The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt

The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Chalenged the Gods of Egypt
My third book, The Secret of Sekhmet is finally ready to come out into the world! It is a metaphysical historical mystery novel.

Even though it is written in the format of a story, it is based on real history as I know it. I feel that I know Sekhmet very intimately and understand her journey. The current events and the characters in this book are fictional, but the references to the past, the information, the energy, and Sekhmet herself, are as real as I know them to be.

Feel free to research all the historical personages – everything from the height of their bodies (mummies) to the tiles on the floor of the Malkata Palace, from the types of makeup and jewelry to the talatals (stones) comprising the pylons of the now completely destroyed Akhet-Aten – everything is correct. It is based on the memories  that I carry from the lifetimes in that historical period.

The story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti takes on a whole different dimension when the larger picture of Sekhmet’s involvement is explored. Queen Tiye and the secret mystery school, initiated by Sekhmet, had influenced Akhenaten in his radical views. The initiation of the Earth Experiment, the Solar Council meetings in Agartha, the multidimensional travel, are all linked to Sekhmet’s personal journey of love, hate, despair and letting go by awakening through pleasure. After living on Earth for thousands of years, she eventually returns to her Sirian home.
Here is the back cover synopsis to entice you:

People have forgotten Maat (the Truth) and the Solar Council is considering ending the current Human Experiment. But Sekhmet, a multidimensional star-god, is determined to save it. She initiates a complex strategy of teachings, prophecies and messengers to help people awaken.

Looking into the mystery of the death of her parents, Bailey has uncovered an ancient secret society – the Shenu. Determined to find the truth, she and her shaman friend Craig, with the help of an ex-MI6 agent, an old Egyptian guide, two mental patients and the Council of Antiquities of Egypt, open the Time Gate into the ancient past. Their actions will change history.

In 1,360BC Queen Tiye must make an important decision, affecting the course of human consciousness. Stepping through the Time Gate into the Zep Tepi, the First Time when the star-gods walked the Earth, Tiye receives a prophecy… With Sekhmet’s blessing, Akhenaten and Nefertiti challenge the gods of Egypt, so that the people of Earth can remember how to breathe the Light.

The book is available for pre-order.
The price is $30 with shipping. Please mail me a check with that amount, or pay on the top right corner of this site, and I will mail you a copy :) Please write “Sekhmet” in the MEMO area, since I get orders for other books also.
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Enjoy the journey!
I will post more blogs related to the historical details of the book over the next couple of months.

Own Your Pain

ImageCredit: Satiiva "Fire Dance"
A weak and unconscious person wants revenge in response to emotional, mental, or physical pain, while a strong and conscious person is able to learn and forgive in response to pain. This is the main difference – do we own the pain and learn from what we are experiencing, knowing that we have created it, or do we blame someone and project our pain outside onto something/someone else, seeing that/them as the cause? If we own the pain, we build the Self and increase our consciousness. If we project the pain, we only program the lesson to repeat – until we get it.

“Owning the pain” means taking responsibility for your own reaction of pain to the external or internal stimuli. We might not have a choice in receiving some of the stimuli from life, but we always have a choice in the perception of that stimuli – i.e. it is up to us how we see what has occurred. And if we have ended up experiencing pain, this means that we chose to react to the stimuli in the emotional, mental, physical or existential pain.

Another issue with painful life stimuli is our judgment of it. A weak and unconscious person sees emotional and mental pain in a similar manner to the physical response of an animal – i.e. “pain is bad/wrong” – but since he/she is a person, not an animal, there is also the personality involvement, which attempts to place that pain in the cause and effect cycle – i.e. it becomes “pain is bad/wrong and either I caused it to myself, or someone else caused it to me”. Either way one is already on the lookout for “who is at fault for the pain” because of the initial assumption that the pain was “wrong”. Some people tend to automatically project the responsibility for the pain to everyone else but themselves. Others, who generally are in the in between stage of not-quite-unconscious and not-completely-conscious either – these individuals tend to see themselves at fault for their own experience of pain. A conscious person would take responsibility for their own experience but will not blame themselves for it! The difference here is in the initial assumption that the “pain is wrong”. Why is it “wrong”? It is uncomfortable for sure, it is generally undesired. But wrong?...

