2013 - part II: The Year of The Snake.

In 2013 it is best to make all decisions thoroughly, after review of all the components (including intuition), but also be prepared, once you have decided what to do, to do it fast - much faster than you would normally plan to… So, plan slowly and thoroughly, but act decisively and fast when it is time. 

In 2013 any aggression will immediately bring an action in response - so, unless you are looking for a fight, 2013 is not the year for "tantrums" :)

A healthy person for 2013 Water Snake Year is a person of high intellect and fast mind, who is constantly looking for the most efficient ways of application of his/her talents and abilities, and creative ways to bring his/her ideas into realization, while thoroughly feeling through and analyzing (magnetic and electric) his/her steps before they are made.

It is a great year for building financial stability (and cleaning out any existing debt). But do not gamble this year - with your life, family, finances - anything. Snake is about analyzing and intuiting, but not the "game of chance". Act according to your own convictions, instead of following someone else's advice.

Because Snake year is all about the depth, anything that you try to do that requires depth will be supported - an in-depth research, analysis, deepening of your relationship, search for a new love with intentions for it to be a long term relationship, stabilizing financially for the rest of your life, cleaning out anything you might owe to anyone, spiritual deepening of your Self, etc. Snake will help anyone who is searching for answers to deep questions, she will also support ambition and high goals, allowing them to come to fruition, including financial :)

This black-purple Snake year is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. You might want to choose peaceful solitude for your studious pursuits this year - i.e. have a lot of personal quiet space for your Self! The Snake prefers quiet predictability to ruckus, mayhem, and scrambling at the last minute :)

During 2013 you might feel often that you are on a shaky ground - in these situations, responsibility, self-initiated discipline, and checking with your intuition before taking action is paramount! In other words, do not attempt to "fix" the shaky feeling with rush decisions, it will only make it worse.

2013 black Snake year is also a year of deep transformation and healing (personal and planetary!) Snake will show what is hidden through a revelation of a deep subconscious patterns. Slowly you will begin to see the reasons for things, understand the root cause of some pattern you or others you are connected to have been experiencing. Just like the snake, we can then shed our skin. We become shiny and new as we acknowledge and release the past :) The black-purple Snake is about healing of the physical body while shifting to a more spiritual perspective. Expect a true release of past blockages and a great deal of quite progress. Slow and steady wins the race in 2013 year of Snake.

Honor the calendar New Year and the Feb. 10th to 11th night, this transformative beginning, with a day positive thoughts. If you choose to be in a company of people, go for something intimate, close friends or family instead of a large party. As Gaia is pulling further out from the planetary grids, and Pi is securing her place inside the planetary body, this is the Year of Anchoring the Wisdom Within.

You can read more details in my previous post with a gorgeous purple python photo!

2013 - part I: The Year of The Snake

It is important to set our intentions for the New Year - you can choose the calendar date, the energy date, or both. The energy of Year of the Snake will begin to flow on the February 10th 2013 (shortly after the new Moon in Aquarius). This is the year of wisdom and depth, patience and endurance. It will be all about development of the deeper, wiser Self - your spiritual components, also your Mind and your Heart - depending on which part of your Self needs to be deepened and aligned with the Higher Self. Year's two main colors are black and purple/magenta (how appropriate for Pi !!), and two minor colors are black-blue and black-green.

This is a Water-Snake Year, which means it will be alternating slow and fast movement: open space and rhythmic movement, then sharp, dynamic moves in unusual directions. Prepare yourself for gradual deepening instead of a lot of surface action. This is why it is a good year to focus on studying something - your Self, Spirit, creative endeavors that require learning a new skill, or education and upgrading your job qualifications - it is the year of looking for answers to complex deep questions.

This black-purple Snake is all about the internal - so consider 2013 year to focus within. You might notice as 2013 progresses, that you are not drawn to social situations - that is because the Snake is more interested in serious progress, not superficial chit chat. There is no need to put yourself out there. Allow yourself withdrawal as it is necessary to self-reflect and ponder situations, go deep within and do not worry about it - this is not going to be you forever, but in 2013 it will be the way to utilize the energies of the year.

Also be ready for the speedy turns, internal and external changes. But all these unpredictable turns are easily handled if you have a clear sense of Self, if you know what you want (the higher the goal, the better!) and if you are creative with the outcomes (instead of rigid). Previous 2012 Dragon Year felt very fast and powerful - 2013 Snake Year will feel much calmer and slower most of the time, definitely quieter. Because of the occasional "sharp turns", 2013 will be an unpredictable year, and it is very important to stay grounded in your own perceptions (instead of being easily swayed by others), and have goals, have destinations, so you have something to direct this energy towards. Because it is a black-purple Water Snake, it is important to be open to change and flow (magnetic), but at the same time use your mind for structural/reasonable review of your steps before you make them (electric). Definitely stay vigilant - but not as a "fear-based protection", instead as a conscious paying attention and responsibility for the steps you take.

