2013 - part I: The Year of The Snake

It is important to set our intentions for the New Year - you can choose the calendar date, the energy date, or both. The energy of Year of the Snake will begin to flow on the February 10th 2013 (shortly after the new Moon in Aquarius). This is the year of wisdom and depth, patience and endurance. It will be all about development of the deeper, wiser Self - your spiritual components, also your Mind and your Heart - depending on which part of your Self needs to be deepened and aligned with the Higher Self. Year's two main colors are black and purple/magenta (how appropriate for Pi !!), and two minor colors are black-blue and black-green.

This is a Water-Snake Year, which means it will be alternating slow and fast movement: open space and rhythmic movement, then sharp, dynamic moves in unusual directions. Prepare yourself for gradual deepening instead of a lot of surface action. This is why it is a good year to focus on studying something - your Self, Spirit, creative endeavors that require learning a new skill, or education and upgrading your job qualifications - it is the year of looking for answers to complex deep questions.

This black-purple Snake is all about the internal - so consider 2013 year to focus within. You might notice as 2013 progresses, that you are not drawn to social situations - that is because the Snake is more interested in serious progress, not superficial chit chat. There is no need to put yourself out there. Allow yourself withdrawal as it is necessary to self-reflect and ponder situations, go deep within and do not worry about it - this is not going to be you forever, but in 2013 it will be the way to utilize the energies of the year.

Also be ready for the speedy turns, internal and external changes. But all these unpredictable turns are easily handled if you have a clear sense of Self, if you know what you want (the higher the goal, the better!) and if you are creative with the outcomes (instead of rigid). Previous 2012 Dragon Year felt very fast and powerful - 2013 Snake Year will feel much calmer and slower most of the time, definitely quieter. Because of the occasional "sharp turns", 2013 will be an unpredictable year, and it is very important to stay grounded in your own perceptions (instead of being easily swayed by others), and have goals, have destinations, so you have something to direct this energy towards. Because it is a black-purple Water Snake, it is important to be open to change and flow (magnetic), but at the same time use your mind for structural/reasonable review of your steps before you make them (electric). Definitely stay vigilant - but not as a "fear-based protection", instead as a conscious paying attention and responsibility for the steps you take.

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