Awakening your Light Body

No human being exists without a Light Body and an energy field. It is not possible, actually, to be an individual Soul without a Light Body. And it is impossible for a Soul to explore any reality in form without the energy field, including here on Earth, because it is the energy field that generates the physical body, not the other way around. In simple terms, the Light Body is a Soul component, a crystalline energy structure that holds our essence; the energy field is the oval shape bubble of multiple bodies of different frequency ranges, through which we feel, think, and know; all of these contain the matter-body, which is the material body we see. All of our bodies are composites of all of our experiences through all incarnations. The sum of these experiences is encoded as a unique personal resonance – a vibrational signature of individuality.

The Light Body is not the same as the energy field. Our personal learning is contained in the energy field, while our bigger plans for who we are are contained in the Light Body.

So, why do we want to activate our Light Bodies, and what does it really mean in the course of our lives? When the Light Body is fully active – this means that our identity is expanded beyond this lifetime, to a Soul’s perspective of individuality. This gives us two important experiential changes:

Perceptional continuity throughout the lifetimes (awareness of past and future lives, and an ability to comprehend the patterns of our incarnational learning),
Ability for multi-dimensional travel (i.e. releases the limitation of this dimension, allowing us to shift our perception dimensionally at will).

How do we activate the Light Body? – By increasing the Light quantity within our system.
How do we increase our Light? – That is done through the internal work of aligning yourself with the Higher Self, investigating personal issues, defenses and fears of the Lower Self, challenging them and transmuting them into harmonious frequencies, releasing judgment and separation while lovingly supporting your own journey of awakening. Spiritual development is represented in both vibrational frequency and atomic structure. Space between electrons, protons and neutrons changes as the Light expands within the atom. This Light reflects a person’s awareness of their Divine Soul-Self. As the self-awareness grows, the Light expands to fill the space in each atom, changing the frequency (rate of oscillation) of each atom in the body.

The transition into a higher dimensional state is a process. We are not matter one day and Light energy the next. Our energy fields have to be infused and aligned with Light gradually, so as not to experience electrical burn out. The process of building and activating the Light Body is mandatory because it is linked to planetary evolution. Our planet upgrades her Light Body periodically, and we “upgrade” our Light Bodies as she upgrades hers.

We are transmuting our denser confused energies into Light, and in doing so, becoming more Light ourselves. Some people are consciously working on absorbing Light and transmuting disharmony, therefore their Light Body transformation is quicker. Others are unaware, but they are still absorbing Light and experiencing some transmutation, echoing the planet.

If we apply effort to our spiritual development, we resonate better with the universal energies, which then can further support our journey of awakening the Light Body.

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Trusting your Own Path

Using inner guidance to tune in and know what the correct path for you is constitutes the most important component of spiritual awakening. There is no “ultimately correct”, or “right”, or “normal” path – there is YOUR path and the paths of others. We must not set our standard of “normal” according to another’s perception. The ability to claim what we perceive as real and investigate it, determining if it is beneficial to us or not (sometimes we have to become it in order to know) is the only way to find our own path, our own destiny.

No one else’s path will be your own. You can choose to trace someone else’s path as a means of “lifting the veil”, to support your own expansion of consciousness, but at some point you will have to stand in your own truth.

When we follow someone else’s path to the point of readiness, but instead of claiming our own perception insist on “this path itself is the only true path”, we get lost instead of lifting the veil of illusion. Claiming personal truth might be one of the hardest things to ever have to do. Why? When we are exploring the lower realms of illusion, we are supported by the multitudes of other people traveling on the same path. Even if the path itself is not conventional, there might be more than enough people on it for you to feel safe – as a part of a spiritual community, part of a church group, or an ashram, or a group of skeptics.

But once you get to the veil itself, to the point of breakthrough, unless you let go of the group’s beliefs and walk alone – you won’t lift the veil. There are some things that we can only do alone – this is one of them.

It is all the more difficult to take this step if your truth is perceived by others as unconventional and even “crazy”. This is the point of “trial”, the “test” that all spiritual traditions talk about – can you stand in your own perceptional truth, your own personal reality, even if you are alone? If you can, you make your perceptional truth your reality. If it is an expanded truth, one way or another connected to the Higher Self, then this new reality you enter will be harmonious and will benefit your spiritual development. The beliefs and realities of other people are there for us to reflect upon – they are the triggers for asking the proper questions, which are meant to clarify our own path.