Pain is not “wrong” (not that it is “right” either!) – it is an experience of friction. A conscious being can still experience the friction of duality, but it will not be labeled as “pain”. A better label might be "discomfort”. And discomfort is an essential component of growth and learning. No one can move into anything new if they are not ever willing to be uncomfortable! Thus, no learning, no Self/Soul building can occur is we are not willing to be uncomfortable!

If we know that pain is not wrong but a type of label on our experience of friction (from being in duality), then 3 things occur:
  • we do not project the responsibility for that pain outside of ourselves;
  • we do not go into self-blame, looking for the fault in our own behavior;
  • we can change the label of that pain to “discomfort”, thus dis-arming it and learning from it.

Autumn Equinox

Equinox is the time of harvest celebration, the balance of the Light and the Dark. In the fall equinox, the summer’s gifts had arrived, the night takes over and brings the cold of winter – the time of death and regeneration. The autumn equinox represents the duality that exists within the human experience. Just like all things must die in Nature before they are born again, so does the human consciousness must descent into the “darkness” before it can awaken to the “light”.

All who desire the Light of Consciousness must face the inner darkness of unconsciousness in order to awaken. The Ego personality is the one that experiences the beginning of “death” during the autumn equinox, after which one must deal with the inner unconsciousness, the inner chaos, the projections and fears, the blames and power-struggles, the anger and resentments, and above all – the meaning of who one is – for the Ego must let go, relinquishing its position to the Higher Self. The autumn equinox is the preparation for the spiritual Soul-Self to be activated at the winter solstice.

Horus and Seth Pendant to be worn over the chest - from Myers Museum - copyright: Paul James Cowie
In ancient Egypt, both equinoxes held special meaning of Mother-Goddess Hathor balancing the Light (in the form of Horus) and the Dark (in the form of Seth). This is the ancient Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra mystery schools symbol for the processing of the inner darkness of the personality in order to awaken to the Light of consciousness, with Hathor (the Mother Nature) as an equalizer pathway for the building of the Soul-Self – the “two eyes” (magnetic wisdom and electric knowledge) surrounding the Sun Disk of Ra (the Soul-Self), held by the two cobras (the Wadjet, the “inner knowing”, the symbol for the mystery schools of Egypt).

This fall equinox will commence at 4:22am EST (1:22am PST) on the morning of the September 23rd. I am setting up a special Night Quad for this event (the Tuesday night quad – from the night of the 22nd tothe morning of the 23rd) – let me know if you want to be in it :)
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Awareness vs. Consciousness

We often use the words “conscious awareness”, meaning the same thing as “awareness” itself… In Maat (truth) the awareness is a Soul quality on its descent into density, while the Soul is on the involution path. The consciousness is a Soul quality on the ascent back to Source, while on the evolution path back home. 

When the Soul leaves Source, it has an awareness of Oneness. That awareness is often mistaken for consciousness in the people who feel the Oneness so deeply – it feels that since a person is so aware of the Oneness, that person must be very conscious. In truth though, one might be on the descent path into density and this is why one might still have a very strong awareness of Oneness.
"Cosmic Eye" by Morgie Puff

Return back to that Oneness without consciousness is an evolutionary non-fulfillment though – since we descended into the density of lower dimensions for the very purpose of building the conscious Soul! 

If one descends into denser levels of perception over the course of thousands of lifetimes, only to wish they could turn back and “go home” – they do not achieve consciousness. That entity will only be able to become more aware of the Oneness again. But this does not benefit the Source! In other words, we enrich the reality of the Source by descending into the illusion of density, away from Oneness, forgetting Oneness so that as we remember it again on the way back, we build our conscious understanding of the universe, thus enriching the Source with our own unique perceptions.

