Welcoming Pi - part II: Love on 12.12.12

The much talked about date of 12.12.12 is a date on the calendar (remember that we are the ones who had invented these!). Calendars have been changed before, and other cultures have different calendars, in which that date does not look mathematically pleasing. On that day no special planetary changes are planned, but considering that people will choose to meditate on peace and hope, that day might feel very good and perhaps even lead to some lower astral clean up :)

That is the hope of the Solar Council. These energy beings did not "create" that day - instead, it is a human-made date: we humans made it important to ourselves! Because of the internet and technologies which allow us to connect worldwide, we can use this date as our gift to the planet during this time of change. Yes, we can actually help her for once!

On that day, stay in love - unconditional, smiling, kind, compassionate - choose to connect with people, to feel the community of humanity. This day is an opportunity for all of us to make a difference on earth, to infuse all of the planetary bodies with positive loving influence, to help people who are in fear, agony, lost, resentful and ashamed, to transcend into a more harmonious state - so together we can create a peaceful creative community on earth.

To support love energy during this 12.12.12 moment, I am offering a Night Quad. To help yourself stay in the most positive state, sign up for the Night Quad on this day/night on my site www.eugeniaoganova.com or just email me and I will write you in (its $25).

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