How our Attitudes affect our lives

Disappointment or Gratitude? 
All events in life are originally emotionally neutral – it is we who attach emotional reactions to them. Anything that we experience can be polarized into either gratitude or disappointment. It is our ATTITUDE that does the polarization. Attitude is an emotional reaction, and it is we who must be responsible for our emotional reaction to any event.

Read the rest of my article "Disappointment or Gratitude? on Nikki Leigh's "Love Pints" blog, where she shares more information about "Awakening the Harmony Within".

Transmuting Tribal Competition into Unity Consciousness
Humanity, in general, is moving from the negative Tribal Consciousness (“me vs. you”) to the balanced Unity Consciousness (“One Life”). This is a hard transition for many people because their identities are linked to the tribe that they feel they belong to, just as their pains are linked to the tribes that they felt they were abandoned by or pushed out of (circle of friends, family, country, religion/church, job, etc.). 

One of the ways to remember the codes we came to Earth with, the codes originating from the time when we were ethereal entities of pure Light, before humans existed in matter-form, is by resonating with Nature. This is the original Unity Consciousness (the “Vertical Belonging”), that we now are enhancing with individuality.

By the means of taking full responsibility for every experience we have, and understanding how our perceptions (beliefs, thoughts, emotions) create our reality, we generate the attitude of Self-empowerment, and through it really create our reality.

All events trigger an emotional response, either positive or negative, according to our perception of that event. The point of self-mastery lies in being able to notice the emotional reaction we are having, trace it back through the thoughts to the belief (concept) that created it, and change that belief.

Another Interview with astrologer Jim Buss

Today I answer questions about:
the Universal Hologram, 
Individuality vs. merging with other people, 
cleaning up planetary group karma, 
and concepts of Connectedness and Separation

in an interview about Awakening the Harmony Within with Jim Buss, an astrologer/astro-analyst.

Jim Buss has an academic background and has been studying and practicing Spiritual Astrology and Jungian psychology for over 40 years. He says that the difference between "ordinary" astrology and Spiritual Astrology is that ordinary astrology speaks to your Earthbound Self, while Spiritual Astrology speaks to your Soul-Self:  where ordinary astrology would describe your limitations, Spiritual Astrology will describe your Opportunities.

If you'd like to contact him, just leave a comment at and say whether you want your comment to be confidential, anonymous, or attributed to you.  Only the latter will be published.

Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions + 2nd interview with astrologer Jim Buss

You might have noticed how difficult the last few days were - that is because the subconscious resistance to self-responsibility was coming out (which is often unfortunately translated into blame), further activated on Thursday the 19th. And we just had a Full Moon yesterday, which further activated the momentum of personal transformation.

As Jim Buss, an astrologer/astro-analyst, says:
"…The Full Moon was particularly momentous because it activated Pluto (Universal Unconscious), Neptune (Cultural Unconscious) and Uranus (Personal Unconscious) all together = big Mixmaster Moment where folks can be open to Change…"

And "being open" to what our subconscious brings is exactly what we need to be!

As you know, the Comet ISON is already in the Solar System. That is the long awaited "Blue Star" of the ancient people (I will write a separate blog about the comet). All native world cultures talk about the end of the Great Cycle occurring by the end of 2015. What great cycle? the 25,625 year precessional cycle of the "five world ages" is coming to an end, after the "blue star" arrives.

December 2012 was the entry of Pi into our lovely earth's body;

March 2013 was the White Light Day when Gaia moved out of the planetary matrix;

April - August was the time of the "deep dark water" - we all felt the extreme pressure of the planetary updates coming from Pi onto us every second - as if we were deep on the ocean floor with an extreme water pressure on top of us all the time! That was hard…but necessary! The reason that it was so hard is because Pi is teaching us to "grow up" into spiritual adults, and that means we have to become self-responsible (for our actions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs - everything!)

August 10th marked the beginning of Comet ISON influence (that will come to a conclusion on December 26th this year - with a lot more smaller changes in between!) - the "blue star" of the end of the great cycle - i.e. from the "deep dark water" we had initiated a "tsunami" moment for transformation.

Jim Buss and I are doing our second interview today about Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions. We will be talking about Gaia and Pi, about changes in perception of Time, and about Spiritual Adulthood.

