2012 Dragon Year - part II:

Dragon is a symbol of Transformation - a very good year for Pi to chose to enter Earth!
Dragon year exhilaration, unpredictability, excitement and intensity.

Dragon as a mystical creature is a composite of qualities of 4 animals: tiger (claws = the electric male power), fish (tail = the ability to navigate through difficulties), snake (body = the magnetic female power), eagle (wings = the ability to be have higher perspective and freedom). In other words, Dragon cannot be trapped or limited in any way because it is an embodiment of male and female powers, in harmony.

The personality of the Dragon is ambitious and internally significant. In other words, to make your 2012 year happy, you will have to rise to the this Dragon's challenge and become ambitious (DARE TO DREAM!!!!!) and be unique (CLAIM YOUR RIGHT TO BE YOU!!!)

Dragon is unafraid of challenges and is willing to take risks to "make it happen" - match the Dragon!!! This is the year to be passionate about life - YOUR LIFE! It is all about you - didn't you know that? :)

Dragon year is usually a year of change and transformation. So "reality recognition" as a form of change is definitely fitting.

Main physical stresses of Dragon years - well, stresses! Dragon years are transformative, i.e. CHANGE is happening - which can be unnerving - so TRUST that this is for your own benefit and please, do not try to CONTROL the Dragon! You will have less headaches if you just RIDE him!
Now, to the elements… Dragons are usually Fire, right? True, also Metal in Chinese calculations.
But this 2012 Dragon is unique - it is a Water Dragon.

That's right, it is a typical Fire of the Dragon BALANCED by the Water element! Now, is Pi smart or what?! You've got to love this!

Water Dragons are able to see things from other's point of view (i.e. instead of competition you get COOPERATION - read our Energy Pulse Energy Calendar 2012!) and they do not have to "always be right" (fire trait), instead using a "well-researched" and harmonious "trust" approach to life.
Dragons are all about LONGEVITY, PROSPERITY and cutting out bad karma of the past. But it comes with a price - unless you are an individual matching the Dragon's intent, you cannot really benefit. I.e., you have to dare to show up to life and actually live it, you have to be brave, passionate and true to your very Soul to claim the Dragon's bounty.
I wish you the best ride of your life on the back of this beautiful 2012 Dragon!

2012 Dragon Year - part I:

As we all know, 2012 is a big deal. But most people are not sure why - they heard or read "something" - most in the direction of "doom and gloom". Actually 2012 is the year of change - MAJOR SPIRITUL CHANGE on Earth. Not the "end of all" but the POSSIBILITY OF TRANSFORMATION. 2012 signifies the change in the spirit of Earth - "Gaia leaves, Pi enters". Or you can think of it as "Gaia becomes Pi", or "Gaia ascends into her next level of evolution".
For us, humans, this means:

- finer vibratory patterns of higher consciousness become more available to all (it is up to each of us to use them though);

- new planetary grids are activated to support our transformation as species (it is up to each of us to connect to them though);

- linear time's rule over our consciousness is over - it will have to share the throne with the "spherical" time now (where everything is instantaneous and in the Now).

Will you feel different? It is up to you… The experience of planetary changes depends on the capacity and sensitivity of the individual experiencing them. Changes are here no matter what - it is up to us to pay attention and utilize them to the best of our own evolution.

There are tools available:

- listening to yourself and your space each day (even for only 10 min.) can be grounding and opening;

- reading the energy calendar (Energy Pulse produces one each year ) to stay in tune with the changes/planet and yourself as you go;

- choosing to look at life though the "meaning lens" instead of the "judging lens";

- choosing to notice support that comes to you each moment (from your own Soul and guides, from people, planet, universe).
These 4 parts are essential in dealing with 2012: listen, tune in, look for meaning and notice support.
This is going to be a hard year, for sure, but everything worth having is also tends to be "hard at getting" - that is because by going through the trials of our own making we master our own Selves! 2012 is the "initiation into mastery" year!