If a society blindly conforms to the norms of the ancestors without adjustments, it stagnates. If we follow the accepted norm, we become limited by the perceptory range of others. Change only comes from daring to be different!

When we claim what we perceive as real (even if it goes against the norm), we create a point of reference of what is possible, which serves us and others in awakening. We each have an innate Code for progress, for discovery – this is how we awaken.

But everyone is different and one person might be having a “need to explore and know” lifetime, while another might be having a “rest” lifetime. We all take these rest lifetimes, when we just coast along, not making any waves.
But everyone occasionally has a lifetime when they are due to make a very big wave (some more often than others). Not everyone is curious about the working of the cells, or the atomic composition of matter, or life on other planets… But some are and their persistent belief in their personal truth is what allows us all to become a little bit more awake. If people hadn’t gone traveling, they would not have found other cultures, different from their own. If someone hadn’t chosen to go into the open seas, we would never have found other continents. If someone hadn’t built a telescope, looked into it, and then claimed that what he saw was real, we would never have known that the Earth is round and that it rotates around the Sun. Human history (and any other material planetary history) is always based on the ones who “rock the boat” of conventional norm.

Unfortunately the saying “ignorance breeds fear” is very true… If someone is in their Lower Self, they will feel fear in relation to what they cannot understand. If one is in their Higher Self, they will feel curiosity instead! But one “cannot get there from here” – it is not possible to just switch from fear to curiosity without the intermediate step – the Self. This is why knowledge and self-awareness of personal reality is so important, without it we are trapped in fear-based surviving. In the higher truth, every perception is valid. We tend to fear what we do not understand because our Lower Self, trapped in survival, lives in duality and believes that “if they are right, I must be wrong” and thus it judges the other’s perceptional truth as “wrong” and dangerous. Yet every “simulated reality” is here to inspire us to awaken. Someone might have to hate, to kill, to betray in order to become a harmonious Self, while someone else might have already passed that stage and now perceives more of the bigger picture, hence the knowledge that by harming another we only harm ourselves. But no one can just tell someone that – they have to go through the required steps of direct experience in order to comprehend that concept.

The Higher Mind/Reason is derived from Spirit. We can use the Higher Mind as a path to lead us into Spirit. Imagine you are lost in the desert. How do you know where to go? You can randomly start walking, perhaps you can examine all information available to you and then decide where to go, or you can follow one of many paths left in the sand by others. This is where you really need to use your discernment in order to pick the direction appropriate for you. Unfortunately most people just wander in circles. Few people make their own unique path. The rest follow the paths that already exist. There is no right or wrong choice here – choosing to leave the desert is already a form of awakening.

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The Lower 3D Separation Programs and the 5D Unity Templates

I have written a lot about the Lower 3D Earth and the Higher 3D Earth. Obviously, physically they are anchored into the same material planet, but energetically there are two separate realities. The Lower 3D is functioning on the separation-programming of tribal consciousness (competition, survival, scarcity, fear, victim-ness). The Higher 3D was built by us, the Starseeds and Forerunners, who are able to hold the templates of the 5D (cooperation, peaceful presence, abundance, love, support).

There are two types of energy systems in our Universe: “altruistic” and “selfish”.

In this Galaxy we have the beings who are altruistic in nature and fully conscious, they are the Architects of Life, they create WITH Life, they RESPECT Life – we call them Kadishtu. Many types of beings from different dimensions and star systems are a part of this group – they are unified by the fact that they share this altruistic view about Life. Beings like the Pleiadeans have been visiting our planet for a long time, created many Mystery Schools, and themselves incarnated into the human bodies as well (the Pleiadean group is the largest one among Starseeds). Sirian beings (human-looking types, Urmah/felines, and Abgal/amphibians) have also visited Earth, mostly in Egypt, to support human spiritual development. (Amun-Ra and Isis architypes are based on the human-looking Sirians, Sekhmet is an Urmah, Nommo of the Dogon African tribe is an Abgal). There are also Arcturian, Lyrian and Vegan beings, Tau Cetians, Orions, Ameli from Aldebaran, Alpha Centaurians and many others – all have representatives on the Solar Council. Their approach to humans is in a form of gentle spiritual coaxing – no pushing, prodding, abducting, experimenting, or forcing of any kind. Some of these Kadishtu beings are of a very high consciousness, from the 5D, 6D and beyond, and they cannot fully function within the 3D environment of our planet (some have special geometrical “ships” – sort of a protective layer – as a means of “showing up” in our density). There are a few who are able to materialize here in 3D – like Imdugud and some Pleiadeans.

