Overview of 2011 Planetary Changes: Jan.- May

I am sure you have noticed some significant energetic changes on our darling planet. Gaia is cleaning house in preparation for her transformation!

Here is an overview of the recent events:

1/25/11 - Egyptian revolution began - Maat entered people after Pi had activated it in Egypt twice already (in 2008 - Giza portal for Self-defined identity and in 2010 - Abu Simbel portal for inner authority) - so throughout Egypt, and the world, people can awaken.

1/27/11 - planetary Light Body was activated - the Mer-Ka-Ba of Earth.

1/28/11 - patriarchal energies released a wave of fear (Gaia's karmic issue of powerlessness by control through fear), attempting to shut down the Light Body spin.

1/29/11 - our Sun sent its energy to help maintain the spin of the planetary Light Body (read details in "Solar Flares")

2/10/11 - at 11:35pm EST the galactic meridians have been reconnected to Earth - the Solar Council and masters have been supporting this process for years and finally worked! (read details in "Galactic Meridians")

2/14/11 - a large Solar Flare yet again generated an "upgrade" for our Solar system - what a great gift of love on the Valentine's Day - the "snowflake" component of meridians was activated.

3/08/11 - the negative Fire Element was released from Gaia - through the etheric grids in the Pacific Ocean. This release created a huge rip in the magnetic field of Earth and many people and entities were working in minimizing its physical repercussions. If it was allowed to exist as it was, the energy would have continued to rip the field, which eventually could have moved tectonic plates, generating a tsunami which would have erased all eastern Asia coast and all western American coast.

3/09/11 - the rip in the planetary magnetic field was mostly sealed (thanks in a large part to Gaia herself, she wanted to minimize the physical damage as much as we did!)
3/11/11 - the etheric rip and the negative fire finally enters matter reality, creating a major earthquake which then generates a tsunami, hitting Japan. Negative Fire Element was a discharge of the patriarchal financial control structure, starting its reconstruction.

3/19/11 - super full Moon! It was the biggest full moon in almost 20 years.  The "super-perigee moon" affects us directly on the astral and emotional levels the most, but also on the 6th unconditional energy level - so even though this time tends to be an emotional turmoil, it also can be an opportunity for healing and for unconditional love to enter out planet, and each of us. It pulls on the magnetic field - access to solar radiation to ignite deep feelings. It allow solar transformative radiation in.

4/08/11 - the end of the "dark energy/dark matter" Elemental week - the clearing of past planetary traumas. Pi energy encourages Elementals to connect and work with each other more harmoniously, while Gaia processes the fire energy. This is also the date that the Elenin Comet became visibly trackable by the telescopes (in Dec. 2010 Leonid Elenin, Russian astronomer, discovered a comet coming into our system). Elenin Comet is a component of magnetic field transformation on Earth, and relates to further integration of the Vertical Belonging codes which will be activated in Nov. 2011 - exactly the time when the comet will be passing Earth on its way around our Sun.

4/16/11 - the planetary Light Body received a wide, all-encompassing compression of gravity, as Gaia realigned her magnetic field. This day felt like a "black hole" because all the lower astral human junk suddenly was stirred - so we can clean it up, finally!

4/24/11 - Easter, the 'bunny day" of the Goddess, was marked by beautiful Blue "tubes" of energy which danced throughout the planetary field - supporting de-trapping of our consciousness and activating further our human Mer-Ka-Bas.

5/17/11 - as a completion of almost three weeks of energy expansion, Pi's brightness and excitement has arrived into planetary grids (or you can think of it as Gaia's energy becoming more etheric and bright). Pi's energy was heralded by a large magnetic filament which exploded away from the Sun, propelling a cloud of plasma into space. It is the brightness of life, even in the hardship of deep pain. Personal Right of Claiming Space + Dignity = Sovereignty of Self.

5/19/11 - The plasmic cloud from the Sun delivers readjustment to Earth's magnetic field, intensifying Gaia's Light Body spin, but at the same time demanding grounding - from her and from us. By holding ourselves in each moment we support planetary Mer-Ka-Ba, and our own.