The Pendulum Time

The planet is in the time period of swinging from “life” to “death” to “life” to “death” and so on. This is not a season-related swing, but an energy adjustment. This is because the 2nd dimension of Earth is being imprinted with new Light Codes. Pi is inserting them into the 2D of her earth body. We here in the 3D are experiencing this process as a perceptual pendulum swing – one moment you might feel super alive and hopeful, the next you might feel like you are ready to give up, or feel near death emotionally or physically. This is perceptual, not literal – i.e. there is nothing to be afraid of, it is not that you are actually suddenly going to drop dead. But perceptually you are responding to the fluctuations of the 2D, as the new codes are being inserted there…

So when you fluctuate between the states of profound “I AM” awareness (empowered) and old self-doubts (disempowered), remember to stay centered. The key during this time is to remain detached. When we favor “feeling alive” and being in the powerful “I Am” states, and fear “feeling dead” and returning to our old issues, we only amplify the pendulum swing. Instead, try to be neutral and WITNESS both: “I am powerful and One with all Life”, “right now I am in self-doubt, pain, fear, and defense”. Both have value – the powerful state is about your return to Oneness and the negative painful state is about working on the issue so that the unique Self can be built (to eventually join the Soul in Oneness, generating the Soul-Self).

If you spend most of your time in the Higher 3D Earth consciouness, you might also notice another fluctuation: one moment you are feeling connected to All, the next you are in repulsion/frustration concerning the unconscious people in the Lower 3D Earth. It is important not to judge them or yourself for falling into judgment! Instead, go into the witness mode – notice the chaos and pain of the Lower 3D reality, the fears and defenses of people, but without having an emotional reaction to it yourself.

We only have an emotional reaction to something if somehow we take it personally. In this case, we can become repulsed/frustrated/scared of the unconsciousness on Earth because we link it to our safety. If we are in the Higher 3D Earth, we know that we are NOT the body and thus our consciousness is the Self, and it is eternal and cannot be harmed. From that place we know that we create everything as a learning. This gives us clarity as to what is ours to deal with and what is not. You can truly feel compassion for the people in the Lower 3D Earth only if you have detached your safety from having to have any particular outcome. Most of the time people become threatened by others’ unconscious behavior – and want to “fix it” so that they themselves feel safe. That can look like fear-based xenophobia and religious extremism, but it can also look like “passionate co-miserating” with the underdog. You want to separate yourself from the scary unconscious events first (be in Higher 3D Earth and WITNESS), then ask yourself “Is this mine to do?” – and if it is, then go do something about it (have a conversation, donate the money, volunteer, etc., and then STOP tuning into the pain!), and if it isn’t, then let it go and work more on your own safety and incorrect beliefs (the most common being “we all have to wake up at the same time, and these people being in chaos is wrong!”)

The Starseeds and the Forerunners of Ascension on Earth are responsible for their own processing, but the more inner work that we do, using all the #SoulWorkTools, the more we benefit the collective All of Earth. The individual inner work leads to the amplification of the Higher 3D Earth’s potential, enhancing its presence as a counterweight for the Lower 3D Earth’s reality.

The Crystalline energy matrix is being assembled on the 9th level of Earth’s 3D reality. This lattice/matrix is holding the codes for Unity Consciousness  – to further support the Higher 3D Earth energies as an “alternate reality” to the Lower 3D Earth where most people live right now. We can connect to that Crystalline energy if we are able to vibrate in the 9th level of our own energy fields. Practice tuning into it by focusing your energy vertically, from the root chakra to the crown (7th), and then moving your awareness further upwards to the 8th and 9th chakras. Through the perception of the 9th chakra it will feel as if you are made of a thin crystalline energy patterns (similar to the ice patterns on the window in the winter). This crystalline energy in you is linked to the crystalline energy of the 9th level of our planet. If you allow yourself to expand your perception on the 9th level of your own energy field (hold your vertical tube from the root all the way to the 9th chakra, then experience the oval of the whole field with the 9th chakra being the top), you can then connect to the planetary 9th level and experience the Crystalline matrix of Light being built there.