Welcoming Pi -part III: 12.21.12 & the other Important Dates in December

In October 2012 Pi's presence has entered into the etheric body of the planet. We all felt it. It intensified anything that did not fit well with our Higher Selves. Everyone was triggered in the most core issues they had - which is a good thing! It gave us a chance to really dig through anything we might have missed or avoided. Because the vibration has changed on the etheric level of Earth, we humans all experienced some sort of body processing - nerve-type issues, headaches, digestive issues, muscle spasms, etc. That is because our physical bodies have a particular program that genetically has been maintaining them, but on the etheric level that same program just got changed - and so since October we had two programs running parallel to each other: the old one in the physical body and the new one in the etheric body. That was difficult on our material bodies and they had to deal with some discomfort.

According to the plans of the Solar Council and Pi:
- on December 15th Pi's entry into the planetary material body begins.
- by the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice, Pi will land into the material/atomic body of the planet.
- from the 21st to the 23rd Pi will be settling inside this atomic structure.
- from December 23rd till the spring equinox, March 21st 2013, Pi and Gaia will be inside our planet almost parallel to each other, although Pi will be in the "driver's seat" and Gaia in a "passenger seat".

This is the "change of guard" time. The transformation of Gaia, the consciousness of our planet for the past 4.6 billion years, is at hand. She is transcending into the next level of her existence. Gaia has set the tone of experience for growth and evolution, and all life forms partake in her design and sovereignty. We humans are individuals but we are also contained within Gaia's environment. She has completed the 3 steps of learning she chose to go through: Motherhood (nurturance), Victimhood (true power), and Compassion (opening heart to all of life). Gaia has finished her lessons and is preparing for her entry into a more expanded range of awareness. We humans of course are not done yet with her 3 lessons, we will have another 60 years to finish these as Gaia's spirit watches over us (till 2072).

Gaia is transforming into a more expanded multidimensional being - yes, Mommy is leaving! But for a while she is not going to go away from us, abandon us, she is simply allowing us to experience ourselves so we can grow up.

Pi's energy is about dynamic aliveness, and in order to fully use this, each of us must become a unique Self. Pi's signature is based on the 3 paths: Engaging Life, the Self, and Pleasure.

We are leaving the time of spiritual childhood, and entering into the time of spiritual adulthood. This is why 2012 is the "end year" - the end of  childhood for the human race. It is the end of the linear-material perception as the only reality. As we gain new responsibility, we also gain new freedoms and consciousness. We can be responsible and at the same time have the pleasure of being alive! We, in the "spiritual childhood" are used to the "responsibility vs. pleasure" - i.e. one vs. the other. But in the new energy we can have both simultaneously!
Live fully, without excuses, guilt, shame, or fear. Live your life instead of surviving it!

To support the alignment, to stabilize and focus the energy during this major change, I am doing a Night Quad on the night of the 21st of December. To help yourself stay in the most positive state, sign up for the Night Quad on this day/night on my site www.EugeniaOganova.com or just email me and I will write you in (its $25).

Welcoming Pi - part II: Love on 12.12.12

The much talked about date of 12.12.12 is a date on the calendar (remember that we are the ones who had invented these!). Calendars have been changed before, and other cultures have different calendars, in which that date does not look mathematically pleasing. On that day no special planetary changes are planned, but considering that people will choose to meditate on peace and hope, that day might feel very good and perhaps even lead to some lower astral clean up :)

That is the hope of the Solar Council. These energy beings did not "create" that day - instead, it is a human-made date: we humans made it important to ourselves! Because of the internet and technologies which allow us to connect worldwide, we can use this date as our gift to the planet during this time of change. Yes, we can actually help her for once!

On that day, stay in love - unconditional, smiling, kind, compassionate - choose to connect with people, to feel the community of humanity. This day is an opportunity for all of us to make a difference on earth, to infuse all of the planetary bodies with positive loving influence, to help people who are in fear, agony, lost, resentful and ashamed, to transcend into a more harmonious state - so together we can create a peaceful creative community on earth.

To support love energy during this 12.12.12 moment, I am offering a Night Quad. To help yourself stay in the most positive state, sign up for the Night Quad on this day/night on my site www.eugeniaoganova.com or just email me and I will write you in (its $25).

Welcoming Pi -part I: Fire of Transformation in December 2012.

The world right now needs one thing more than economic or political reforms - it needs LOVE. Not the consumer-type love, but the actual energy of unconditionality… We need to make sure that we view life through the lens of HEART as much as possible during this time of change.

There are going to be two main dates for you to focus on LOVE:

- first date is human-made, the 12.12.12.

- the second date is planet-made, the 12.21.12.