The main theme for 2012 is Reality Recognition.
As we realize the higher aspects of ourselves, we attain more understanding of why we incarnate in form, and what challenges and struggles are really about. We grow in gratitude for the Source of All Life.

This is the year when the healthy electric polarity is finally arriving onto the throne of prominence, joined equally by the healthy magnetic polarity - the King and Queen of our internal and planetary kingdom. For a long time, the toxic electric "king" has ruled the world through competition, arrogance, war, violence and judgment, both internally and planetary-wide, with his toxic magnetic "queen," represented by scarcity, manipulation, victimhood, apathy and the "do it for me" attitude, by his side. The healthy electric King is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and his healthy magnetic Queen is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure. Together these energies will change our internal and external worlds. The dynamic interplay of these two healthy and complimentary opposites will generate inspiration and passion for our awakening.

Transcendence of Duality & the DNA Codes

Metaphysical Spirituality as Transcendence of Duality
Metaphysical Spirituality as Transcendence of Duality
Metaphysical spirituality is a path of transcendence of limitations, self-imposed by us during our descent into matter-reality. Transcendence of duality is the ultimate goal of the 21st century inner alchemy. We are returning to the immortal state, only this time with the Self awareness.

Matter and Spirit are one energy in different stages of manifestation. These stages allow for alternate ways in which we perceive ourselves and our reality. This level of perception (this morphogenic field) is the recognition of the holographic nature of reality/manifestation. Through the comprehension of this holographic awareness we can appreciate deep levels symbiotic resonance that defines us as individualized aspects (Selves) of the unified divine consciousness (Source). Our physicality is a complex manifestation of our divinity, individualized by our wisdom and by our karma.

We are designed to be everlasting – we are held in the matrix of the Universe as precious vehicles for enriching the Source. Our human DNA is uniquely designed for this task. The masterpiece of human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension, as Earth is a sensory organ for human ascension. Our matter-form is a sacred geometric matrix, an instrument through which we will transcend this materialistic perception, entering the next Golden Age, the 3rd, harmonious, level of human consciousness.

We are moving from the tribal energies of "me vs. you"  to the balanced "One Life". This is a hard transition for a lot of people because their identities are linked to the tribe that they feel they belong to, and their pains are linked to the tribes that they felt they were abandoned by or pushed out of (family, country, religion/church, job, etc.) In the "tribal" way of living the "right-ness" of that tribe becomes the rule, which creates wars with other tribes, each believing in their own "right-ness".

The release of this "tribal right-ness" began in 2011 and is going to continue through 2060 - that is how long it will take for everyone who still needs to learn through or complete with their karma, related to the tribal identity, tribal pain, tribal fears. Starting at 2013, these tribal energies are being squeezed to the point of eruption - which is where we are now (and will be till 2060). But we are slowly moving from competition to cooperation and complementarity. The competition as a way of moving forward is not be supported by the planet anymore, even though human beings still are holding on to it. It is not "wrong" or a "mistake", it is a natural completion of the 2nd level of human conscious and progression into the 3rd, Humanity is attempting to birth itself into the Golden Age - and the madness we see in the world today are the birthing pains. Imagine two rams, horns locked, pushing at one another. One wins an inch, then another, but all in all they remain pretty much locked in the same position. This is what we have experienced on the planet lately: politically, religiously, socially, medically, even internally! This of course does not mean that humans suddenly will agree on everything. 

Our consciousness affects our chemistry, and vice verse. The tribal consciousness we had been in for a very long time had closed many divine codes in our DNA (bio-chemistry of the matter body, which allow us, or not, to receive Light). This state of our DNA relates directly to our creations: disease, wars, genocide, cruelty, suffering. We are in the 2nd level of human consciousness, which is a transitory disharmonious step between the 1st (Nature/animal) and the 3rd (super-human). These mutations of our DNA codes are necessary for the learning curve. These DNA codes affect the holographic matrix, which mirrors a state of collective unconsciousness back to us (visual and audio feedback). By studying the feedback we receive in our daily lives, we can learn where we need to modify our energy broadcast in order to create a different refection in material world around us.

