Awakening in 2012-2013

In 2012, on Dec. 21st at the winter solstice, the energy of Pi comes into the Earth's grids, and on the spring equinox, on the March 21st 2013, the energy of Pi finally fully anchors here, in the reality of Earth - i.e. this is the time when the frequency of matter speeds up enough to be incorporated into the consciousness range of Pi. This is why if you follow the timeline of Earth (the timeline we are now in) into the future, you will see the energy infusion of magenta-purple charge on a massive scale. In 2013, March 21st, it becomes white light. The cycle will start on the solstice, the Earth will begin to shift (the magnetic pole shift, not a pole flip - awakening and changing) and the end on the cycle of this change is at the equinox.

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