Many of them are here around our planet, right now, witnessing the current events and working through the Solar Council in support of the Higher 3D Earth. They do not support the shadow government and other control systems, instead attempting to inspire individuals into the spiritual direction of Unity Consciousness. The adjustments to the Simulation, from inside the planetary vertical tube, have been done by these Kadishtu and us, Starseeds and Forerunners.

There are also other beings who live on Earth and are more advanced than us – like the people of Hyperborea of the North Pole continents of the 4D and 5D, a few Namluu (humans whose genetic code is a mix of many Kadishtu species) in the 5D, the Uru people (Sasquatch/Big Foot) in 3D underground, the “Nordic” people of 3D underground, the Nagas (an original reptilian race of Earth, green-skinned humanoids who evolved from the dinosaurs), and the Elvin people (some in 2D, some in 3D, some in 4D). Uru, Nordics, Nagas, and Elves are called intraterrestrials. All these beings are generally very respectful of Life and of the Kadishtu views (more altruistic than selfish). They are very concerned with what humans are doing to the planet in the 3D.

The other group of entities is selfish in nature, and in consciousness similar to us in the Lower 3D. Some are a little more advanced, all have much higher technology. They consist of beings from the 3D and some of the 4D, and even a few from 2D. Typical representatives of this group are Dracos, Ushumgal/reptilians, Anunna, Greys, some insectoid species, and Musgir (they are from 2D). There are also some intraterrestrials of this type. All of these beings make deals with the shadow government and are very much interested in control as a means to remain in power. They are politically competitive, they create AGAINST Life in selfish interests and they do NOT RESPECT Life or other beings. Their approach to humans is in a form of control over them – political, financial, technological, mental and astral (media and advertising), through forcing, studying, abducting and manipulating. The morphogenic fields of the Lower 3D Earth are supported by these beings. Humans are not automatically victims of these selfish entities, but often operate as collaborators because of their lack of individuality and not choosing to “look inside” for true answers. As we each awaken to the abundance of Love thus healing our wounds of Separation, and approach Life by studying our perceptions of it, we become “un-manipulate-able” :)

The current struggle between these two systems, altruistic/internal and selfish/external, is occurring on Earth in Antarctica. Antarctica is the root chakra on the planet, the stabilizing anchor for all of the morphogenic fields, especially the less harmonious ones. The Kadishtu are working on opening up more of the energy flow through the root of Earth to transmute the lower tribal fields. In 3D Antarctica there are intraterrestrial races living under the ice, deep in underground caverns. They are also split into two camps - as it seems everything on Earth is! – some are aligned with the Kadishtu efforts, others are adamantly against them. Our job is to remain in the harmonious fear-free energies of the Higher 3D Earth, supporting the new morphogenic fields of abundance, love, vertical belonging and deep self-curiosity, non-judgment, and peace.


Sleeping for Enlightenment

Sleeping for Enlightenment – a series of special energy downloads
(Night Quads) 
April 4th – June 6th

These Night Quads will download the new Pi energies, related to the holding of the higher, more harmonious, frequencies in the body, and anchor these energy blueprints, supporting one’s presence in the Higher 3D Earth. Right now more than ever it is important to be able to remain in the non-judgmental balanced space, so that instead of contributing to the hatred, fears and lost-ness we can support connectedness, love and peace.
This is how “Sleeping for Enlightenment” works:
  • On Sunday I will post the “topic” for the quad – it will explain the type of energy that will be running during that quad and give suggestions of what you need to do to maximize its benefits;
  • You need to focus on that energy and apply the suggestions I give you – it should take minimum 30 min. of your time;
  •  Tuesday to Wednesday night the special Night Quad will run (every week) – you can choose to stay awake for part of it, or sleep through it as the energy runs through your body.