Individuality is an essential component of consciousness. One cannot be conscious without having a Self. One can be in awareness without a clear Self though, because awareness is wholistic – merged. Individuality requires a form of separation, but through that separation we arrive at conscious comprehension of experiences – which leads to personal wisdom, the conscious Soul (or what I call a Soul-Self).

Some currently incarnated Souls are ready to begin their ascent back to Source, increasing their vibrations and developing further their conscious Self. But there are many who have not yet generated that individual Self at all, who’s Souls are “asleep” – they are already too far from the Oneness to experience it, yet they have not began their return to Source because no wisdom has been gathered.

This is why so many Souls incarnated on Earth right now are choosing to go further down into density – this is the only way to separate enough from the tribal perceptions to eventually develop a conscious Soul (or a Soul-Self). It is going to be a very long road… The ones of you who are already on the path of individuality and consciousness will find that uniting with others on that same path, together applying all the #SoulWorkTools, might bring you joy and a feeling of community of a much higher frequency. 

Individual Empowerment

The choice to know, make and acknowledge one’s individual viewpoint is absolutely necessary right now on Earth. Before we go to someone else and ask how we should be thinking or feeling, or how some events should be experienced, we need to decide for ourselves – (there are always people who are only too willing to tell us how we should be!) This is the time to rely on your own perception first. You must learn to ask yourself “what am I feeling about this? What am I thinking about this? Why am I feeling/thinking that?” Too often we just follow our programming automatically – “this is how I always feel/think in such situation”, or, my favorite – “this is how a normal person thinks/feels about this!” There is no NORMAL and there is no “right way” to feel/think – there is only YOUR way. And the sooner we get connected with our own unique way, the sooner we can clean up our own act! If you can honestly claim what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing because of a particular stimuli (and these might not be all the same!), then you can examine if you AGREE with your own experiences or not. Sounds strange, right? How can one agree or disagree with an experience?? We think that we can because we have been programmed to think that these external stimuli determine our experiences, as if the experience is experiencing you instead of you experiencing the experience!

We determine what we choose to experience – we determine our PERCEPTION, not the stimuli. We are taught to focus on the stimuli – “I like when this happens to me and I do not like when that happens to me”, “I get upset when this happens and I get happy when I get this and that” – all of this is based on the stimuli determining us! But the truth is that it is the other way around. You determine how you are going to experience an event. For example, someone might yell at you, or be rude to you, and you have a choice – to respond to the stimuli in a programmed way (which is somewhat different for each person, one might get angry back, the other might go into a people-pleasing mode to pacify their attacker) or to respond in a conscious way (as whatever you have previously responsibly decided – “why have I attracted such an “attack” from this person?”, or “what am I learning here?”, or “this is an opportunity to practice compassion/ or practice tuning into that person and learning what triggered them”, etc.)

To be able to change your perception you first must be aware of what you are perceiving. Most of us have never been taught to tune in, to listen in – we are only taught to “listen out/outwardly" – thinking "what do other people do?" What do they think of it? What do they feel about us?" It is now time to focus in/inwardly. It is a requirement for living in the Higher 3-D Earth. All of the answers are inside of us – we must listen for them. This means that we have to spend time tuning into ourselves in silence. This is a scary experience for most people who are not trained to do it. The Ego personality becomes bored immediately, the Lower Self starts freaking out, looking for faults and worrying about everything under the sun… Yet one must push through that to quiet one’s mind, to WITNESS oneself. Witnessing means being neutral and just watching/recording what is being viewed. There is no judgment, no agenda – only neutral watching. This is a way to gather information about your own internal world. Once you have witnessed your physical experience, your feelings and thoughts, then you can study them, analyze them, harmonize them. Notice if what you are feeling or thinking does not match what you know to be a more harmonious perception. This means that your Higher Self knows something that is beneficial to you, but you are listening to the Lower Self’s fears instead. Choose to focus more on the Higher Self’s view, choose to align with that. You will then notice how your experience is changing to a more harmonious one.

