the road to individualized Selfhood - it usually takes many incarnations to move along. And the majority of humankind is in the Lower 3D range of “kindergarten” through “middle school”, with some “high-schoolers” as leaders – the “shepherds leading the way" in the tribal warfare or tribal reconciliations. Until the sheep wake up to become the shepherds themselves, they remain in the Lower 3D Earth range – this is the law of the quantum physical process as one propels oneself through space/time/consciousness on the “ascension staircase”.
People in the Lower 3D Earth reality use mostly the lower four levels of their energy fields – etheric, emotional, mental and astral. The higher energy levels are available but rarely accessed or relied upon.

The Higher 3D Earth is the newly opened up area of the 3D range of Earth, whose construction began in 2013 and will continue through the years to come. People who are able to exist in this range are able to use all of their energy fields, relying mostly on the higher levels (truth, unconditional love and conceptual). Living this way creates a harmonious place of individuality through the dynamic interplay of opposites, inner development, constructive Connectedness-based systems, with open creative access to Sophia/Divine Love. This is essentially the “ascended Earth” we were hoping for in 2012! But this is still a very small % of the overall range within the 3rd dimension on this planet. This Higher 3D Earth is being held in place by the many Kadishtu beings outside of this planet, helping us move on along the Stairway of Ascension, and by the human beings who are on the upper steps of 3D development. This vibrational collective is made up of Starseeds and earthling Forerunners of Ascension who create a quantum dynamic, which raises the rest of the collective of the Lower 3D humans. This quantum dynamic of the interaction of subatomic particles in wave-particle duality and quantalization of morphogenic fields is the process by which the Lower 3D will eventually be transformed into the Higher 3D.

The Stairway of Transcendental Ascension

The Ascension of energies is progressing on Earth. But it is NOT as an escape from the difficulties of planetary chaos – it is an EXPANSION of the range of available energy. And it occurs in stages. Think of it like a huge spiral stairway, but the top of it is in the clouds. Then the clouds part and the next section of the Ascension Stairway becomes visible – this is how the stages work. And people stand on this stairway and are able to walk further up when the next portion opens up.

Not everyone stands on the same consciousness step though, we all are on different steps. Not everyone wants to keep climbing up either. Most people are on the lower portion of this Ascension Stairway and are not very interested right now in moving up, preferring to squabble with one another instead. The ones who are at the very top, waiting for the clouds to part, are us – the Forerunners of Transcendental Ascension.

Each time a new stage occurs (the planetary 3D range expands and the next portion of the stairway is revealed), we have a choice: to remain where we are or to dare going further. Sounds like a no-brainer – of course we want to go further, right? But in reality most are still struggling with incorporating the existent stage and are not really internally ready to move into more processing.

One of the issues with integrating the current Higher 3D Earth range is the constant “looking back”! Remember that one cannot live in the Higher 3D and the Lower 3D at the same time – you have to choose. And when the desire energy brings one into the Higher 3D while the fear energy traps one in the Lower 3D, the person is split, unable to integrate or move on.

The Lower 3D Earth right now is a place of tribal warfare – people who are in the “horizontal belonging” to their tribes attitude (families, friends, religions, politics, sports, etc.) It is a needed stage of development, because one cannot move up the staircase without the clear and strong identity that is linked into some comprehension of their spiritual Self. As one tribe slashes against the other (psychologically, emotionally, or physically), the identity of individual Self is eventually forged. But this is a very long process for which many incarnations are often needed. Thus people die, reincarnate, and often continue with the same tribal morphogenic field until the individuality is established. Tribal consciousness is the training ground for the individual consciousness – by one standing up for something larger than oneself (the tribe), one learns to expand the internal energy range, builds the Astral and other higher energy bodies, and eventually finds one’s differences with tribal beliefs – this builds internal friction, which then results in the direct experience of “standing alone” – individuality of the Self. This takes many lifetimes and humans on Earth are in the process of learning this.

The Starseeds and other Forerunners of Ascension have already learned to separate from the tribe. Many are still struggling with “standing alone” in their own uniqueness – and this is definitely the area to work on. The “looking back” into the tribal Lower 3D Earth occurs because one's safety beliefs are linked to other people instead of to oneself. If you know that you are safe because you are in the “vertical belonging” energy (i.e. you are the individual Self linked to your own Soul on the journey here in the matter reality), then whatever is occurring in the Lower 3D is irrelevant to your safety. One can be compassionate to the chaotic learning step that humanity is on at the moment, but one is not linked to it – one realizes that he/she is on a different step. This allows for the freedom to move upwards on the Transcendental Ascension Stairway.