You might have noticed an increased intensity that is occurring on the planet. Normally all four Elements (basic consciousness of the 1-d that holds this reality together) are somewhat balanced. Right now all there is, is the Fire element! If you tune into that Fire element, you will notice that it is not simply fluid, but has a honeycomb-like structure - it is vibrating  in the form of hexagons. This is because the Solar Council and other energy beings, involved with this planet, are coding that intense Fire element so it can support the carbon atoms in making an evolutionary leap, becoming more like silicon atoms, which are less dense and therefore can hold more information. And we are heading into the era of "more information": more speed, more consciousness, more expansion etc. Our material bodies are transforming into a more efficient electro-magnetic circuitry.

This planetary transformation is not about any physical fire though - I personally do not have any information that Gaia, Pi, or the Solar Council (i.e. the Sun too!) have any desire to destroy this "human experiment". The change is in the range of perception. If a person is in the lower narrow range, they might feel nothing, or see only some minor physical side effects of the change, or feel and perhaps join in the panic of the masses over social systems, economy, "the end of the world" catastrophobia, and so on. But a person who has been doing their work in expanding their consciousness, processing their issues and karmic patterns, becoming more and more aware of their own system - that person will notice the change in the expansion of the "range of reality".

It does not mean that we somehow magically will have paradise on earth and everything will be just perfect after the Winter Solstice! That goes against the laws of karma - no one can take away our problems, we have to grow through them, resolve them as we become more wise with every step. And so the change that is occurring on the planet is not all-in-one-day-type, but it has been occurring for years. The Winter Solstice marks the day of the most pure energy portal, through which Pi can enter the earth.

Make sure you are grounded in your root chakra all the way down to the core of the planet. Feel the intensity of the change without fear, as an excited exhilaration. Notice the opportunities for the heart openings, and allow yourself to experience life through the lens of your heart.

Mastery, Responsibility and Discipline

Metaphysical Mastery, Responsibility, Spiritual Discipline
ImageCredit: www.pollsb.com
Metaphysically, discipline is related to the Self. It is not something that happens to you, but something that you choose to practice. Self-discipline is a form of Mastery, without it we are not able to arrive at Enlightenment. The term of discipline has been perverted by the childish state of human kind, turning it into an external master over us telling us how to be, and us either following it, or rebelling against it. That is a view of a child, who's parent is "making him do his homework". That perverted view had been projected onto the Soul as well - as if the Soul is some external force, making us grow by creating pain and suffering. In truth, Soul does create the lessons, but it is us who determine how we deal with these lessons - if we rebel against the learning we are the ones who then create our suffering!

I often hear from my clients that even though they had implemented my advice, somehow the change was there for only the short time, then reverted back to what it used to be. My question then is usually "Did you CONTINUE to implement my advice? For how long?" This is exactly what discipline really means - it is a form of self-mastery - i.e. we become the masters of ourselves by changing the perception of our reality, and through that, changing the reality itself!

We are all creatures of habit. But it is us who influences WHICH habits we choose to allow to exist, and which we must change. If life is not working out well, if there is pain, disharmony, inner or outer war, disease, suffering, depression etc. - we must look at the habits we choose to engage in and modify them. Using your #SoulWorkTools to find the proper perspective, a more harmonious way to be, and then implementing it CONTINUOUSLY - that is self-discipline. This is how we truly change who we are and the world around us - by first mastering ourselves!

When the new pattern/habit it implemented, it will battle with the old one and we must persevere in application of the new one, again and again, until the old habit simply atrophies due to the absence of the life force. It is our choice which habit we choose to feed with life force and which one we choose to starve. We control this - that is self-discipline. Not because someone from the outside told us to do it, but because we want to have more harmony and choose to be responsible for our behavior - internal and external. That will help not only each person individually, but human kind in general, and the planet as well.

Arriving at the Self-Mastery through the high level of discipline (self-responsibility) will be a full-circle moment as humanity, under the guidance of Spirit, moves into the cycle of time that will mark its tenure as guardians of the Garden of Earth. Hundreds of years in the future, history will tell the story of how the unconscious humans almost destroyed the planet (irresponsibility), but twice came back from the brink of disaster, and sanity prevailed. Then from this juncture point the new harmony is distributed world-wide, making the seeds of compassion and oneness more readily available for all. This is the "balanced responsibility" (self-discipline).

Astral Body activation - Codes of Individuation

Metaphysical spiritual Light codes of Individualized Oneness
Metaphysical spiritual Light codes of Individualized Oneness are being activated in our bodies by Pi, the new host of Earth. As we experience more personal uniqueness without judgment or competition, we arrive into a different state of being. That new person possesses a much stronger 3rd chakra (identity), and it is balanced with an open heart (love/compassion).