Yes, in our Golden Age (the 3rd level of human consciousness) we are meant to become stars! Click your heels together three times, and you are home :)

Earthquakes as 2011 Planetary Change Integrations

We had a lot of seismic activity this year!

This is a list of the strongest earthquakes (which is about 1/3 of all the recent ones):

1/1/11 - magnitude 7 - Argentina;

1/2/11 - magnitude 7.1 - Chile;

1/18/11 - magnitude 7.2 - Pakistan - preparation for the PLANETARY LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION

2/11/11 - magnitude 6.8 - off-shore Chile - RECONNECTION OF GALACTIC MERIDIANS

2/21/11 - magnitude 6.1 - New Zeeland;

3/9/11 - magnitude 7.2 - Japan - also the day of large volcano eruption in Chile! - REQUIREMENT TO BELONG TO SELF

3/11/11 - magnitude 9.1 - Japan - tsunami - DISCHARGE OF PATRIARCHAL FINANCIAL CONTROL STRUCTURE

3/22/11 - magnitude 6.6 - Japan - right after the ''super full moon" - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ACTIVATION

4/3/11 - magnitude 6.7 - Indonesia;

4/7/11 - magnitude 7.1 - Japan - the Elenin Comet starts its influence on Earth

4/11/11 - magnitude 7.1 - Japan- realignment of the planetary magnetic field - LOWER ASTRAL HUMAN JUNK CLEAN UP


5/19/11 - magnitude 5.8 - Turkey;

6/13/11 - magnitude 6 - New Zealand;

6/24/11 - magnitude 7.2 - Alaska - MAGNETIC RIVER RE-CHARGE

7/10/11 - magnitude 7.0 - Japan;

7/19/11 - magnitude 6.1 - Kyrgyzstan;

7/29/11 - magnitude 6.7 - Fiji;

7/31/11 - magnitude 6.8 - New Guinea;

8/19/11 - magnitude 6.3 - Japan;

8/20/11- magnitude 7.1 - Vanuatu (Oceania) - VICTIM KARMA CLEAN UP

8/22/11 - magnitude 4.6 - Colorado, US;

8/23/11 - magnitude 5.3 - Colorado, US;

8/23/11 - magnitude 5.8 - Virginia, US - RELEASE OF RIGHTIOUSNESS & "ME vs. YOU"

8/24/11 - magnitude 7.1 - Peru - ACTIVATION OF "ONE LIFE" vs. TRIBAL WAY

Elemental & Solar Issues

Today, 8/15/11, all sorts of planetary adjustments occurred! Today I got 23 phone messages and 62 emails asking me about it! Here is the answer:

- on the night between the 8th and 9th of August a very powerful solar flare was released by our Sun, followed by the coronal ejection; it was not directed at Earth, so we did not get a huge radiation wave from that :) This was the largest flare in the Sun's current cycle (2008-2020), 3 times the x-ray magnitude of the previous flare on Feb. 15th, 2011. This also correlates to the significant US Market crush.

- solar activity changes over an 11-year Sun weather cycle, with the maximum solar eruption activity culminating on the Dec. 2012- March 2013, right when Pi arrives to take over our planet! Solar flares occur when magnetic field lines on the Sun get tangled up into knots, building potential energy until they reach a tipping point. Then, that energy is converted into heat, light and the motion of charged particles. This is a spiritual message that the Sun "cooks" inside itself and releases outwards into space, towards the other planets.

- on the night between 11th and 12th the radiation wave did arrive to Earth (much smaller one that it would have been if the solar flare was released in our direction); radiation excited deep intense feelings… we all felt that!

- this radiation wave of charged particles did not do much material damage, although it did shut down some radio systems and communication satellites, but mostly it did activate Earth's Elementals.