Conscious Creation of Your Future - Decide on your Perception

In this current time on Earth the transformation of human consciousness is occurring. It is up to each of us which of the following two places we end up in – the one where we are a Creator or the one where we are a Victim, either in Unity or in Duality, or in Joy or in Fear. We determine our perception/experience. This material planetary Simulation that we exist in, this physical world, is maintained by certain rules which are not changing any time soon, but the human consciousness (or unconsciousness!) is maintained by us – humans. We program our reality perception. This means that if you, ahead of time, decide that whatever happens, it is going to be seen as positive by you (as a lesson, or as a test of your strength, or as an opportunity to practice compassion/being in the moment/inner authority etc.) – then it will be positive for you.

There are going to be many adjustments on this planet, especially during the 2015-2016 download time frame. There are many events coming which might be perceived as traumatic, dangerous, devastating. But this is the typical perception of the Lower 3-D Earth – it is based in a dualistic victim view of the Ego and the Lower Self. If you remain in the Higher Self consciousness, you will be able to benefit by any event. There are no bad events – only bad perceptions of events! Some events are comfortable, some are pleasant, some match what our personality/Ego wants, while others are highly uncomfortable, scary and painful, and represent what we don't want (from the personality view point).

It is a great responsibility for each of us to make our choice of perception ahead of events occurring. By doing so, we place ourselves into the positive, more harmonious and beneficial for us timelines of planetary unfoldment. In other words, we end up materially, when the events occur, in the Higher 3-D Earth range instead of the Lower 3-D Earth because we have decided ahead of time that we will end up there!! This is magic, the #SoulWorkTools of metaphysical mastery – this is how spiritual alchemy works. If you want to end up at point B, decide that you will end up there while still being at point A, then when you move off the point A, you will be pulled towards point B instead of towards point C or D.

Obviously, we cannot override karma, and whatever lessons that we have pre-set or agreed upon, they will occur no matter how much our personality does not want them to. I am talking about creation from the Higher Self, not the personality. For example, say your personality wants your child or friend  to be safe and healthy, but that person has something to learn through a difficult physical condition/situation – they might get sick or get in a car accident no matter how much you do not want them to. But you determine your perception of such an event. If ahead of time you decide that you love your child or friends and whatever occurs to them you will learn compassion through it and become more masterful at it – then when a difficult event does occur, you will be in the Higher Self, you will be able to love, to remain in compassion and conscious learning (vs. fear, pain, victim mode, etc.) The same applies to our own lives. For example, if you go to a spiritual retreat with the idea that you will become enlightened there, this probably won’t happen… Why? Because it is the wish of your personality/Ego, not the Higher Self. If ahead of time you decide that you will go to a retreat and whatever occurs will be beneficial for your personal growth, then this is what happens. But if you go there without that pre-set decision, you might be overly focused on “becoming enlightened” and instead end up comparing yourself to the people there which will bring you into either judgment that you are “not as far along as they are”, or being frustrated with others for “not being enlightened enough”!

When we decide ahead of time on the positive perception of the future, we also harmonize our path. This means that if the lesson can unfold in a less traumatic way, it will – because you decided to be in the Higher Self mode of positive perception. You must live your life now as if what you want is already here and now. This way even if most people end up experiencing something traumatic, you will not be a part of it – the material part of the event might still occur for you, but the experience of it will be completely different than the rest of the people who are in the Lower 3-D Earth of negativity and victimhood. And the damage to your system from the material part of the event might be significantly reduced also.