The Animal Guides

An Interview with Eugenia Oganova

Magic Inquirer: Today we are going to talk with Eugenia about the animal guides, based on her book "The Secret of Sekhmet". The totem animals had been employed by the shamans of many cultures. Tell us more about Simon-the-cat please.
Eugenia: Well, first of all, Simon is not a “totem animal” – he is a conscious energy entity who chooses to show himself to Craig in a form of a cat. He is not actually an animal, he is a being who can probably look differently depending on his desire and who he is interacting with. Because Craig was introduced to the idea of an “animal guide” by the shaman he met a long time ago, when Craig was looking to make a contact with that guide, the entity decided to show himself in a form of an animal – to accommodate Craig, most likely.

And second, “totem” means a “sacred symbol” – it is an archetypal energy, a morphogenic field or a group consciousness, used to identify a human tribe/group and uphold its identity. Shamans often used totems to guide them, but it is not the same as an actual energy guide. Totem is an overall archetypal consciousness of, lets say, bears, or eagles, or cats, while an energy guide is a unique being who might have been in a form of a bear, eagle or a cat at some point and thus prefers it, or just likes that form and thus chooses to show up in it to a shaman. When one interacts with a totem of a bear, for example, one interacts with a group soul of all bears (like an ultimate Mama Bear!), or with a morphognic field of what humans think/believe about the bears (like strength, survival, etc.) But when one interacts with an energy guide, it feels like a personal “conversation” – there is a back and forth, and that guide can have opinions, advice, show love/affection etc.

Magic Inquirer: You said that an energy guide, in the case of Simon-the-cat, an animal energy guide, right? That these beings present themselves to us in the form that WE expect?
Eugenia: See, our energy guides do that – they present themselves to us in a form that we are most comfortable with – as not to upset us :) Most people are not ready for an idea that their favorite “angel” who they believe watches over them might actually be an alien-looking blue-skinned 6th dimensional humanoid, or a 4th dimensional reptilian lizard-looking female with a big heart chakra, or a 5th dimensional insectoid praying-mantis-looking being! That would be shocking to most people who are trained to think of “guides” and “angels,” and other supportive beings, in a human beauty terms, laced with centuries of religious pictures. 
Eye of Horus with Nekhbet and Wadjet
We  even divide animals based on human perspectives – like spiders, insects, snakes are bad and furry cuddly mamals are generally good! In truth all forms are just that – forms. They are designed for different lessons. Some cultures might fear a snake while in ancient Egypt the very symbol for mystery schools of knowledge was a cobra called Wadjet. 

Since the main objective of an energy guide is to actually guide us, help us, it would be counter-productive to shock us by their very appearance! Energy beings are very patient about human prejudices.

Magic Inquirer: Why did you write Craig’s animal guide as a cat?
Eugenia: I love cats, I feel related to them :) I myself have guides who look feline and I also remember my own lifetimes in the 6th dimension as a feline. Thus to me making Simon a cat was a very natural choice!

Magic Inquirer: You said that you remember your own lifetimes as some sorts of a cat. Can people incarnate into animals?
Eugenia: No, people cannot. The evolution of a soul on Earth progresses from the group animal soul into an individual human soul. But I was not talking about “incarnating as a cat”. See, the forms that we have here on Earth – like cats, lizards, butterflies, wales – they are all templates first. The blueprints for these templates come from beings who exist on other dimensions, who are very conscious and have civilizations on their own. When this Earth’s Simulation for Human Experiment was constructed, many multi-dimensional species had donated their blueprints to generate possible templates here on Earth for souls to play with, to incarnate into.
For example, here are 8th dimensional butterfly-looking beings who are amazing conscious creators, they belong to the Kadishtu group. They are not from our galaxy and are very far from the density of our 3rd dimension – they could not exist here. But they donated their codes into our Simulation, and this is why we have butterflies on Earth! Earth’s butterflies had evolved from other insects, of course, but the code of their possible shape was pre-installed into our environment. And since we have free will here, it could have been opened or not – we could have not taken that path of activating that code and then we would not had any butterflies on Earth.
The same with the felines. There are 6th dimensional feline beings – these are the ones I incarnated with. These beings also added their codes into Earth’s Simulation, and the evolution activated that code – this is why we now have multitudes of various feline species on Earth.
The consciousness of beings who donated the codes is always much much higher than anything on Earth – they created this Simulation after all! The forms inside the Simulation that mirror these great beings are much less conscious. For example, a spider on Earth is not a conscious being at all, while great Arachnian beings who donated the code are very much conscious.

