2013 - part II: The Year of The Snake.

In 2013 it is best to make all decisions thoroughly, after review of all the components (including intuition), but also be prepared, once you have decided what to do, to do it fast - much faster than you would normally plan to… So, plan slowly and thoroughly, but act decisively and fast when it is time. 

In 2013 any aggression will immediately bring an action in response - so, unless you are looking for a fight, 2013 is not the year for "tantrums" :)

A healthy person for 2013 Water Snake Year is a person of high intellect and fast mind, who is constantly looking for the most efficient ways of application of his/her talents and abilities, and creative ways to bring his/her ideas into realization, while thoroughly feeling through and analyzing (magnetic and electric) his/her steps before they are made.

It is a great year for building financial stability (and cleaning out any existing debt). But do not gamble this year - with your life, family, finances - anything. Snake is about analyzing and intuiting, but not the "game of chance". Act according to your own convictions, instead of following someone else's advice.

Because Snake year is all about the depth, anything that you try to do that requires depth will be supported - an in-depth research, analysis, deepening of your relationship, search for a new love with intentions for it to be a long term relationship, stabilizing financially for the rest of your life, cleaning out anything you might owe to anyone, spiritual deepening of your Self, etc. Snake will help anyone who is searching for answers to deep questions, she will also support ambition and high goals, allowing them to come to fruition, including financial :)

This black-purple Snake year is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for you to achieve what you set out to create. You might want to choose peaceful solitude for your studious pursuits this year - i.e. have a lot of personal quiet space for your Self! The Snake prefers quiet predictability to ruckus, mayhem, and scrambling at the last minute :)

During 2013 you might feel often that you are on a shaky ground - in these situations, responsibility, self-initiated discipline, and checking with your intuition before taking action is paramount! In other words, do not attempt to "fix" the shaky feeling with rush decisions, it will only make it worse.

2013 black Snake year is also a year of deep transformation and healing (personal and planetary!) Snake will show what is hidden through a revelation of a deep subconscious patterns. Slowly you will begin to see the reasons for things, understand the root cause of some pattern you or others you are connected to have been experiencing. Just like the snake, we can then shed our skin. We become shiny and new as we acknowledge and release the past :) The black-purple Snake is about healing of the physical body while shifting to a more spiritual perspective. Expect a true release of past blockages and a great deal of quite progress. Slow and steady wins the race in 2013 year of Snake.

Honor the calendar New Year and the Feb. 10th to 11th night, this transformative beginning, with a day positive thoughts. If you choose to be in a company of people, go for something intimate, close friends or family instead of a large party. As Gaia is pulling further out from the planetary grids, and Pi is securing her place inside the planetary body, this is the Year of Anchoring the Wisdom Within.

You can read more details in my previous post with a gorgeous purple python photo!

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  1. I love your blog Eugenia. I will miss the calendar this year, I've really loved that. I wish your blog would land in my inbox every time you post so I'd never miss one. Thanks for sharing!


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