For example, if you decide that you are going to be safe today – no matter what, It is a psychological/emotional safety perception – a decision ahead of time for the whole day. Then, while you are driving somewhere, a huge accident occurs, or a bridge collapses, or a bomb hits the road – many cars are in the pile up – this is the material component of the event. But because you had decided that you were safe today, i.e. you are in the Higher Self – this means that your Soul is in control, so that it can find the most harmonious solution for you in such a situation. Everyone around you can be in anger, fear, pain, and trauma, but you might have a huge spiritual breakthrough about the nature of reality or your own mortality, etc. – i.e. you might end up with a positive experience, and even be able to be helpful to others, compassionate and kind. And the material damage to you/your car might be also significantly lessened vs. what it could have been if you hadn't made a decision ahead of time.

So, either you determine your own perception of events, or the events will determine your experience! Thus decide now to remain in your Higher Self by choosing to see your life as your creation and make it a positive one, filled with kindness, support, love and learning!

Creating A Morphogenic Field for Awakening

ImageCredit: "Awake Can Be So Beautiful" by Cameron Gray
We all would like to raise consciousness on this planet, so that we could live in peace, living harmoniously inside this material Simulation. We want everyone to “get it” and stop hurting each other and themselves, right? But this harmony will not necessarily occur throughout the unaware human masses. Why? Because the masses of people on Earth today are very much alright with the state of their consciousness and the planetary situation overall. They might not want war, some might want a loving environment for their family and friends – but the overall comprehension of the Universal Laws is so minimal that any of these “peaceful desires” are still rooted deeply within the duality of competition, of Ego’s “me vs. you”, and are in absence of self-responsibility. This is because most people on Earth right now are still in the process of building their individual Selves, thus they cannot reconnect to Oneness yet – that would be premature since the Self lesson is unfinished. This is why most people are still happy to function within the lower unconscious negative systems of social consciousness – they do not see the disharmony!

The change towards more harmony in overall planetary consciousness will eventually occur, but it is being brought about by the starseeds and the more conscious earthlings – the “Forerunners of Ascension” people – us. We are the conscious Creators of our own experiences, we determine our perceptions – i.e. we give meaning to our individual reality. Even though we all are capable of it, only the “forerunners” are actually applying that skill right now. Why? Because the masses do not have a mastery of it yet (since most do not have a clear individual Self to create with and be conscious of!) We, the “forerunners of ascension”, are the ones who can envision a harmonious world and, by holding such a vision, give direction for the mass consciousness to unfold into.

Individualized consciousness of high frequency naturally functions within the universal laws, thus even though each Self is unique, there is an energetic similarity – which generates a potent morphogenic field of harmony on Earth. What do we program such a field with? Self-responsibility and Love. If we know that we are the creators – then we are fully responsible for our creations. And then there is no more victim and abuser, only the lesson. And if we are synchronized with the universal love energy – we are linked to Oneness, dissolved in it. In other words, self-responsibility is the Creator/Self component, and Love is the Oneness component – thus generating Individualized Oneness, or Unity Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness). If all the “forerunners” are as much as possible within that state, we together amplify the morphogenic field on Earth that will support the Higher 3-D Earth, and lead the masses into that direction – into awakening. So please, do your part.

The Nature of Good and Evil

ImageCredit: fishyghost
This is such a loaded subject!

First of all – there is no WAR between the good and evil. Good always wins so what would be the point in fighting? The very act of fighting will actually make “good” into “evil” and thus good does not fight evil. Good shows the path of Light to the evil, and evil can take it or not (eventually it does).

Secondly, usually people attach a multitude of judgments to these terms, when essentially anything that does not fit their beliefs becomes “evil” in their eyes. But in Truth, these terms actually do relate to very particular energy patterns which, if viewed without emotional reactions and mental judgments, can be very helpful in clarifying the spiritual path of all of us incarnated on Earth.

