Welcoming Pi -part III: 12.21.12 & the other Important Dates in December

In October 2012 Pi's presence has entered into the etheric body of the planet. We all felt it. It intensified anything that did not fit well with our Higher Selves. Everyone was triggered in the most core issues they had - which is a good thing! It gave us a chance to really dig through anything we might have missed or avoided. Because the vibration has changed on the etheric level of Earth, we humans all experienced some sort of body processing - nerve-type issues, headaches, digestive issues, muscle spasms, etc. That is because our physical bodies have a particular program that genetically has been maintaining them, but on the etheric level that same program just got changed - and so since October we had two programs running parallel to each other: the old one in the physical body and the new one in the etheric body. That was difficult on our material bodies and they had to deal with some discomfort.

According to the plans of the Solar Council and Pi:
- on December 15th Pi's entry into the planetary material body begins.
- by the 21st of December, the Winter Solstice, Pi will land into the material/atomic body of the planet.
- from the 21st to the 23rd Pi will be settling inside this atomic structure.
- from December 23rd till the spring equinox, March 21st 2013, Pi and Gaia will be inside our planet almost parallel to each other, although Pi will be in the "driver's seat" and Gaia in a "passenger seat".

This is the "change of guard" time. The transformation of Gaia, the consciousness of our planet for the past 4.6 billion years, is at hand. She is transcending into the next level of her existence. Gaia has set the tone of experience for growth and evolution, and all life forms partake in her design and sovereignty. We humans are individuals but we are also contained within Gaia's environment. She has completed the 3 steps of learning she chose to go through: Motherhood (nurturance), Victimhood (true power), and Compassion (opening heart to all of life). Gaia has finished her lessons and is preparing for her entry into a more expanded range of awareness. We humans of course are not done yet with her 3 lessons, we will have another 60 years to finish these as Gaia's spirit watches over us (till 2072).

Gaia is transforming into a more expanded multidimensional being - yes, Mommy is leaving! But for a while she is not going to go away from us, abandon us, she is simply allowing us to experience ourselves so we can grow up.

Pi's energy is about dynamic aliveness, and in order to fully use this, each of us must become a unique Self. Pi's signature is based on the 3 paths: Engaging Life, the Self, and Pleasure.

We are leaving the time of spiritual childhood, and entering into the time of spiritual adulthood. This is why 2012 is the "end year" - the end of  childhood for the human race. It is the end of the linear-material perception as the only reality. As we gain new responsibility, we also gain new freedoms and consciousness. We can be responsible and at the same time have the pleasure of being alive! We, in the "spiritual childhood" are used to the "responsibility vs. pleasure" - i.e. one vs. the other. But in the new energy we can have both simultaneously!
Live fully, without excuses, guilt, shame, or fear. Live your life instead of surviving it!

To support the alignment, to stabilize and focus the energy during this major change, I am doing a Night Quad on the night of the 21st of December. To help yourself stay in the most positive state, sign up for the Night Quad on this day/night on my site www.EugeniaOganova.com or just email me and I will write you in (its $25).


  1. So now I know why I coulded go the sleep for any long time, I was always restlest for the past few nights, Thanks for your love, the Joseph of Virginia Beach

  2. I love these three blogs, this perspective is in exact alignment with what I feel, and who I am
    thank you for putting it in simple plain words that can so easily be shared


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