Current Download of Trinitized Power

We are experiencing another adjustment in the planetary energy. The current download is a reminder that the Source is inside of us. This remembrance allows us to unite the electric/yang/male and magnetic/yin/female energies within us and hold the neutral/spirit point simultaneously. This “trinitized power” frees us from the lopsided view of personality (too far on the electric/yang – accomplishment-driven, or bias towards the magnetic/yin – emotional desire-driven), establishing the state of self-sufficient independence while being linked to Oneness.

For a very long time humankind has been asleep. Inside that deep sleep we concocted the idea that the spiritual power is outside of us. We believed this idea so wholeheartedly, that we constructed all sorts of systems to promote it, and played the games of external power. By promoting external “must-haves”, we have lived in perpetual not-enoughness, fully convinced that if we only had “this” thing, only achieved “that” position, only made “this much” and were seen as “that much” – then somehow we would finally be fulfilled and happy… How very sad! This is the representation of beliefs that the Ego holds as truths.

The reality is, is that we are part of a much greater consciousness – the Universe! Our human nature is non-local and multidimensional and there is an intrinsic unity of all life. Our spiritual abilities and endowments are our divine birthright. We are coded with dormant “abilities” within us, which reveal how we are Universal beings working within a higher evolutionary plan (encoded into this Simulation). That plan is by no means “a set of predetermined steps” – instead it is a “course of development” taking place in this density for the purpose of building a Self (Separation) that then learns to come out of density by the uniting of this newly-built Self with the Universal Oneness.

It is the birthright of every living sentient being to know itself as a direct expression of Source. Love/Light from the highest levels is penetrating the planetary veils now, shining into the Higher 3-D Earth (into the Lower 3-D Earth as well, but that Light is less noticeable there due to all of the unconsciousness). We are meant to establish higher goals for ourselves, to raise individual consciousness (this is the responsibility of each citizen of Earth), and to realize that we are inherently Light Beings (all of us – the Starseeds and the Earthlings – we are all “beings of Light”).

This planetary adjustment is part of a complex code showing us that we are part of a greater collective totality, of advanced divine intelligence functioning within the detailed workings of the Universe. This is our conscious evolution. We must open to the recognition that we are here on Earth to transform this material/chemical vessel – to hold the electric/male and magnetic/female energies in balance. Remembering Spirit (reconnecting to Oneness while in Separation here on Earth) provides the third point of balance (electric-magnetic-neutral).

Through non-linear cosmic language (3D is the only “linear place” in the Universe!) our consciousness is expanded to communicate on different levels of reality, actively transforming our minds. Sitting in silence, meditation, inner focusing beyond the mental mind, these allow us to experience the Divine Mind (linked to Oneness which is non-linear). This also trains our brains for higher perceptional level of communication. The non-linear mode is not our habitual way of using the mind – it requires new neuro-pathways in order to generate a different kind of brain wave (and that takes practice, hours of it, but every human being is capable of it eventually).

This self-training, by sitting in Silence and tuning inside, is the opening to the higher Divine Mind, which works as a continuous and revelatory process – through a universal etheric media that transcends the written and spoken word, and works with the Living Word (or “code”) which emanates as a multidimensional hologram.

The goddess consciousness can be seen as the divine presence of Shekinah/Goddess-Love (the “dwelling of God” – i.e. the Void out of which everything comes, the “hidden, potential Light”) in all created Universal dimensions. It unites with the Creator/God-Love (the masculine power of the “manifested Universe”). Together they partake in the “virgin birth” of our “embryo God” – the Individualized Self.

The Higher-3D-Earth is entering the time where the “bride” (Shekinah/Goddess-Love) and “form” (Creator/God-Love) become one, creating a new people-hood of trinityzed powers. The members of this new people-hood of the Higher 3D Earth are the bearers of a higher Unity Consciousness (Christened) seed, unfolding life anew by virtue of this great reunion that is without a dualistic separation. It requires effort to remain in the Higher 3D Earth, nevertheless this effort can lead to the Trinitized Power activation – so sit in inner Silence, listen to the Universe, and allow yourself to find the third neutral point inside the dynamic interplay of two opposites.