Linear and Spherical Time

Linear and Spherical Time clock fractal
ImageCredit: © Kim D. French
My energy guides say that we live inside an artificially augmented "Simulation" - it is the material reality that we see as "real". Metaphysically speaking, it is a hologram, and we use it as a spiritual classroom to learn in. This Simulation is made up by consciousness on the higher levels, anchored into the etheric template and matter on the lower levels. The environment we live in and the very material our bodies are made of, is changing, becoming faster and faster in its energy-charge, because our Simulation is going through a transformation. Pi, the new host of Earth, is activating the purple frequency of Individualized Oneness.

This is why it might feel that the time is speeding up - the perception of the events is emotional/personal to begin with, but sometimes it actually feels faster. Or might feel the opposite - that the time is standing still - that is the "spherical time" instead of linear time.  Spherical time is simultaneous - this is where synchronicity is experienced the most. In spherical time we do not have to go from point A to point B in a direct (or indirect) line. We might just end up at B without "going" there :) You might also experience more events out of sequence. We are used to A, then B, then C and then D. But in spherical time, you might experience your D, then your C, then A and B! It is because our perception of the cause and effect is based in the linear perception. In spherical time cause and effect are not linear, they are based in the Higher Mind perspective. There is still logic, but it might not seem logical to our linear minds anymore :)

As planetary transformation continues, we will experience more and more of this speeding up and at the same time timeless-ness... This is a celebration of transformation!

Spirit, as a Unified Quantum Field, can vibrate as:

- as a particle, and we perceive it as solid matter;
- or as an emotion;
- or as a thought;
- or as a truth, 
- or as a feeling of connectedness, or of isolation;
- or as a concept...

What we see, feel, think, believe – it is all Spirit vibrating in different ways.
We can change our beliefs and Spirit will vibrate differently – generating a different Reality for us.

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