If you would like to ask me something, feel free to post a comment on mine or Jim's blog (not on Facebook) and we will try to insert it into one of the future interviews!
Thank you!

Love - Eugenia

"Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit"

My book "Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit" is a comprehensive and practical explaination about how to take charge of your Personal Reality and create with Spirit. At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is. Questions like “what is my purpose, why am I here?” begin to surface. If you are one of these people, then this book is for you.

The information in this book is a comprehensive explanation of the conceptual systems which are required in order to move out of survival and on into conscious, harmonious, living with Spirit. It describes, in detail, what the practical steps are that can be undertaken to make this possible:

  • Understanding of your personal energy “broadcast” and how to remain in control of it  
  • Clarifying your Soul’s desires, and the setup of proper intention for their manifestation
  • Safety and release of the victim mode of thinking/feeling 
  • Use of sacred geometry, toning, colors and channeling for personal harmonization 
  • Understanding of Spirit and the Light/Code of the Universal Hologram 
  • Understanding and appropriate use of your Divine Rights and Responsibilities
  • Discernment
  • Self-Mastery through the use of the Higher Mind
  • Creation of personal reality through internal Alchemy
  • Perpetual cellular regeneration by increasing personal Light quantity
  • Self-care techniques for the health of the body, emotions, Mind and Soul.
By clearing resistance to being a spiritual adult, by taking responsibility not only for our actions, but also for our emotions, our thoughts, and our beliefs, we begin walking the Soul path of Harmony. By facing the circumstances of our lives and learning through them, we dutifully study the lessons inside of our material classroom. As this is occurring, we remember more of our spiritual journey beyond this lifetime – past, parallel, future lifetimes – because the identity of this lifetime expands to incorporate the larger Self of the Soul, the Divine Mind is activated and knowledge that is not linear becomes readily available. This fascinating upward evolutionary movement between levels of consciousness requires effort, a focused intention to remain aware, Self-Love, and Self-Responsibility. Following this leads to Awakening the Harmony Within.

My Interview with astrologer Jim Buss

Today I answer questions in an interview about Awakening the Harmony Within with Jim Buss, an astrologer/astro-analyst.

Questions about living vs. surviving, choosing our responsibilities, manifestation of undesired stuff, and over-feeling and over-thinking, will be answered :)
Jim Buss has an academic background and has been studying and practicing Spiritual Astrology and Jungian psychology for over 40 years. He says that the difference between "ordinary" astrology and Spiritual Astrology is that the ordinary astrology speaks to your Earthbound Self, while Spiritual Astrology speaks to your Soul-Self:  where ordinary astrology would describe your limitations, Spiritual Astrology will describe your Opportunities.

Jim shares the entire interview on his AstroBuss blog.


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Jim's AstroBuss Blog will give you many answers to astrological dilemmas, if you are willing to do the work on comprehending the situation :) Isn't it interesting how the personal effort is always a requirement in spiritual development?! :)
Love in Light and Dark,

Sound Energy Healing / Tibetan Singing Bowls

Today I talk about self-balancing and healing through sound. Tibetan Singing Bowls are the incredible resonators of energy, highly useful in self-healing:

"…The vibrations of a singing bowl are so pure that they interpenetrate the entire energy field. The resonance is not simply heard with one’s ears, but it is felt through the cells, the tissues/blood/bone in the physical body. The physical body is an anchor for the whole entity that we are here on Earth. When the matter-body experiences change, it is like changing a foundation of a building! – everything above the foundation has to be modified to match that change…"

Read the rest of the article, where I talk about internal and external toning, why the singing bowls are so effective, and much more, by clicking here, where Diane Mandle shares information about "Awakening the Harmony Within" on her "Sound Energy Healing" Blog.

Also you can check out Unify Cosmoss comprehensive article on 3 Binaural Programs (Holosync, Lifeflow, OmHarmonics) and on specific benefits which have been seen from the use of brain entrainment systems (to facilitate Alpha, Theta and other brain wave states). 

With Love in Light and Dark,

How to Cure the Victim Virus?