The time commitment is a minimum of 30 min. per week. You will need to read the information I post about that week’s quad between Sunday and Tuesday night. You can choose to focus on the energy “set up” (my suggestions each week) before the Night Quad, and then simply allow the energy to flow during the quad. Or you can choose to do your 30 min. “set up” as the quad runs (either at the front end – at 11pm of Tuesday, or at the back end – before 8am on Wed.)

I will post the “topics” for the quads on a Facebook “group page” – and I encourage ALL of you to comment – how did you feel?, what was your experience?, how did you deal with the homework portion?, etc. This is meant to be a “community bulletin board” for all participants to exchange information and participate consciously together. In the Night Quads you are already in a group energy, the “group page” is meant to enhance that experience. ONLY the participants in “Sleeping for Enlightenment” will have access to that page.

4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6

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Let us enhance our personal vibratory ranges 
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PS – I will also run a regular Night Quad on Tuesdays. Only the ones who have paid to participate in “Sleeping for Enlightenment” will be included into this series and have access to the “group page” on Facebook.

With Love in Light and Dark,

Recognizing the Enveloping Light in our Bodies

The Enveloping Light around Earth in the 3D has been increasing and vibrating more, as it receives its charge from the Galactic center. There is a difference between our more familiar way of processing vibration (from the outside inward) and this new from-the-inside-out vibration.

The processing in the familiar way, and typical integration, is experienced often as an internal struggle, sometimes it’s a full out war between the Lower Self and the Higher Self. There is definitely friction, and the Ego must stay centered and aligned with the Higher Self to keep integrating the incoming energies and to clear/change/process the old that is in the way of the new. This processing is a necessary step of any integration of new patterns. And when this processing reaches the body, the body might have aches, tensions, pains, pressures, weaknesses, oddities, etc. – this is the “body vibration” as the lower etheric layers process and integrate the incoming new energy. Without the body going through these uncomfortable vibrations we cannot fully integrate anything. When there is no resistance, then the body vibrating is more pleasant to us – it feels like an inner hum as the body comes into alignment with the more harmonious energies.

The Enveloping Light is a very different type of experience. It feels as if you are surrounded by a cloud of soft Light that is beaming into you pulse-like waves. Then something from the inside of you begins to pulse to match these incoming waves. That pulse is first felt in the energy field, but eventually it is felt in the body. In the energy field this pulse is experienced as two waves bouncing between the outer edge of your field and your Core Star (or you can think of it as the you-inside-the-vertical-tube). Once there is enough charge, the incoming waves are able to vibrate the physical body – it feels like you are being “gently pulsed” or shaken by the soft Light. This only feels uncomfortable if the internal Light that we were able to generate through the processing of our own issues is not bright enough to match the external Enveloping Light. Thus, if you are experiencing this pulsing and it feels jagged and rough, it is because the system is not calibrated properly – i.e., back up and do some personal processing to amplify the charge of your own field first.


Spiritual Acceleration & Galactic Light

The acceleration and opening of our planetary spiritual range is going through yet another wave. This acceleration occurs regardless of our personal choices (from the Ego viewpoint). The personality might scream, “No! I’ve had enough, I just want to hang out in the “familiar” and not have to be vigilant, responsible and present, not have to be a Self at all!” – but the Ego doesn’t get the vote in this. All of the Souls incarnated on Earth right now have signed up for this spiritual acceleration, no matter how hard it feels at times. We all are evolving this Simulation to its next level, all communally choosing the future timeline path for Earth.

The Light from the Galactic Center is a hundred times faster than anything we have experienced before (not since the beginning of this human cycle anyway). These are the waves of completion coming out of the Galactic Center in the 7D and cascading down to the Solar System and into the Earth Simulation as photonic super-charged multi-dimensional Light.

Because the energy will only get faster, we need to train ourselves to utilize our current aches and pains, confusions and self-doubts, transmute them as fuel in order to propel ourselves along the Ascension Stairway. We want to be able to integrate the new Light Codes, not be overloaded and shocked by them, and this means we have to build our tolerance now. This is an opportunity to evolve faster, to increase the Higher 3D range further and to be able to live fully in it. 

The Universe is supporting us in this endeavor, sending the 7D Light spirals our way (manifesting here on Earth as the Enveloping Light) – but we have to do our job, we have to use all of the #SoulWorkTools, and keep doing the inner work. And it does not matter if we are tired/scared/overwhelmed/hurt – it only matters that we keep walking on the Path, because all the rest of this is only the “avatar perception” (from the part of us that is inside the “game” of this Simulation). The Soul/Source is in love with us, in deep respect and gratitude for what we are accomplishing here on Earth.