Magic Inquirer: Simon-the-cat character seems to be frustrated a lot. Why?
Eugenia: Oh, this was mirrored after an energy being I knew… He was annoyed about having to downsize the information into the 3rd dimensional view. I myself run into this issue often when I try to explain a multidimensional concept!

Magic Inquirer: Thank you very much, Eugenia. This was very enlightening. 

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The Life-Death-Rebirth Process

The life-death-rebirth process is exhilarating inside of our systems. Something great is about to happen as Earth receives more Light – the Light Codes are being activated in the next few months – into the planet and into our bodies. You have probably noticed the intensity of the feelings of “death” related to components of you that must be let go of, while at the same time, something new is wanting to emerge, even if your mind is not aware of what it is. This life-death-rebirth cycle has been gone over and over in the last few months, especially as the energies on the planet are switching from a somewhat slower pace to a more active one.

The downloading of the Light into our bodies and energy fields is an intense process that does not always feel “blissful”! Why? Because with the Light comes clearing out of the Dark – and in this instance I am using the term “Light” as consciousness and connectedness, and “Dark” as  unconsciousness and separation (NOT in the sense of the Divine Void). The pieces of us which are in separation have to be let go of. This is a gradual, and often painful, process.

During this letting go of the components which are in separation, we have to be vigilant of three things in order to allow this process to go on smoothly:
  • One must keep working on lifting one’s “I Am-ness” into the Higher Self (out of the Lower Self and Ego);
  • One must keep expanding one’s awareness to link with the Universal Oneness (to reconnect, to transcend Separation);
  • One must WORK on what is their own and LET GO of what is not. What I mean by this is that there are many issues which we have that are also linked to the planetary morphogenic fields. These fields, if they are negative/issue-related, only amplify our problems, making them seem impossible to ever be resolved. If you have an issue and it is linked to a powerful morphogenic field (generated by thousands of people who have the same issue), and you attempt to “process your issue”, you will be in essence attempting to process the ENERGY of not only your own generation, but of all of these people! This is why it is very important to be clear as to what is really yours (this is what you are responsible for), and what is not (this is what others generated and are responsible for).
The downloading of the Light codes might commence the most during sleep times – and not always during the night! You might find yourself waking up from a daytime “sleep coma” of 20 minutes, knowing that something special had just occurred. It is important to not force yourself to follow any rigid rule – allow your system to tell you what it needs. You might not sleep well at night because the body/personality are processing something to create more space, and then find yourself needing a short power-nap during the day, during which the download happens that you had created the space for earlier on.

The heart chakra is one of the major centers dealing with these intense Light codes. This means that you might experience a rapid heartbeat while resting, or heart aching, or heart pounding while preparing to go to sleep, or when you awaken at night. This is your heart preparing to open more, and to activate the area of the thymus gland as well. So if you notice that your heart occasionally pounds hard while you are resting, pain-free and generally comfortable, know that it is preparing for new expansion energies, related to the Unity Consciousness matrix. 

The Crystalline energy matrix (holding the codes for the Unity Consciousness) is being assembled in the 9th level of Earth’s 3D – to further support the Higher 3D Earth energies as an “alternate reality” to the Lower 3D Earth where most people live right now.


2016 - The Year of the Fire Monkey

The 2016 New Year is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Because the Monkey is a yang animal  this year will be electrically dominant. Even though the calendar New Year begins on January 1st, the energy change from the departing Year of Sheep to the Monkey will occur on February 8th.

2016 energy is all about taking action, showing initiative, thinking creatively and pro-actively – instead of waiting and day-dreaming.
It is very important to be aware of one’s emotional reactions, because the Fire element of 2016 will be strong and at times it might feel too chaotic – thus people can be prone to over-reactions, to anger/rage, to losing control. Frustration might be your constant companion in 2016, unless the Fire is balanced out by Water – i.e. one must have the right perspective on life, sourced in the Connectedness of All. This way personal desires do not become demands (which, when unfulfilled cause frustration), but remain preferences and choices. Emotional stability (through personal effort) is paramount in 2016.