To explain these energy patterns we first have to comprehend the terms and dynamics of this Universe:
  • The Source/God-the-Absolute creates the Universe.
  • The Source/God-the-Absolute is comprised of 3 “parts”: 1- the Cosmic Root Substance (which is the matrix of potential – the Life principle, or the Goddess/Dove); 2- the Creator (which is the initial impulse for self-realization – the Father principle); 3- the Word (which represents the initial structures, the materialized matrix on which the entire creation can be built, through which the Souls can explore Life – the Son principle).
  • The Souls (components of Source/God) expand from the Source, moving away from it into density – to explore creation.
  • This process is called the descent/involution (away from the Source/Oneness) and the ascent/evolution (back to the Source/Oneness). 
  • The reason for this entire exercise is that when the Soul returns to Source, it brings something unique into it – the Self (its own unique perception/path) – this is why even though all Souls are the same (came out of the same stuff), we all are different (had different journeys, incarnated in different realities/planets/forms, etc.)
  • When a Soul moves away from Source, it loses the awareness of Oneness (the Life/Goddess)
  • When a Soul comes back towards the Source, it builds its individual Self, and remembers Oneness (the Life/Goddess) – this results in a Soul-Self (or an Individualized Oneness perception).

This describes the normal path of Soul away from Source and back into it – Soul leaves the connectedness, enters the density/separation of the lower dimensions, then eventually turns back to Source, building its individuality in the process, and reuniting with the connectedness of all life. In other words – out of connectedness, into separation, then back to connectedness (but with a unique personal perception). This is the path that is part of the original design, so to speak, and this is what should be labeled “GOOD”.

When this process malfunctions, “evil” is created. This is exactly how it works: 
  • Soul separates from the Oneness, moves into density;
  • Then this Soul figures its own perception inside the separation (far away from the Oneness);
  • This Self then remains separate, disconnected from Oneness, seeing itself superior to it.

The arrogance and selfishness of this separated Self leads that Self to attempt to control/overpower Life instead of work with Life. In other words, when the HONOR and RESPECT of Life is absent, “evil” is created.

Thus it is not the Self/individuality in itself that is the problem, but the separation of the Self, or refusal to reconnect, to the rest of the Universe. Becoming a Self is a requirement in order to spiritually “wake up”, to build a Soul-Self which eventually enriches the Source. But when that Self remains in separation, it goes against the Harmony of Creation – this stubborn selfish extreme separation is what should be labeled “EVIL”.

In Gnostic writings there is this story (this is the highly abridged version!):
God the Absolute created the Universe, and one of his creations was Sophia. She then created Yaldabaoth. He was “hidden” from God-the-Absolute by Sophia. Ignorant Yaldabaoth did not know of God and he barely remembered Sophia. He began creating his own world, believing himself to be the only creator – thus he created our universe that we live in and presided over it as the Creator. Sophia was pained by his arrogance in belief that he could create anything without her, the Life principle which originated him. Yaldabaoth created Archons to rule with him over his universe. Yaldabaoth believed that he originated himself and that Sophia was irrelevant. But at the same time he wanted what she had – the power of Life. He attempted to copy the Life principle, able to create more and more forms – copies, devoid of the Life of Sophia (and disconnected from God the Absolute). Eventually he created people on Earth. But Sophia breathed Life into them (gave them Souls), making Eve and all other women the principal carriers of the true Life principle. Yaldabaoth attempted to take that Life out of Eve and all the women, but he failed no matter what he did to punish and suppress them. One of Yaldabaoth’s Archons called Sabaoth was able to comprehend Sophia and became one of her followers. Sabaoth then created his own worlds with his own Archons, all loving Sophia. Sabaoth became an enemy of Yaldabaoth – from Yaldabaoth’s view, Sabaoth had what Yaldabaoth wanted – the power of Sophia, but Yaldabaoth tried to take it by force and failed, while Sabaoth received it through love.

And people of Earth were fooled, they were taught by Yaldabaoth to worship him as God, and to see Sabaoth as evil – when in truth it is the other way around.

