Our Divine Rights inside the Back Chakras

Human Energy Field with front and back Chakras
ImageCredit: BBSH
The 2nd chakra on the back is the right to have energy for what we need and want. All this stuff that "when you get older, you have less energy" is a lie! We have the RIGHT to have all the energy we want/need for our lives. But we have to believe it, we have to claim it, we have to let go of limiting beliefs about illness and aging (they only serve our fears).

The 3rd chakra on the back is our right to be whole. We are meant to be harmonious!

The 4th chakra on the back is our right to choose - it is the free will. People often live their whole lives in reaction to external circumstances, not realizing that they gave up their right to freedom, all the while feeling trapped. Don't let that happen to you. Circumstances are only the triggers for the issues we already have on the inside. Dealing with these issues directly allows you to exercise your free will.

The 5th chakra on the back is the right to be independent. But, hey, it comes with a price - self responsibility. If you are fully responsible for yourself, then you become independent.

The 6th chakra on the back is the right to strategize. If you have one idea after the other, but can't seem to figure out how to make them happen, you are not using your right to strategize. It is one of your divine rights, i.e. you are capable of figuring out anything you need to figure out!

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