The energy of 2016 will require internal balance – go for what you desire, act on your own behalf, but at the same time don’t over-attach to any outcome and don’t be greedy. 2016 is about Self-power. One must learn to rely on oneself above all, and from that position one can help others with ideas and actions. Do not be gullible and na├»ve in 2016, or you can be taken advantage of. This is because the energy expects you to self-reference – if instead of this you want someone else to do it for you, to tell you how it is, to fix your own issue, then the energy will slam into you like a tsunami (the ricochet of the initial incorrect action). This is why 2016 is NOT the year for “waiting to be rescued” or “hoping for the best”! This is the year to be daring, to be audacious, to go for your dreams and make them happen, and to rely on your own inner strength to get there.

2016 is the year to make a quantum leap in your life, to create your own miracle. The energies of the year will support any change, including extreme an make-over! The more ambitious the plan, the more likely it is to be supported and have a successful outcome.

2016 will have a sparkly Fire energy, filled with enthusiasm and creative action. But you must match it, or it might feel like you are not invited to that party. The energy will be fast-moving in many directions simultaneously – plenty of choices for each one of us! But you must hustle, or that fast movement will feel like chaos, or a cattle prod, forcing you to act. If you feel overwhelmed by too much activity, first rest, then get the move on (instead of procrastinating, resisting and dragging along).

This is definitely the year to let go of one’s limitations based on embarrassment and shame – 2016 energy will not tolerate self-shame, self-hatred, or “putting oneself down” out of embarrassment. It is the year of the FREE EXPRESSION of your uniqueness! So be prepared to fully show up as yourself.

The 2016 energies will support physical stamina and require mental alertness from all of us – “spacing out” is not going to work for you in the year of the Fire Monkey! If this alertness is present, then we will be provided with the energy to overcome any obstacle (social, personal, health issues, etc.) The dynamic energy of 2016 might impulse you to “jump ahead of yourself” – watch out for that. The first months of the year (Feb.- May) will be more supportive in  the mode of helping you to gather your momentum, then in June-July the energy might feel too fast. It is important to pick your own speed and follow your own paths for the end of the year. If you realize that the choices you have made are not working, look into it, but do not get stuck in over-deepening emotionally or over-analyzing mentally – 2016 is the year to “decide-check”: decide, then check your progress, then decide again, then check again, and so on. If your choices are bringing you to where you intend on going, keep going; if not – notice and choose something else! Internal leadership, confidence and inner authority are required for all decisions in 2016.

To celebrate the coming of 2016, and to support your own strength during the Monkey year, wear red, orange, and coral colors, have them around your house – these colors have a harmonizing effect on the Fire of 2016, and will help you balance your own Fire element. The stones – garnet, amber, red and orange agates, ruby, carnelian, and red and brick jasper – are highly beneficial in 2016.

I am setting up a special Night Quad 
for the night between December 31st and January 1st
It will be about preparing our bodies and energy systems for completion of the slower Sheep year energies, and the activation of the Fire Monkey – so that as the new fiery energies begin to flow, we are ready and prepared to welcome them.

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Winter Solstice 2015

Avebury stones, UK
The winter solstice will occur on the night between December 21st and 22nd. It is the longest night and the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, when the sun “stays still”, then “turns back” so we can have longer days. It is about embodying and maintaining more Light inside our bodies and energy fields. But it is not an easy process – to allow more Light in we have to create space, let go of the old baggage.

