Internal Balance instead of Struggle!

Inner King and Queen - Internal Balance instead of Struggle!
If we apply personal effort, we now have more access to the higher aspects of ourselves, we attain more understanding of why we incarnate in form, and what challenges and struggles are really about. We grow in gratitude for Spirit/Source and are able to Create the life we want (notice the words "personal effort" though :)

In the planetary programming (the support systems for our development) the healthy electric polarity arrived onto the throne of prominence (became available to the ones who are searching), joined equally by the healthy magnetic polarity - the King and Queen of our internal and planetary kingdom. For a long time, the toxic electric "king" has ruled the world through competition, arrogance, war, violence and judgment, both internally and planetary-wide, with his toxic magnetic "queen," represented by scarcity, manipulation, victimhood, apathy and the "do it for me" attitude, by his side.
This toxic situation was created through the "grinder" of humans attempting to individuate, and was supported by Gaia. Pi is assuming our "grown up" status, and so she is expecting us to stand in a healthy internal relationship. This means that people who are ready for this upgrade are going to fully step into the healthy balance; while the resistance of the ones who are not yet ready will be magnified until they face their issues. All the struggles of the human kind we are currently witnessing (which seem to have intensified tenfold) are here because the majority of people still needs to play out their "games of the right and wrong" - i.e. they have to take sides, feel righteous or victimized, blame and resist self-responsibility, dominate, compete - all in attempt to fill the lack of self-love (connection with Issness/Spirit). We all have the right to build an individual Self whichever way we can. For most people it is an agonizing, painful process, which looks very imbalanced; while for the few who have already went through that "grinder" it is a harmonious gradual "upgrade."
The healthy electric King is all about support, patience, cooperative strategies and responsibility, and his healthy magnetic Queen is the presence of love, connectedness, wisdom and pleasure. Together these energies will change our internal and external worlds. The dynamic interplay of these two healthy and complimentary opposites will generate inspiration and passion for our further awakening.

New Planetary Formula: How to Create with Pi

new planetary formula - purple fire element of Pi
Many of you have noticed how confusing the energies of our planet have been since the Day of White Light on Spring Equinox in March 2013. The reason for such confusion and unpredictability is the fact that Pi's method of creation (and her puple Fire element) is very different from Gaia's, and we all are used to Gaia's way, which does not work anymore.

During thousands of years of Gaia's presence humans were subconsciously held by the Spirit in a way animals are, but we had small respect for it. Nevertheless we were allowed to build our unique selves, to have chaotic desires, and to create a mess or harmony. This is because we were allowed to be CHILDREN. This phase of human development is over. Some people might not think so or know so, but the planet (now embodied by Pi) does not support that previous range of vibration, which challenges human behavior no matter is people are consciously aware of it or not.

During Gaia's time many humans did not have a strong individuated Self, but it was ok - not anymore, now the Self is a requirement. Because of this immature self, our desires were chaotic, childish, selfish, and often went against life, but that was also allowed - not anymore, now we must begin with Issness/Spirit and the Self, in order to know our desires, and only then we can Create. And if the work is done to expand that Self we had built to incorporate the Soul consciousness, it's even better!

Creating your life during the time of Pi must come out of ABUNDANCE (Issness/Spirit).
Safety is a prerequisite of Creation, not a Goal!!!!!!!!! 
(If safety is a goal, it's an indicator that one is in scarcity/lack).

creating with purple light of Pi must come from abundance
The formula for personal creation is such:

Issness/Spirit + Soul-Self + Desire = Creation

This is what it means:

1- we must know that "Everything just IS" - i.e. at first we must know that there is no right and wrong, no agenda, that everything IS. We must be synchronized with the energy of ISSNESS - the Spirit. This is the "foundation of Grace", without which nothing is possible during Pi's tenure on Earth!

2- we also need to feel our own deep uniqueness - everyone's path's are different, and once the judgment of the right/wrong is removed, what is left are many "uniquenesses". Experiencing the Soul-Self is an essential component of this new time.

3- once we have linked with Issness/Spirit and experienced (simultaneously!!) our Soul-Self, we will automatically notice what we like and what we don't like. This way our likes/dislikes are not coming out of the Lower Self defenses or Ego programming, but are based on the Higher Self perspective. Out of that comes realization about what we want and what we don't want - i.e. the DESIRE stirs inside us. Notice that this is a very different way to desire - not through the lower three energy bodies (physical/etheric, emotional, mental) but through the upper bodies. This type of desire does not require thinking, analyzing or planning, and it does not come from avoidance of pain (!!!!!). Instead it is a naturally occurring experience.

4- this brings us to the final state of Creation - when the Mind is applied to the desire in order to generate a Strategy for the Goal of that desire. Notice that the GOAL showed up naturally, as a consequence of the Desire, instead of something we mentally decided on (often based on the social programming, or false responsibility/loyalty, or some inner lack).