March 21st, 2013 - the Day of White Light

We have gone through the Winter Solstice of December 21st 2012 with a lot of Light and Love. That was the time when Pi, the new consciousness of our planet, had finally anchored on Earth. This brought an add-on of the new planetary capacity, as if planetary library's "hard-drive" just got expanded. But the transformation was not complete at that step.

On the Spring Equinox, March 21st 2013, the planet will activate these new parameters which were installed in 2012, and expand its range of consciousness. Gaia, the consciousness of the planet which was with us for 4.6 billion years, is ascending, and by doing so, she expands the range of consciousness on Earth. Pi, the new consciousness, had brought here more possibilities, and since December 2012 Pi and Gaia co-existed - integrating these new options for the Earth Library. On March 21st these options will activate, as everything becomes White Light. Light is the Divine Code of this Universe, the "Word of God", the root program on which this entire Universe exists.
On March 21st we here on Earth will experience this White Light directly, as Gaia's gift to her body/planet. All life on Earth will have an opportunity to experience the Divine Code of this Universe on that day. This will have an effect (probably gradual, not all in one day!) on the three major societal programs - religions, laws, and financial systems. Earth is birthing new humanity.

This is about us standing in our inner truth, reclaiming our sovereignty, and becoming the "full circuit" of Earth-Human-Sun-Universe. On the Day of White Light each one of us has an opportunity to awaken the next level of our consciousness. But we have to earn that consciousness - enlightenment cannot be given to someone, it is an awakening from within. So, all the work we have been doing, all the personal processing, learning, understanding and becoming - all led us to this Day of White Light.
Many of you who wondered about yourselves: "why am I here? what is my purpose?" - well, here is your answer - you are incarnated now because you are, all of us, are chosen to be the anchors for this new humanity, the initiators for the change in consciousness. We are meant to trust our inner guidance and stay out of external systems, at least for that day, to really remain present to our own "mini universe" as a part of the large Universe.
March 21st 2013 is the end of the Victim Consciousness on Earth. Gaia had transcended this component of her journey and now it is time for all of us to "grow up"! Even a child growing up in a very loving family has to do some chores, has to have some responsibilities supporting the betterment of the whole family :) This internal reorganization of responsibility inside each of us will allow each human to have direct interaction with the planet and the Universe - issues will come up to be dealt with, more clarity will be available to us, as the rate of internal growth becomes exhilarated exponentially.

Pi is about personal responsibility. We all have pain that we carry as a component of descent into density. That pain can only be fully healed through personal processing, facing the issue head on and dealing with it, while holding yourself in Love. Ignoring or suppressing the pain, or appealing to "higher powers" to take the pain away does not get it "cured," - these are all forms of denial.
This awakening is not about knowing religious materials, or knowing about chakras, or meditating...

It is about recognizing the connectedness of it all, that we all are integral fractals of the Universal Hologram.

There will be people who might not notice anything on that day - this is because their consciousness is not expanded to the range of where the changes are accuring, nevertheless they will be affected by these changes. There are always people who have fear reactions to any change. These people still have fear to process and this is exactly what they are going to do. For them the drama of the "light vs. dark" still needs to be played out, and that is ok. It is your job to stay focused on your own journey and the connectedness with all life, to attempt an experience of yourself as a component of Spirit. This is not the time to "run, hide, and protect", this is the time to BE OPEN.

Enjoy the White Light Day!!
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