The Enveloping Light around Earth

In November 2016 (3rd to 17th from the 7D to 1D) there came a huge download of Light energies into the core of Earth, activating the vertical tube of our planet and opening up the star gates. These “star gates” are the access portals of the Tubular Network/ “Highways of Light” that interpenetrate the whole galaxy. Why is this important? It further unites Earth with the external space of the Solar system and the Galaxy, helping the Lower 3D have access to unconditional Love energies – it is a next step in “releasing the quarantine” that we’ve been in for a very long time. (The first step in releasing it was made in 1987).

This recent event brought into being an Enveloping Light around Earth that exists in the next sub-harmonic (6D, 5D, 4D) down into our sub-harmonic (3D, 2D, 1D). This “light envelope” looks like a field of pearlescent-gold energy, gently holding the planet.

In December 2016 (17th to 22nd from 7D to 1D) there came another download of Light – from the Galactic center. This energy went right into the field of Enveloping Light, activating it – and by the Winter Solstice it began to hum! Why is this important? This amplifies the morphogenic fields of Unity and not the fields of Separation. Remember, morphogenic fields are sort of the "communal consciousness” patterns of tribes– the shared human beliefs that people subscribe to. The Lower 3D contains many of these Separation-based belief fields that people who don’t have an individual Self yet, or who’s Self is “new” (“middle-schoolers” and “high-schoolers”) are plugged into. The newly vibrating Enveloping Light is meant to begin to modify these fields of Separation into the healthier fields of Diversity. If human beings can learn that this Simulation is about Diversity instead of Separation, the Lower 3D will evolve into a harmonious space. The healthy perception of Diversity is based on the incorporation of Divine Love – i.e. we can celebrate the differences, study them, learn from them, be curious about them – it is a way to learn much more quickly because instead of a firsthand experience of everything we can have a  secondary-type experience by tuning into another person and see the situation through their eyes.

The activation of new Light always brings a subsequent integration process, and it tends to be painful in unconscious people. The lower morphogenic fields are challenged by the new Light and “fight back” through activating people into rage, hatred, fear and victimhood. Unconscious people tend to experience a false sense of relief from their beliefs being “right”, thus many chose to fight for the “right-ness” of their existing disharmonious beliefs instead of opening up to the greater truth – which, from the "need to be right" perspective, seems challenging and uncomfortable. Of course, not everyone will externalize these negative energies, but the ones  who do end up affecting many people through spouting their negativity outwards through speeches, actions, and even through the acts of terrorism. The Lower 3D definitely reflects that.

Thus you want to focus on the Higher 3D Enveloping Light. What does it feel like? You might experience it as a vibration moving THROUGH your body from the inside out. Most of the time we feel the new energy downloads as coming from the outside inward. But this Enveloping Light vibrates from the inside of our bodies out into our energy fields – this is because it utilizes the newly-opened micro-tubular channels inside of us (recently activated in November 2016). This perception of energy moving from-inside-out was extremely apparent on New Year’s night (12/31/16 – 1/1/2017).


2017 – The Year of the Rooster

2017 is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. The energy shifts on January 28th (and continues until mid-February). The Fire Element is the strongest, so unless you are very comfortable with red fire, you might want to use complimentary yellows, oranges and browns to support the Fire energy. The same goes for the color of clothing and stones that you wear – avoid red-colored stones unless you use then directly to amplify the Rooster fire (an intent for action), otherwise violet and purple are more suitable (Amethyst, Topaz, Purple Jasper, etc.) or yellow and brown stones.

2017 will require patience and hard work from all of us. Its energy is filled with efficiency and integrity, thus any personal or political/religious/tribal behaviors that lack integrity will have an immediate negative result. Because efficiency is paramount during 2017, make sure that you build a strategy, have a plan, and chose the most efficient course, before jumping into any action. Efficiency will be supported, while aimless wandering about will have negative consequences. The more efficient effort that we put into something in 2017, the better the result will be.