- gently, the Sun facilitated activation of the Water Element in our planet, and for a day, today the 15th, the Water Element took over suddenly, which pushed out the Air and Fire Elements into very excited state, while shutting down the Earth Element. The Water Element's qualities were overabundant all night and all day today: overwhelm, overly emotional, sad etc. The suppression of Earth Element parallel to the excitement of Air and Fire created lots of physical pain (because the planetary ethers stopped circulating for few hours and the Nature Grid was then rebooted). Many have experienced physical aches, headaches, fatigue and anxiety. It is over now, the Elementals came back into balance, and the Nature Grid's life-ether (prana) will remain infused with golden Sun energy for the next few days. Enjoy!

Overview of 2011 Planetary Changes: Jan.- May

I am sure you have noticed some significant energetic changes on our darling planet. Gaia is cleaning house in preparation for her transformation!

Here is an overview of the recent events:

1/25/11 - Egyptian revolution began - Maat entered people after Pi had activated it in Egypt twice already (in 2008 - Giza portal for Self-defined identity and in 2010 - Abu Simbel portal for inner authority) - so throughout Egypt, and the world, people can awaken.

1/27/11 - planetary Light Body was activated - the Mer-Ka-Ba of Earth.

1/28/11 - patriarchal energies released a wave of fear (Gaia's karmic issue of powerlessness by control through fear), attempting to shut down the Light Body spin.

1/29/11 - our Sun sent its energy to help maintain the spin of the planetary Light Body (read details in "Solar Flares")

2/10/11 - at 11:35pm EST the galactic meridians have been reconnected to Earth - the Solar Council and masters have been supporting this process for years and finally worked! (read details in "Galactic Meridians")

2/14/11 - a large Solar Flare yet again generated an "upgrade" for our Solar system - what a great gift of love on the Valentine's Day - the "snowflake" component of meridians was activated.

3/08/11 - the negative Fire Element was released from Gaia - through the etheric grids in the Pacific Ocean. This release created a huge rip in the magnetic field of Earth and many people and entities were working in minimizing its physical repercussions. If it was allowed to exist as it was, the energy would have continued to rip the field, which eventually could have moved tectonic plates, generating a tsunami which would have erased all eastern Asia coast and all western American coast.

3/09/11 - the rip in the planetary magnetic field was mostly sealed (thanks in a large part to Gaia herself, she wanted to minimize the physical damage as much as we did!)
3/11/11 - the etheric rip and the negative fire finally enters matter reality, creating a major earthquake which then generates a tsunami, hitting Japan. Negative Fire Element was a discharge of the patriarchal financial control structure, starting its reconstruction.

3/19/11 - super full Moon! It was the biggest full moon in almost 20 years.  The "super-perigee moon" affects us directly on the astral and emotional levels the most, but also on the 6th unconditional energy level - so even though this time tends to be an emotional turmoil, it also can be an opportunity for healing and for unconditional love to enter out planet, and each of us. It pulls on the magnetic field - access to solar radiation to ignite deep feelings. It allow solar transformative radiation in.

4/08/11 - the end of the "dark energy/dark matter" Elemental week - the clearing of past planetary traumas. Pi energy encourages Elementals to connect and work with each other more harmoniously, while Gaia processes the fire energy. This is also the date that the Elenin Comet became visibly trackable by the telescopes (in Dec. 2010 Leonid Elenin, Russian astronomer, discovered a comet coming into our system). Elenin Comet is a component of magnetic field transformation on Earth, and relates to further integration of the Vertical Belonging codes which will be activated in Nov. 2011 - exactly the time when the comet will be passing Earth on its way around our Sun.

4/16/11 - the planetary Light Body received a wide, all-encompassing compression of gravity, as Gaia realigned her magnetic field. This day felt like a "black hole" because all the lower astral human junk suddenly was stirred - so we can clean it up, finally!

4/24/11 - Easter, the 'bunny day" of the Goddess, was marked by beautiful Blue "tubes" of energy which danced throughout the planetary field - supporting de-trapping of our consciousness and activating further our human Mer-Ka-Bas.

5/17/11 - as a completion of almost three weeks of energy expansion, Pi's brightness and excitement has arrived into planetary grids (or you can think of it as Gaia's energy becoming more etheric and bright). Pi's energy was heralded by a large magnetic filament which exploded away from the Sun, propelling a cloud of plasma into space. It is the brightness of life, even in the hardship of deep pain. Personal Right of Claiming Space + Dignity = Sovereignty of Self.