When Pi consciousness descended onto our planet in 2012-2013, she brought with her new individuality patterns. This new energy has to be applied to each person on Earth – to help one build the power of a unique Self. But most people on the planet right now do not possess a clear individual Self yet – they live in a tribal-self-identity (seeing a group they belong to – a family, a culture, race, country – as their identity). So when Pi’s new patterns activate the “building of the Self” codes inside of people, this generates one of three reactions:
  1. The ones who are fully in the tribal-self mode become scared and defend their perceived identity (which looks like anything from “if you are not with us, you are against us” mentality, to religious extremism, patriotism and xenophobia). This is not unlike teenagers rebelling and forming social clicks.
  2. The ones who do not really have any Self yet at all, become swayed by the loud voices of the tribal-self group, looking for a “protector” to take care of them (like children looking for a parent).
  3. The ones who already have an individual Self, are experiencing the time of “death and dissolution” of the lower patterns, or the Ego and the Lower Self – anything that is related to the tribal-self that must be released to make more space for the unique Self.

Looking at these three categories, you can see how you might live in a town/country where the
overall tribal identity of “defend what is ours” is activated, while at the same time having relatives who are looking for protection for themselves (from the government, the legal system, or religious institution), while you yourself are feeling like something is persistently dying inside! It’s been a very interesting few month, hasn’t it?

Have you noticed all the craziness going on in the world in general and within each one of us in particular? This intensified in October and November 2015 because that period of time was marked by the readjustment of the 2nd dimensional energies of Earth. In 2013 Pi brought these selfhood patterns into 4D, in 2014 into 3D, and in 2015 into 2D. We exist in the 3rd dimension of our planet, but the 2nd dimensional energies very much affect us – they relate to the power of our passions. What we call a “drive” is a psychological construct, but the “fuel” for that construct comes from the 2nd dimensional energies that feed into the emotional and astral levels of this 3rd dimension. When the 2nd dimensional energies change, it changes the “availability of fuel” for us in the 3rd dimension. Thus a lot of people have felt drive-less – the old drives to accomplish something are not working well anymore, but the new ones do not exist yet. This ‘null-zone’is necessary in order to incrementally, and eventually fully, unplug from the tribal-self consciousness.

Right now people in the 1st and 2nd categories I wrote about above are not capable of letting the tribal-self go, even though their “drive” is affected as well. Because of this the passion energy, fueled through the 2D, is being utilized negatively – becomes a negative desire – really a defensive want/need based on separation.

The ones in the 3rd category are ready to let their identity stand unique and eventually join the Universal Oneness energies. But they are also not handling the absence of drive very well – becoming depressed, disenchanted with the world, numb. It is very important to not fall into these defensive stances – they will only delay the process of letting go of the tribal Lower Self components.

Depression is one of the defenses the Lower Self in us comes up with to keep us stuck and linked to the Lower 3D Earth energies of tribal mentality. When you feel no drive to do what you used to do, instead of becoming sad over it look at the reasons why you need to let go of the thing you were used to doing, celebrate the fact that you have no more desire to do it and look for why this habitual activity does not fit into your life anymore.

Disenchantment with the world is the defense of the Ego. It likes to have the external world a certain way that makes it feel secure in its assumptions. When the world is showing you that it is not the way you want it to be – change yourself. There is a positive component in this – disillusion (“breaking of an illusion”!!)

Numbness is the absence of feeling, which is a defense of the Lower Self when we have to allow part of it to die. It feels scary to let go of something that you used to see as “yourself”, and sometimes instead of processing that fear (which is healthy, which leads to proper grieving and then freedom), we freeze the feelings in an attempt to avoid dealing with them. This makes us numb. So, if you feel that something is dying inside you – investigate instead, find out what part of you it is (chances are it is linked to the social system that you are being prompted to let go of), be brave!

Seker (the-baby-sun) at the Winter Solstice is approached by three dignataries: Ptah, Osiris, Horus.
An ancient Egyptian celebration of solstice was on the 26 Khoiak month, which currently is December 22nd.
In my book "The Secret of Sekhmet" I mention the district of Ptah-Seker, related to the rebirth of consciousness.

I am setting up a special Night Quad for the night between December 21st and 22nd.
It will be about anchoring more Light in the body/energy field, 
while getting support for releasing the old outdated patterns.

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An Interview with Eugenia Oganova about her book “The Secret of Sekhmet”

Magic Inquirer: Why did you choose to write about ancient Egypt?
Eugenia: Egypt has always had a feeling of a “spiritual home” for me. I had many many lifetimes in ancient Egypt and I remember them very vividly. Writing The Secret of Sekhmet was like writing down the memories of my own past lives. My own Soul history is linked to ancient Egypt as well, to many schools of consciousness which began there.