A “Victim mode” of perception is wholly a human invention. Inside the animal kingdom in the wild there are no victims. A rabbit is not a victim of the fox that hunted it, and the young lion who lost a contest for domination to an older lion is also not a victim. Their self-preservation instinct is simply the matter-form programming to preserve the body, or its’ young, when possible. When not possible, the animal Soul “leaves the game”, and the body dies. By the programming of instinct animals know with absolute certainty that “all is as it should be”. This same understanding is all-permeating once human beings arrive at a higher level of consciousness – we know that everything that occurs happens because it has attracted the participants together for the learning, and eventually there is no cruelty and other separation-type learning. But the intermediate phase between the animal consciousness and a more enlightened human consciousness is a very chaotic step, filled with misconceptions about personal value and power, and their opposites, victimhood and powerlessness.
As a transitional step, experiencing the victim state is a way of recognizing that one is out of alignment with one’s Soul-Self. But once one becomes addicted to the absence of responsibility that is inside of that victim perception, the victimhood perception of life becomes a habitual pattern. Worst of all, this pattern tends to be self-replicating, like a virus it spreads through one’s system if left unchecked.

Victimhood is a denial of one’s power.

The experience of projecting responsibility onto something external “feels good”, because it is easier than being responsible and dealing with one’s broadcast. This victim infection limits one’s ability to connect with the Higher Self/Soul, which keeps one stuck in that victim mode. This no-power-state impacts the energy field, which further limits one’s ability to process incoming data, which makes one believe the experience of the victim mode due to the perceptual limitation. What happens is we believe we are victims: we start to act out this powerless state, perpetuating blame, bitterness, fear and shame. Other people, who are in a similar state of pain, vibrate with us, and before long this “victim virus” replicates further and further in human consciousness.
Every human being on the planet has victim patterns to heal – some from the current lifetime, others from the karmic overlays of other lives. Here are a few very obvious ways to recognize when one is in victim mode:
  • irritability, which is dissatisfaction with reality – victim of circumstances;
  • doubt, which is about not being sure of one’s power – victim of fear;
  • confusion, which is simply a refusal to deal, to face life – victim of overwhelm;
  • hatred, which is a desire to erase something from existence – victim of competition;
  • rage, which is desire to harm – victim of entrapment;
  • worthlessness, which is a self-denial and collapse – victim of pain.
We must stop the victim virus from replicating if we want to awaken to Spirit! How do we do this? We must take responsibility for our own creations (everything exists in our lives because we attracted it to us as a lesson) and we must acknowledge that our personal reality might be different from others’ (because it is based on perception, not some external moral “right and wrong”).

This article "Curing the Victim Virus" was also posted on Nikki Leigh blog, where she shared more information about "Awakening the Harmony Within".

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Why do bad things happen to good people?
You have probably wondered why is it that even if a person seems to do “everything right”, they still have illnesses, pain, or difficult circumstances in life. The answer is simple – because prior to incarnation we set up certain challenges as part of our journey here. These challenges then act like magnets, which attract situations to us, so we can experience them, resolve them, and learn and grow the Soul-Self through them. The Soul’s unique “signature” is the energy pattern woven from these awakenings. There is no ultimate “right” – the ideas about “right and wrong” are usually based on social consciousness. The inner voice of truth changes depending on the level of consciousness of the listener. Difficulties are part of the journey of Soul awakening, but they do not have to be “suffering”, they are lessons to grow through. Our problems start NOT when we encounter uncomfortable experiences, but when we get STUCK in them.

Encountering an uncomfortable, or difficult, or even painful internal or external situation is part of the awakening journey – it is our resistance to that event that creates a detour. Detours are painful – not only because we prolong the painful situation, but also because they generate confusion and lost-ness, further distracting us from our journey (life’s purpose!)

If one resists the challenging situation, which has arrived into one’s life, one becomes entangled in it – and attracts negativity that matches the problem, instead of the Light that matches the solution.