5/19/11 - The plasmic cloud from the Sun delivers readjustment to Earth's magnetic field, intensifying Gaia's Light Body spin, but at the same time demanding grounding - from her and from us. By holding ourselves in each moment we support planetary Mer-Ka-Ba, and our own.

Solar Flares, Sunspots, Solar Wind & Solar Storms

Sun is a conscious being, creator of our solar system, home to the Solar Council and a participant in the Earth's Experiment. When Sun wants to influence the Experiment, it releases precise charge of the highly active Fire Element - a solar flare.

Solar flares are the large explosions in the Sun's atmosphere that release solar radiation. Solar flare accelerate electrons, protons and heavier ions to near the speed of light! This produces radiation (from radio waves to gamma rays). Radiation is Sun's way to excite deep feelings - in other words, a way to jump start processing of whatever new or karmic patterns we, humans, are faced with. Radiation is not bad. Right now our physical bodies are not ready to interact with this level of feeling depth, this is why high levels of radiation harm our matter-form (even though we can tolerate the lower levels). But when we become enlightened, radiation becomes one of the tools, a way of interaction with the Fire Element which does not work well for us yet.

Here is NASA's picture of a Solar Flare.

Most of the solar flare radiation is outside of the visible to us spectrum, so we can only see with our physical eyes less than 1/10 of the actual flare. Energetically these flares are enormous explosions. They usually originate in the areas of intense magnetic activity, called the "sunspots" (on the other stars these are called "starspots"). Sunspots that we can see on the solar surface are the exit points of the "energy tunnels" inside the sun - Sun's magnetic meridians. These meridians interpenetrate our star. Sunspots are the areas of slightly lower temperature than the rest of the Sun with very high magnetic activity because they link (like a tunnel) the solar corona (Greek word for "crown" - solar atmosphere) with the interior of the sun. Solar flares are the release of energy stored in the corona (a directed Fire Element).

The Solar Council of entities who direct and advise the Earth's Experiment, is anchored through the 4th dimension of the Sun. When there is a need to influence Earth or other part of the Solar system, the magnetic fields of the Sun are rearranged. When the two oppositely directed magnetic fields are brought together, the rearrangement of the magnetic lines of force occurs. This rearrangement is accompanied by a release of energy stored in the original oppositely directed fields. But solar flare is not just an outwardly blast of solar energy. Magnetic lines of force loop around inside a sunspot. When these loops happen very quickly one after the other, they generate lower change loops which arrange themselves into a helical spiral, unconnected to the rest of the loops. When the helical spiral "catches up"/reconnects with the other loops, the release of the pent up energy is the solar flare.

When you feel sad, depressed and stuck, you need more of the active Fire Element in a form of passion - the pure charge like that is the solar flare. You can tune into the Sun and these internal loops and spirals of its magnetic field and feel the solar Fire resonating with your own.

Sometimes the unconnected magnetic helical field can actually eject out of the solar corona instead of reconnecting, becoming a "coronal mass ejection" (a solar storm which is a massive burst of solar wind).

Sun expresses its wisdom by distributing its informational influence throughout the solar system. When the Sun was in its active creation phase, it was spinning very fast, but with time it went into the maintenance phase of its creation, monitoring and directing Earth's Experiment now, and so it slowed down its rotation. But it still continuously extends itself into its own creation through the solar wind.

Solar wind is a stream of highly charges electrons and protons, ejected from the Sun. It is responsible for slowing down Sun's rotation, the tails of comets and the radiation distribution. When a solar storm impacts Earth, it temporarily deforms planetary magnetic field, inducing large electrical ground currents in Earth's itself (which sometimes results in aurora).

If you feel without support and disconnected from your own Soul, or God, or guides and the Universe (we all feel this disconnect sometimes) - tune into the Solar Wind. It constantly carries Sun's support to us.