Magic Inquirer: Have you visited Egypt in this life, Eugenia?
Eugenia: Yes, I have, twice. Isabelle and I (Isabelle is the other half of our international tour company called Energy Pulse), took two large groups of people to visit the sacred sites in Egypt. We meditated at the ancient energy places, and Isabelle and I taught about conscious awakening and how to utilize the past knowledge of ancient mystery schools in these current times.

I love that land :) The current culture is very different than what I remember, yet people have retained that quiet dignity and honor that I recall the most from my past lives memory. In The Secret of Sekhmet the entire current time portion of the story, in the land of Egypt, is written from the memories of my trips there.

Statue of Sekhmet, Turin Museum, Italy
Magic Inquirer: What significance does Sekhmet have for you that you made her secret into the main story line of your book?
Eugenia: Sekhmet is an actual entity, a multidimensional person. She is an Urmah – a hybrid of feline and humanoid species of the 6th dimensional Sirian star system. She was on Earth a long time ago and has returned to Sirius. Because I spent a long time among the feline and humanoid beings in Sirian star system in my other lives, I know Sekhmet personally. She is an incredible being – so powerful and sensitive, tenacious, and now more patient (she learned that on Earth). Her story has changed the direction of our Human Experiment within this Earth Simulation. I was always fascinated with her tenacious will and compassion, and how one being can convince everyone to take a different path. Sekhmet exhibits the power of directed individuality – and our planet can use that right now, so her story is very timely, I think.

Magic Inquirer: How long did it take you to write The Secret of Sekhmet?
Eugenia: Oh, it took 5 years between when it was begun and now finished. I had to cut out a lot – I always want to share all the information I have, but short of writing 2 books, I had to limit the story to what is most relevant. Currently, at 423 pages, it is about 180 pages shorter than it was originally.

Magic Inquirer: Is the historical information in the book really historically correct?
Eugenia: Oh, yes, all of it. When I wrote about ancient Egypt, I simply looked into my own past. I have vivid memories, complete with smells, colors, and sounds. I remember directions and the plans of buildings, objects and how to use them, the textures of wigs, etc. Everything I wrote, I wrote directly from my own memories.

I had a lifetime at Amarna (ancient Akhet-Aten), and because of it I remember that city very well. It does not exist at all anymore, and Egyptologists didn’t know of its existence until very recently. I wrote about it as I myself remember walking through it, looking up at the magnificent buildings, hearing the sounds of fountains, bird calls by the Nile, horses and chariots… I later compared what I wrote with the currently exiting archaeological information. Most of which came from the excavations of what modern archaeologists could find at Amarna (which was not much – the city was destroyed), and from the talatats (the stone blocks) that were taken from Amarna and reused as filler for the Karnak temple pylons. Everything that I could verify – that was represented on the talatats or surveys – matched exactly what I wrote from my memories: the locations of the buildings and harbors, roads, means of transport, type of boats used, the stuff at the market, even the ancient plumbing!

I had a few lifetimes in the Karnak/Luxor area, and from these memories I wrote about its streets and temples, the smells and sounds, the people and their private homes. The Malkata Palace is the royal residence there, and I remember it well, too. I researched what is currently known and found a lot of matching information about the city at that time, and about the Malkata Palace. Everything from the internal plan, wall reliefs, even types of ceramic tiles and the pictures on them (some broken ones were found!)

In one of these past lifetimes, I remember looking out of a large window, beyond the terrace, seeing the construction process of building a temple – which was the Amenhotep III Mortuary Temple, the largest one in Egypt at the time, covering over 80 acres! It was built during Amenhotep III’s lifetime for him to be worshiped there as a god-on-earth. Now only two large statues remain – the Colossi of Memnon – everything else was destroyed by earthquake. From the past, I remember seeing the relief of Amenhotep III with his mother Mutemwiya on one side, and his Queen Tiye on the other. I found out that it does still exist – it is one of the surviving reliefs from the side of the standing statues! My memory of that temple matched perfectly what is known of it from records and excavations.