This story illustrates well the creation of “evil” and also means that “evil” is redeemable – it can become “good” if it only learns to honor and respect the Goddess (even though Yaldabaoth is still the arrogant evil ruler, one of his archons woke up and joined the “good camp”). This “becoming good” comes with self-responsibility and accountability to the Universe – the very thing that the immature separated Self is trying to avoid. Applying the #SoulWorkTools of Unity Consciousness transformation allows one to attain harmony with the Goddess (equalizing it with the Creator-God).

Handling Internal Transformation

The current planetary changes are generating very strong “energy waves” from the center of the planet, as she is answering to the solar energy. The Sun is triggering these changes (as agreed by Pi, the planetary host, and the Solar Council) by sending towards Earth a lot of radiation with multitudes of new codes, meant to activate the planet (and the whole solar system, actually). There has always been radiation coming from the Sun, that is a normal “communication” method between it and the planetary bodies.

You might have noticed that it is very difficult to handle these energy changes at times… The oscillations of the electro-magnetic field of Earth affect directly our own energy bodies, creating sort of a cascade effect – when for a moment (or a duration of the fluctuation!) you are not at your center. My energy guides call these “temporary insanities” 

All these fluctuations are triggering our own issues – they never just put into you something that is not yours! So, it is very important to take responsibility for what is being triggered. Usually it is one of three things: unprocessed emotion, or anchor point of identity, or etheric fear. Sometimes one of these is triggered, at other times two or all three at the same time.

Unprocessed emotion means that there is something that is in the way of your spiritual development and it is on your emotional level, and it must be faced and dealt with in order for you to evolve further. This issue will be triggered by the planetary changes over and over until you face it, and deal with it (which sometimes takes years, so do not feel like a failure if you seem to have the same emotion activated again and again!)

The anchor point of identity is about how we see ourselves… Are you the body? Are you the personality? Are you your emotions only? Thoughts only? Are you too far out of your body and tend to forget that you are actually incarnated? Any issues in this identity anchor will be triggered by the planetary changes.

The etheric fear is all about the basic fear energy pattern stored in our etheric bodies. We have loads and loads of fear stored there – from all the lifetimes when we were tortured, killed, died in some catastrophes or were sick for a long time and felt trapped in our physical hurt bodies... Etheric fear keeps our lower selves alive, so letting it go is essential for spiritual development!

Here are the signs of each of these “temporary insanities”, so you can tell when they are occurring in your energy system (corresponding to a planetary adjustment):

For the unprocessed emotion: Your ability to remain clear in witnessing the external world disappears and suddenly you are overwhelmed by something emotional. That emotion has originated inside you (as in “it is your own issue”), not something projected onto you from the outside, but that internal emotion is often magnified out of proportion, dwarfing all the other emotions and thoughts. This might also be felt as an intense confusion, if this is your habitual defense against processing emotions; or as an intense anger wave, if that is your defense against fears and doubts.

For the anchor point of identity: Your body feels suddenly sick – like you are going to faint, or there is nausea, severe headache/migraine, and intense muscle aches (and other flu-like symptoms).

For the etheric fear: You feel utterly overwhelmed, like you just cannot process the input. This usually causes a high level of anxiety, or fear for no reason, with no “story” attached to it.

Applying the #SoulWorkTools (self-love, self-responsibility, presence, chakra awareness, etc.) will help you handle these arising issues properly.

Why is Ascension so Hard?

Alright, many of you had noticed that we are being tossed back and forth by the planetary energy adjustments, which are coming with more and more intensity and more often than ever before. This is because the planet is attempting to place more change into the Higher 3-D Earth (the one that is in synch with 4-D and 5-D realities), and this means that Pi, the planetary being, must transmute the distorted energies of the Lower 3-D Earth, to purify them.

This oscillation of this 3-D reality is a type of slip-sliding, similar to two gyroscopes, as the Higher and Lower 3-D Earths are attempting to unify. Eventually there will be again one 3-D reality for all of the human race, but since right now there are two, they are fractioning. And this process is very difficult for people in both realities, in the lower and in the higher!

