Welcoming Pi -part I: Fire of Transformation in December 2012.

The world right now needs one thing more than economic or political reforms - it needs LOVE. Not the consumer-type love, but the actual energy of unconditionality… We need to make sure that we view life through the lens of HEART as much as possible during this time of change.

There are going to be two main dates for you to focus on LOVE:

- first date is human-made, the 12.12.12.

- the second date is planet-made, the 12.21.12.

You might have noticed an increased intensity that is occurring on the planet. Normally all four Elements (basic consciousness of the 1-d that holds this reality together) are somewhat balanced. Right now all there is, is the Fire element! If you tune into that Fire element, you will notice that it is not simply fluid, but has a honeycomb-like structure - it is vibrating  in the form of hexagons. This is because the Solar Council and other energy beings, involved with this planet, are coding that intense Fire element so it can support the carbon atoms in making an evolutionary leap, becoming more like silicon atoms, which are less dense and therefore can hold more information. And we are heading into the era of "more information": more speed, more consciousness, more expansion etc. Our material bodies are transforming into a more efficient electro-magnetic circuitry.

This planetary transformation is not about any physical fire though - I personally do not have any information that Gaia, Pi, or the Solar Council (i.e. the Sun too!) have any desire to destroy this "human experiment". The change is in the range of perception. If a person is in the lower narrow range, they might feel nothing, or see only some minor physical side effects of the change, or feel and perhaps join in the panic of the masses over social systems, economy, "the end of the world" catastrophobia, and so on. But a person who has been doing their work in expanding their consciousness, processing their issues and karmic patterns, becoming more and more aware of their own system - that person will notice the change in the expansion of the "range of reality".

It does not mean that we somehow magically will have paradise on earth and everything will be just perfect after the Winter Solstice! That goes against the laws of karma - no one can take away our problems, we have to grow through them, resolve them as we become more wise with every step. And so the change that is occurring on the planet is not all-in-one-day-type, but it has been occurring for years. The Winter Solstice marks the day of the most pure energy portal, through which Pi can enter the earth.

Make sure you are grounded in your root chakra all the way down to the core of the planet. Feel the intensity of the change without fear, as an excited exhilaration. Notice the opportunities for the heart openings, and allow yourself to experience life through the lens of your heart.

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