You need to make sure to be in harmony with friends and family. This year it is better to not have any communication at all than to have a disharmonious one. So, if you have friends or family members that you have constant discord with, put your interaction on hold for a year to not create any further damage (or cut the relationship off completely, if it is not a beneficial one). For those people who are single and wanting a relationship you have the possibility of a mate to look forward to – because Rooster energy stands on integrity, it brings the possibilities of trustworthy relationships that last. It is a good year to have a baby (pregnancies are easier going), if this is on your agenda :)

Because the Rooster years are always high on internal integrity, you must make sure that honorable behavior is spread over all areas of your life. Such as in how you interact with yourself in your own mind, how you interact with other people, how you invest your money, what you choose to purchase, watch, listen to, etc. Shady financial dealings will backfire badly in 2017, no matter how tempting and profitable, so stay out of these.

Politically 2017 will be tense. Expect the unpleasant, and often aggressive masculine stances, and profoundly neutral stances from world political leaders – right now there is not much integrity in world politics, and this will become very apparent in the year of the Rooster. Heavy migrations due to war zone changes and climate change will further destabilize the political scene.

Anyone who has endured being in the central stabilizing role in any project (when it often felt like you were doing everything all alone and others just could not be bothered to help out) will be rewarded in the year of the Rooster. This project role might have been at work, at home, at school, or with family or friends. This also goes for the internal projects – if you have been standing by your Higher Self and persevering no matter what negatives the Lower Self and Ego were screaming at you, in 2017 is should get easier :)

It is important to stay positive and use your will power efficiently when needed. Waiting too long, not having a strategy, falling into procrastination, lost-ness, sadness, or spacing out will have negative consequences during 2017. This doesn’t mean that you have to run around like crazy and do, do, do all the time. Instead, use your electric energy wisely, when needed, but do use it. It is almost better to be too electric/active in the year of the Rooster, than to be too magnetic/passive.

Use meditation to balance out the electric/active forces of 2017. Sitting in solitude, quietly, while connecting to the Universe is a great way to enhance your capacity for that year.

Watch out for negative righteousness (Ego desire to be right) – stand in Truth and Justice instead. Watch out for foolish bravery and cocky behaviors – staying with logic and efficiency will do more for you in 2017.

This year is great for careers in administration, military and law enforcement. If this is not your field of work, see how the honorable qualities of these careers can be applied to your life – better “internal administration” perhaps? More efficient agreement to “follow orders” from the Soul/Higher Self? Stronger “inner positive male” to support your feminine side?

The fall of 2017 is the most stable time to anchor projects – so if you plan on bigger changes (career change, moving, marriage/divorce, baby, etc.), it will go better in the fall.

Thus to celebrate the Rooster, and to have a harmonious year, employ efficiency, behave honorably, and use your will power to move your strategies along, while being patient and honest with yourself.

I am setting up a special Night Quad 
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Two Planetary Timelines - The Winter Solstice

Image Credit: Magicsart
On December 21st the sun is at the lowest delineation in the sky. This is a still moment before it begins its ascent again, in 3 days time, continuing onward in its cycles.
This Solstice, take time to look at your internal possibilities. What has been chosen? What could have been chosen differently? What could have occurred more harmoniously? Why was the outcome what it was?  Now restate your internal intent for Awakening, for climbing the Ascension Stairway, in order to give power to the next cycle of your life. This is the time for celebration of your Path, time for  honest contemplation and of deep meditation to anchor the changes.

The Winter Solstice is the portal for the Gateway into 2017 (January 28th) – if humankind is able to hold the new timeline in December 2016, then January 2017 becomes the entry point for that timeline.
There are two timelines we are currently choosing between, but since the entire 3rd dimension of this planet is speeding up its frequency rate, the speed will affect either timeline.
One timeline is of a slower learning with the Lower 3D still “going down” while the Higher 3D is going up; the gap between them continuously increasing; the “slower learning” does not mean “less intense speed” though – in fact, there will be a much “stronger than before” friction in the Density levels.
The other timeline will have an accelerated uplifting effect on the Lower and Higher 3D – with the Lower 3D joining the upward motion towards Source (this is the AwakeningTimeline that I wrote about earlier).