I remember the type of wigs people wore during the time of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye, vs the time of the Amarna period – of Akhenaten and Nefertiti. I researched that, too – and my memories match what is known of the style of wigs during these periods, including such details as faience beads.

I also remember the way people looked, their heights, etc. I remember being very curious to find out the heights of the mummified remains of these people – it matched what I remember :)

Magic Inquirer: You use ancient names for locations, not the current Arabic ones…
Eugenia: That’s right. Waset is the current city of Luxor. Ro-Setau is the current Giza area. Akhet-Aten, which means “Horizon of Aten”, is the famous Amarna, which does not exist in any real capacity now. I also use ancient terms for things… For example, a sistrum is a musical instrument that looks like a U-shaped frame onto which small discs are attached, and they make a dinging noise when shaken, not unlike a tambourine with metal discs in its sides. A word Per-Medjat means a library. A word deben means small rings of gold or silver – they had fixed weights and were used as currency at the time of Amarna. I also use ancient terms to explain concepts. For example, Maat means truth. It stands for the principles of justice and divine order, which each ancient Egyptian was responsible for upholding within themselves.

Magic Inquirer: You don’t mention camels in your book. Most people associate camels with Egypt! Yet in The Secret of Sekhmet there are horses and no camels…
Eugenia: Funny that most people think of ancient Egypt with camels – probably pre-programmed by Hollywood :) Camels only arrived into Egypt with the Persians in 525BC, i.e. very “recently.” Of course ancient Egyptians knew of these animals because of trade with the Arabs, but for transport the horses were used. And even horses were only available to the nobles and wealthy people. Most regular Egyptians walked or used a small boat to move from harbor to harbor. Horses are also not native to Egypt – they were brought by the Hyksos in the 1800sBC.

Magic Inquirer: Thank you, Eugenia. This was very interesting :) 

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The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt

The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Chalenged the Gods of Egypt
My third book, The Secret of Sekhmet is finally ready! It is a metaphysical historical mystery novel.

Even though it is written in the format of a story, it is based on real history as I know it. I feel that I know Sekhmet very intimately and understand her journey. The current events and the characters in this book are fictional, but the references to the past, the information, the energy, and Sekhmet herself, are as real as I know them to be.

Feel free to research all the historical personages – everything from the height of their bodies (mummies) to the tiles on the floor of the Malkata Palace, from the types of makeup and jewelry to the talatals (stones) comprising the pylons of the now completely destroyed Akhet-Aten – everything is correct. It is based on the memories  that I carry from the lifetimes in that historical period.

The story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti takes on a whole different dimension when the larger picture of Sekhmet’s involvement is explored. Queen Tiye and the secret mystery school, initiated by Sekhmet, had influenced Akhenaten in his radical views. The initiation of the Earth Experiment, the Solar Council meetings in Agartha, the multidimensional travel, are all linked to Sekhmet’s personal journey of love, hate, despair and letting go by awakening through pleasure. After living on Earth for thousands of years, she eventually returns to her Sirian home.
Here is the back cover synopsis to entice you:

People have forgotten Maat (the Truth) and the Solar Council is considering ending the current Human Experiment. But Sekhmet, a multidimensional star-god, is determined to save it. She initiates a complex strategy of teachings, prophecies and messengers to help people awaken.

Looking into the mystery of the death of her parents, Bailey has uncovered an ancient secret society – the Shenu. Determined to find the truth, she and her shaman friend Craig, with the help of an ex-MI6 agent, an old Egyptian guide, two mental patients and the Council of Antiquities of Egypt, open the Time Gate into the ancient past. Their actions will change history.

In 1,360BC Queen Tiye must make an important decision, affecting the course of human consciousness. Stepping through the Time Gate into the Zep Tepi, the First Time when the star-gods walked the Earth, Tiye receives a prophecy… With Sekhmet’s blessing, Akhenaten and Nefertiti challenge the gods of Egypt, so that the people of Earth can remember how to breathe the Light.