Even if you are in the Higher 3-D Earth, you are not in bliss and happiness all the time, not at ease of being continuously, right? This is because of two main reasons:
  1. it is very hard to remain conscious, it takes an enormous amount of effort, responsibility, love and patience! And we do not always succeed in that;
  2. this ascension alchemical process is, in fact, “chemical” too – it takes a huge toll on our bodies (mostly the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems, and brain functioning), which means we have to be the masters of our bodies as well, not only the heart and the mind (making this ascension process very difficult indeed!)

The ones who are in the Lower 3-D Earth are experiencing extreme duality, black-and-white emotional reactions which feel so intense as if they can rip a person apart. That is what fuels the current religious struggles especially. Have you noticed that now even within the same religion the “right vs. wrong” is tearing people apart? The financial situation is not far behind as greed becomes the main motivator. Greed has always been a way of learning power (well, false power), but it was limited to a small number of people at the time. Now in the Lower 3-D Earth greed and survival have become fused (as people are attempting to process these two patterns and awaken Self through the consequences of irresponsibility). This is the first time in this last ten-thousand year cycle of human history that these two patterns – greed and survival – have been fused. It is a very different learning (Gaia didn’t have this pattern, it definitely has Pi’s signature on it), even though it is sort of an improvisation on the theme of “survival of the fittest”.

And the lower realities of this planet is only getting darker and denser, while the higher reality is attempting to experience more Light. Don’t you think it might be painful to feel all this Light while still being linked to such painful black-and-white perceptions as well? Of course it is! Some of the people on Earth right now are ascending, while others are descending. You might be working on remaining in the Higher Self wisdom while walking through the world, that is mostly guided by the Lower Self greed and survival strategies – political, financial, social, religious, military… All of these systems are driven today by greed. Many lightworkers tend to think that these systems will be somehow replaced by more harmonious ones, and then these lightworkers become baffled when all they see is the exact opposite – more exploitation, more wars, more corruption… The corporations are fighting only for the profit of the shareholders (while employees become essentially the new slave labor), the military campaigns are not even concealed by the “pretty propaganda” anymore, blatantly exploiting the wars simply for financial gains (again, for the people at the top mostly, the rest have to fight and die in these wars), etc. Why is it that it seems to be getting worse?

This is because right now the Lower 3-D Earth is still very much populated by the people who require the descent into density for their spiritual growth, and it is influenced, for that reason, by the manipulative power-hungry beings who are also learning the same lesson (even though they have a bit more Self awareness and are more electric than the majority of the unconscious humanity). The Higher 3-D Earth is not influenced by these negative beings anymore, because it is in a frequency faster than what they can easily access, and because it is populated by the people who do not require such intense duality anymore.

The manipulative negative systems (political, financial, religious, social, military) will not be replaced by some rainbow-happy new systems where everyone will be happy – that would mean forfeiting the lessons still needed to be learned by a majority of the human population! Instead, these negative systems will remain and fester, become more and more intense and eventually absurd, so that the people who are being played are not interested in being played anymore – these people will then stop incarnating into the reality determined by such negative systems. Instead, these souls will incarnate with wider range of consciousness, eventually matching the range of the Higher 3-D Earth.

In other words, the place without these manipulative negative social systems already exists, but most people are not in it. The more people are able to match that energy, the more beneficial harmonious social systems we will see sprouting up in this world (new companies with a fair approach to employees and resources, new leaderships interested in trade and not war, etc.) The old systems though will remain and in a way densify even more – as long as there are people who choose to incarnate to learn through them… Our job, as lightworkers, “starseeds”, and “forerunners of ascension”, is to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth vibration, and create from there – not to attempt to change all of the old negative systems, or focus on “exposing” them by talking about them all the time (as if they need exposing! – anyone who can see and hear – does, and for those who don’t, it is because they can’t, no matter how loudly we choose to tell them the truth).