Changes in the Planetary Magnetic Field & Gravity

Planetary Magnetic Field Changes, Gravity

The charge in the magnetic field of the planet is decreasing. This allows more UV rays, more solar flares, and more cosmic radiation to pass through the atmosphere. The electro-magnetic fluctuation are disturbances, caused by the increasing Sun's activity and planetary changes (from Gaia to Pi back in 2012, and onto the changes of 2013-14). When the Earth's magnetic field is struck by Sun's energy, it causes the planet to "meet it" with a sound wave and light emissions. This is why we see more lights associated with EM field in Nature - glowing (some of these are energy beings though), shimmering, aurora-type. The solar energy causes the Earth to release gravitational waves to the surface, which explains the tremors with sound. These planetary sound waves resonate through the human energy field, which activate transformation inside us. They are actually energy-messages from the Sun, delivered into the Earth, resonated through her body, and then reverberated back to us with an addition of Pi's Purple frequency. 

This is why when magnetic field fluctuates, human beings become  unstable - which is what is happening right now on Earth. 

Gravity is one of the chief architects of the material reality (the "simulation" that we live in). Gravity is responsible for multitude of structures we encounter in our material universe. Gravity is also increasing - it is "harder" to get around from that material stand point, even though it is easier to function. 
Gravity well of earth and moon fractal
Gravity Well Cartography ImageCredit: lordsong-d5lrxws
There is more of gravity and less of magnetic field. The matter itself, the tectonic plates, are moving inwards somewhat, and the ocean level is getting higher. The energy of Water element becomes strong to compensate (balance) the energy of Pi, which is the purple Fire element (in the higher frequency). This increase in gravity and decrease in magnetic field is occurring so Earth can "find her center" - to be able to do the "inside out flip" of consciousness. As Gaia ascended, she changed her perception to a more expanded range (completed the "flip"). When Pi arrived into the planet and Gaia let go, Pi began to integrate into the planetary matrix (earth changes) while Gaia is proceeding on her ascended path into wider range of perception. For us humans to manage well during this transitionary planetary time, we must do our own processing!

H2O = 2 atoms of Hydrogen + 1 atom of Oxygen
H2O + left over Nitrogen in the atmosphere = Fire activation.

I do not believe this means that the planet will turn into a literal "fire ball", but the Fire transformation does relate to Pi - its purple Fire element "tint".

It is the energy pattern of balancing the Pi frequency (which is a Fire element in a very fast vibratory rate) with the Water element of Earth. Pi's Fire is balanced by the Earth's water - so together they are able to welcome Pi and awaken the Earth. You can think of Pi as a "faster state" of the planet, sort of an "ascended Gaia"...


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