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Own Your Pain

ImageCredit: Satiiva "Fire Dance"
A weak and unconscious person wants revenge in response to emotional, mental, or physical pain, while a strong and conscious person is able to learn and forgive in response to pain. This is the main difference – do we own the pain and learn from what we are experiencing, knowing that we have created it, or do we blame someone and project our pain outside onto something/someone else, seeing that/them as the cause? If we own the pain, we build the Self and increase our consciousness. If we project the pain, we only program the lesson to repeat – until we get it.

“Owning the pain” means taking responsibility for your own reaction of pain to the external or internal stimuli. We might not have a choice in receiving some of the stimuli from life, but we always have a choice in the perception of that stimuli – i.e. it is up to us how we see what has occurred. And if we have ended up experiencing pain, this means that we chose to react to the stimuli in the emotional, mental, physical or existential pain.

Another issue with painful life stimuli is our judgment of it. A weak and unconscious person sees emotional and mental pain in a similar manner to the physical response of an animal – i.e. “pain is bad/wrong” – but since he/she is a person, not an animal, there is also the personality involvement, which attempts to place that pain in the cause and effect cycle – i.e. it becomes “pain is bad/wrong and either I caused it to myself, or someone else caused it to me”. Either way one is already on the lookout for “who is at fault for the pain” because of the initial assumption that the pain was “wrong”. Some people tend to automatically project the responsibility for the pain to everyone else but themselves. Others, who generally are in the in between stage of not-quite-unconscious and not-completely-conscious either – these individuals tend to see themselves at fault for their own experience of pain. A conscious person would take responsibility for their own experience but will not blame themselves for it! The difference here is in the initial assumption that the “pain is wrong”. Why is it “wrong”? It is uncomfortable for sure, it is generally undesired. But wrong?...

Pain is not “wrong” (not that it is “right” either!) – it is an experience of friction. A conscious being can still experience the friction of duality, but it will not be labeled as “pain”. A better label might be "discomfort”. And discomfort is an essential component of growth and learning. No one can move into anything new if they are not ever willing to be uncomfortable! Thus, no learning, no Self/Soul building can occur is we are not willing to be uncomfortable!

If we know that pain is not wrong but a type of label on our experience of friction (from being in duality), then 3 things occur:
  • we do not project the responsibility for that pain outside of ourselves;
  • we do not go into self-blame, looking for the fault in our own behavior;
  • we can change the label of that pain to “discomfort”, thus dis-arming it and learning from it.

Autumn Equinox

Equinox is the time of harvest celebration, the balance of the Light and the Dark. In the fall equinox, the summer’s gifts had arrived, the night takes over and brings the cold of winter – the time of death and regeneration. The autumn equinox represents the duality that exists within the human experience. Just like all things must die in Nature before they are born again, so does the human consciousness must descent into the “darkness” before it can awaken to the “light”.

All who desire the Light of Consciousness must face the inner darkness of unconsciousness in order to awaken. The Ego personality is the one that experiences the beginning of “death” during the autumn equinox, after which one must deal with the inner unconsciousness, the inner chaos, the projections and fears, the blames and power-struggles, the anger and resentments, and above all – the meaning of who one is – for the Ego must let go, relinquishing its position to the Higher Self. The autumn equinox is the preparation for the spiritual Soul-Self to be activated at the winter solstice.

Horus and Seth Pendant to be worn over the chest - from Myers Museum - copyright: Paul James Cowie
In ancient Egypt, both equinoxes held special meaning of Mother-Goddess Hathor balancing the Light (in the form of Horus) and the Dark (in the form of Seth). This is the ancient Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra mystery schools symbol for the processing of the inner darkness of the personality in order to awaken to the Light of consciousness, with Hathor (the Mother Nature) as an equalizer pathway for the building of the Soul-Self – the “two eyes” (magnetic wisdom and electric knowledge) surrounding the Sun Disk of Ra (the Soul-Self), held by the two cobras (the Wadjet, the “inner knowing”, the symbol for the mystery schools of Egypt).

This fall equinox will commence at 4:22am EST (1:22am PST) on the morning of the September 23rd. I am setting up a special Night Quad for this event (the Tuesday night quad – from the night of the 22nd tothe morning of the 23rd) – let me know if you want to be in it :)
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