2012 Dragon Year - part II:

Dragon is a symbol of Transformation - a very good year for Pi to chose to enter Earth!
Dragon year exhilaration, unpredictability, excitement and intensity.

Dragon as a mystical creature is a composite of qualities of 4 animals: tiger (claws = the electric male power), fish (tail = the ability to navigate through difficulties), snake (body = the magnetic female power), eagle (wings = the ability to be have higher perspective and freedom). In other words, Dragon cannot be trapped or limited in any way because it is an embodiment of male and female powers, in harmony.

The personality of the Dragon is ambitious and internally significant. In other words, to make your 2012 year happy, you will have to rise to the this Dragon's challenge and become ambitious (DARE TO DREAM!!!!!) and be unique (CLAIM YOUR RIGHT TO BE YOU!!!)

Dragon is unafraid of challenges and is willing to take risks to "make it happen" - match the Dragon!!! This is the year to be passionate about life - YOUR LIFE! It is all about you - didn't you know that? :)

Dragon year is usually a year of change and transformation. So "reality recognition" as a form of change is definitely fitting.

Main physical stresses of Dragon years - well, stresses! Dragon years are transformative, i.e. CHANGE is happening - which can be unnerving - so TRUST that this is for your own benefit and please, do not try to CONTROL the Dragon! You will have less headaches if you just RIDE him!
Now, to the elements… Dragons are usually Fire, right? True, also Metal in Chinese calculations.
But this 2012 Dragon is unique - it is a Water Dragon.

That's right, it is a typical Fire of the Dragon BALANCED by the Water element! Now, is Pi smart or what?! You've got to love this!

Water Dragons are able to see things from other's point of view (i.e. instead of competition you get COOPERATION - read our Energy Pulse Energy Calendar 2012!) and they do not have to "always be right" (fire trait), instead using a "well-researched" and harmonious "trust" approach to life.
Dragons are all about LONGEVITY, PROSPERITY and cutting out bad karma of the past. But it comes with a price - unless you are an individual matching the Dragon's intent, you cannot really benefit. I.e., you have to dare to show up to life and actually live it, you have to be brave, passionate and true to your very Soul to claim the Dragon's bounty.
I wish you the best ride of your life on the back of this beautiful 2012 Dragon!

2012 Dragon Year - part I:

As we all know, 2012 is a big deal. But most people are not sure why - they heard or read "something" - most in the direction of "doom and gloom". Actually 2012 is the year of change - MAJOR SPIRITUL CHANGE on Earth. Not the "end of all" but the POSSIBILITY OF TRANSFORMATION. 2012 signifies the change in the spirit of Earth - "Gaia leaves, Pi enters". Or you can think of it as "Gaia becomes Pi", or "Gaia ascends into her next level of evolution".
For us, humans, this means:

- finer vibratory patterns of higher consciousness become more available to all (it is up to each of us to use them though);

- new planetary grids are activated to support our transformation as species (it is up to each of us to connect to them though);

- linear time's rule over our consciousness is over - it will have to share the throne with the "spherical" time now (where everything is instantaneous and in the Now).

Will you feel different? It is up to you… The experience of planetary changes depends on the capacity and sensitivity of the individual experiencing them. Changes are here no matter what - it is up to us to pay attention and utilize them to the best of our own evolution.

There are tools available:

- listening to yourself and your space each day (even for only 10 min.) can be grounding and opening;

- reading the energy calendar (Energy Pulse produces one each year ) to stay in tune with the changes/planet and yourself as you go;

- choosing to look at life though the "meaning lens" instead of the "judging lens";

- choosing to notice support that comes to you each moment (from your own Soul and guides, from people, planet, universe).
These 4 parts are essential in dealing with 2012: listen, tune in, look for meaning and notice support.
This is going to be a hard year, for sure, but everything worth having is also tends to be "hard at getting" - that is because by going through the trials of our own making we master our own Selves! 2012 is the "initiation into mastery" year!

The main theme for 2012 is Reality Recognition.
As we realize the higher aspects of ourselves, we attain more understanding of why we incarnate in form, and what challenges and struggles are really about. We grow in gratitude for the Source of All Life.

This is the year when the healthy electric polarity is finally arriving onto the throne of prominence, joined equally by the healthy magnetic polarity - the King and Queen of our internal and planetary kingdom. For a long time, the toxic electric "king" has ruled the world through competition, arrogance, war, violence and judgment, both internally and planetary-wide, with his toxic magnetic "queen," represented by scarcity, manipulation, victimhood, apathy and the "do it for me" attitude, by his side. The healthy electric King is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and his healthy magnetic Queen is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure. Together these energies will change our internal and external worlds. The dynamic interplay of these two healthy and complimentary opposites will generate inspiration and passion for our awakening.