People who are able to vibrate consistently in the range of the Higher 3D Earth and are consciously participating in the Ascension process will have an expansion into Unity Consciousness regardless of what the Lower 3D people do. The “collective choice” of the human race does not apply here – we have the right to choose within the range of our own consciousness only. I.e. someone from the “college level” of consciousness can choose to help out the lower levels, or to move on further in his/her education, and cannot be interfered with by the lower levels of consciousness (unless by personal choice) – while someone on the “middle-school” or a “high-school” level can choose to move up or down, but cannot stop the “college level” from moving up. (Thank God for these Universal Laws!)

A reminder here, please do not use this “education/consciousness scale” as a judgment! It is meant to be a useful assessment of the situation, allowing you to differentiate and see clearly. Anyone on the lower levels of consciousness is simply standing on the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway and we all have been there at some point.

To help yourself, and humanity in general, in choosing the most harmonious learning, work with your own inner sun – the Core Star of who you are. Allow your vertical tube to run the energies of Light to activate further self-realization

I am setting up a special Night Quad for the night between December 21st and 22nd.
It will be about anchoring more Light in the body/energy field, 
while getting support for releasing the old outdated patterns.

If you want to sign up, simply pay at the top right corner of this site, 
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Activating the Awakening Timeline

We all have an opportunity to support the timeline for planetary development that activates experiences of an awakening nature for the entire 3D of this Earth Simulation. As I have been writing before there are many timeline possibilities for the evolution of Earth, and for a while now the Lower 3D Earth has been digressing downwards into density to mine for more friction, while the Higher 3D has been moving progressively at an accelerated pace. The timeline that the Solar Council and the Kadishtu beings are attempting to bring our planet into is meant to help the Lower 3D to finally “turn the corner” and begin the process of moving out of unconscious density, thus bringing more opportunities of accelerated awakening to the Souls that have been asleep in the dark.

This timeline is meant to bring forth many benefits including: heightened spiritual experiences for the “primary-schoolers” who have not had them yet, challenging the fanatical “victim mode” and the toxic projection of authority of the “middle-schoolers”, and catalyzing the “high-schoolers” into looking inside of themselves (instead of playing out their inner struggles externally). If this timeline is the one that we collectively choose, there will be a global shift in how we understand the human race, a quickening of the necessary changes in the financial structures because of the amplified transparency of the dealings, plus changes in religious views moving towards unification of the concept of the Divine, and an amplified acceptance of peaceful solutions when conflicts arise (cooperation vs competition).

This does not mean that if we chose this timeline, we will suddenly have a paradise on Earth – global peace and love, and no hunger, etc. – that takes consciousness, and consciousness is what  humankind does not have enough of yet. But this timeline will set the planet onto the path of change towards caring – about the planet, about each other, about our own health, about how we invest the money we have, about how we use our technologies, about how we treat other nations, etc. In other words, if this timeline is chosen, the Lower 3D Earth will begin its ascent towards the Higher 3D Earth, hopefully eventually closing the gap between them and unifying the 3rd dimension once again. And that is the beginning of harmony.

How can we help?
  • Stay out of the Lower 3D affairs! The Solar Council right now can use EVERY person who is ABLE to vibrate at the higher rate – so, do it, vibrate at the highest rate you can (instead of constantly looking over your shoulder into the spiritual, political, financial, and social messes that the Lower 3D is in).
  • Stay self-responsible. No one is at fault for your experiences. Ever. If you are uncomfortable, or in pain, this is either a RESISTANCE to an experience (i.e. you feel discomfort because of “friction”), or a component of the INTEGRATION of the new Light Codes. If resistance is the cause – find your emotional REACTIONS to reality, and deal with the conceptual Lower Self misunderstanding. If integration is the cause – be supportive to your system and deal with the fear-based emotional reactions.
  • Stay in self-love. This is the time when all the issues we have tend to come up to the surface and trigger the hell out of us. Whatever your habitual reaction is – fear, judgment, pain, blame, sorrow/depression, exhaustion, over-analyzing, spacing out, anger, hiding – deal with it by LOVING yourself no matter what. You still have to deal with the incorrect conceptual program that has generated the reaction, but it is essential to know that you are LOVED by the Universe, by the Solar Council and the Kadishtu, and by your own Soul – you are always loved.
  • Stay in a leveled self-worth perspective. What you feel or do does not change your internal spiritual worth from the view of the Soul/Source. You can like or dislike how you are, what you do, what you feel, but your worth remains the same.