The Codes of the Individuation are the multi-dimensional Light codes from the Source. They are related to harmonious creation through individuality and uniqueness. When the energy anatomy configuration is of an old design, the 3rd chakra is wobbly and because of it competitive, drawing strength for that individual by "having to be better than someone else". The heart chakra is also off, either closed because of judgments, or overly open (self-sacrifice). That old design is what we humans have been living in for a long time, only generating disharmony. It was not a "mistake" but a necessary step in learning. Yet now it is outdated and the time has come for us to awaken our Codes of Individualization inside our Astral bodies. These Light codes are amplified by Pi, and they circulate throughout the Astral body of our planet.

astral world
The human Astral Body’s reality feels to us almost as a universe in itself. This is because the astral perception is the one that we are expanding into (from the mental) and so we are beginning to perceive many more details of the planetary Astral level through our own Astral bodies all the way down to the material body. This is why it feels so real (like a feeling, or a dream, that afterwards stays with you for a long time because your material body has felt it). If we could look at life completely through our Astral Body’s senses (i.e. the Astral perceptional lens), we would be living in the 4th dimensional reality (archetypal, storylines). The Astral Body is fluid and multi-colored, emotions and feelings can flow freely through it, creating a harmonious picture, or get clogged and stuff-up the body, creating an ugly picture. On the Astral level many things can exist simultaneously, which is very unreasonable for our logical/linear perception. Inside of our Astral bodies we can have many conflicted, opposite feelings co-existing together, which can feel at times as if one is becoming insane! Yet if the Light codes of Individualization are properly anchored within the Astral body, then opposites harmonies and co-exist without causing us anguish - because we become an Observer at the same time as a Participant.

 “Lower Astral” - this level contains our fears, negative desires, manipulations, agreements with the “dark side” for personal gain – everything that connects to the fear-based human who forgot that he/she is God. If this level is dominant, it is easy to be influenced by the negative emotions and storylines of others, which then amplify our own fears. It creates mob violence and group hysteria (as absence of individuation!)

We must use our #SoulWorkTools to activate these Light-codes of Individuality by watching out for our behaviors very carefully - in order to NOT be caught in the "lower astral" human mess - people tend to react, sometimes violently, when the infusions occur, but Pi (next level of consciousness for the planet) is here to stay, and we are, overall, moving towards the harmonious creation.

“Middle Astral” - this is the archetypal “good and evil”, where the “good” must succeed over the “evil”, the “Hero/Heroine” journey; this sub-category is the one we read about in fairy tales, what the super-hero ideals are based on – the idealism/heroism (think of "Lord of the Rings"). If as children we are not exposed to this way of understanding life in archetypal terms, we grow up limited, narrow-minded and lost (psychopaths and serial killers do not have this energy in their Astral bodies.

A healthy dose of idealism is necessary for romanticism – without this sub-category we lose the ability to be romantic and are unable to associate ourselves with something bigger than us, instead becoming stuck in our fears and limitations.) Thus use your #SoulWorkTools to activate these Light-codes of Individuality by consciously refocusing your criticism and sarcasm into a more positive view of a situation, and also try to "take the higher road" in every situation.

higher astral world - metaphysical spiritual path
“Higher Astral” - this is the archetype of benevolence – giving and receiving support with no price attached, just because this energy is in alignment with Life. When we are using this Higher Astral energy, supportive synchronicities abound, and we feel effortlessly “in the flow.”

We can use our #SoulWorkTools to increase our awareness of this energy when we wish, or intend, for ALL life to prosper. Prayer or intent-setting meditation for the benefit of all (but without a particular idea of how that benefit will look!) This is the area where Pi wants to apply the individuality codes the most - to help us create harmoniously.

The Past, Present, and Future of Self.

The knowledge of our true natures as spiritual beings is "held" in the Past, found in the Present, and lived into in the Future. The year 2012 is when these three aspects of Self can come together much more consciously.

The Being known as Pi, our new World Soul, will be making her final infusion into the grids of the planet on the 12th of October in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, and then, on the 18th of October, a smaller infusion of Pi's energy into the island of Gran Canaria - thus uniting the Past, Present and Future into a current and deeply experienced new alignment. 
Only 15% total of Pi’s energy has entered the planet during the previous infusions over the years; throughout 2012 another 30% accumulated, and the remaining 55% of Pi’s energy will arrive during these last two infusions – in Morocco and Gran Canaria. After that, into 2013, Pi’s energy will be further integrated (with particular points on the Earth’s surface as initiators), while Gaia’s energy will begin to gradually release.  This process will take about 60 more years – so don’t worry, we’ve got the time!
I am offering 2 major Night QUADS during these important times (I myself, with Isabelle, will be teaching in Morocco and Canary Islands, being present in material bodies on the locations of these infusions with many other precious humans - some in person, others "virtually").