The Past, Present, and Future of Self.

The knowledge of our true natures as spiritual beings is "held" in the Past, found in the Present, and lived into in the Future. The year 2012 is when these three aspects of Self can come together much more consciously.

The Being known as Pi, our new World Soul, will be making her final infusion into the grids of the planet on the 12th of October in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, and then, on the 18th of October, a smaller infusion of Pi's energy into the island of Gran Canaria - thus uniting the Past, Present and Future into a current and deeply experienced new alignment. 
Only 15% total of Pi’s energy has entered the planet during the previous infusions over the years; throughout 2012 another 30% accumulated, and the remaining 55% of Pi’s energy will arrive during these last two infusions – in Morocco and Gran Canaria. After that, into 2013, Pi’s energy will be further integrated (with particular points on the Earth’s surface as initiators), while Gaia’s energy will begin to gradually release.  This process will take about 60 more years – so don’t worry, we’ve got the time!
I am offering 2 major Night QUADS during these important times (I myself, with Isabelle, will be teaching in Morocco and Canary Islands, being present in material bodies on the locations of these infusions with many other precious humans - some in person, others "virtually").

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