We resist our lessons by:
  • Believing the literal meaning of the events – trying to solve the situation, rather than to learn about life;
  • Allowing the emotional response to the event to take over – that is the “fluid overwhelm”, the over-focusing on the emotion which only amplifies the difficulty (too much energy in the emotional and astral bodies, not enough in the mental and conceptual bodies);
  • Freezing up – hiding from emotion, avoiding it, attempting to stoically not feel;
  • Pushing against the event by becoming frustrated or angry – that is an attempt to create distance from the event, a separation of Self and its’ creation (in that moment we forget that we are the creators of the event because it is our energy that attracted it to us in the first place!);
  • Judging and blaming others – a victim mentality of “It’s all their fault! I had nothing to do with it! It happened to me!” This is an attempt to put responsibility for the difficulty onto someone else;
  • Judging and blaming self – a collapse response of “It’s all my fault! I can’t do anything right!” This is an attempt to relinquish self-responsibility by proclaiming yourself to be incapable (which is based on the emotional defense strategy of “if I believe I will fail why bother trying, and if I do not try, I cannot fail”).
    When one’s not-wanting-to-experience what one is experiencing becomes habitual, one grows stuck in the resistance. Any and all resistance is futile – it only leads to more pain. Thus a great life is not about “never experiencing pain, difficulties, discomfort, etc.” but about facing what we attract to ourselves (internally and externally) without resistance – this generates wisdom and awakens the Soul within us.
Based on “Self-Design” chapter.

There much more information about this in my book 
available on my site 
and on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback!)

This article was also shared on Stephen Tremp blog.

Spirit & Soul, Divine Plan, Free Will, Destiny, Law of Attraction - in an interview!

Today I answer questions in an interview with Danielle Rama Hoffman. She shares the entire interview on her blog here...

Questions like:

"What's the difference between Spirit and Soul?"
"What is Divine Plan, Free Will and Destiny?"
"How to make the Law of Attraction work for you?"
will be answered :)

Danielle is a spiritual teacher and the author of "The Temples of Light" and "The Council of Light."

Channeling and Your Personal Energy Broadcast

Channeling is a way of aligning with the higher frequencies. All cultures trained and cherished individuals, who were able to communicate with the unseen, able to bring vision and purpose to their people. There are many names for these people – prophets, seers, shamans, oracles, mediums, psychics, channels. Some were born with an innate ability to remain in alignment, others had that ability activated by their own Soul, or through special training.

So much confusion exists today about the term “channeling”. There are three types of channels:
trance channel, download channel, conscious channel.

The trance channel is a person who falls into an unconscious state to allow the information to come through – his everyday consciousness is unable to expand to the level where the information is coming from, therefore he “moves out of the way” (Edgar Cayce is a good example). Mediums are also examples of a trance channel – a medium is a person who not only “moves out of the way” energetically, but vacates his body altogether to allow another entity to enter and speak, using his material body.

Download channel is a person who receives an entire package of information while being in an aligned state, but is unable to comprehend the information. In such a case the information then has to be either tuned into for intuitive interpretation, or the knowing just “drops in” as the crown chakra translates it.

The conscious channeling is only possible when one is able to consciously not only uphold the alignment and travel along the vertical link established, but also be able to fully comprehend the Code/information directly.

In all three versions of channeling, the source of the information varies. The message can be coming from the Higher Self/Soul, our personal energy guides, other entities/intelligences from other dimensions and/or time, and others. To complicate things, this information can arrive in many different forms: as a voice in one’s mind, as a visual image, as a movie playing in one’s mind, as a concept, or even something that moves the body (like making a sign, or writing, or drawing the information). Telepathic, verbal, auditory or written, the message still only has value for our awakening if it comes from a harmonious place in higher frequencies. Desiring a channeling ability for the reason of “feeling special” is caused by Lower Self insecurity and personal insignificance fears, and attracts entities from much lower frequencies which are less harmonious.

The channeled information is only as pure as the one receiving it, because the frequency range one can access is in direct proportion to one’s own range. If someone only sees in black and white, but the information is in yellow, it cannot be delivered. This is why we can never receive answers out of desperation – desperation implies limitation in range of perception, it is always a wall that we must first face, before we can overcome it.

If one has done some inner work in their current and/or other lives and is able to align oneself with the higher vibrational component of oneself, that person will be able to download information within that range. That information might be from an external source, like a guide, or from one’s Higher Self and will feel as if it has come from someone else – that is because that person has not expanded his own consciousness to incorporate this range into his own identity. And that information will be unknown by that person’s conscious mind, it will feel external to it. Only if the conscious Self can expand to incorporate the range of frequencies will the information be known as one’s own, or can be received in complete conscious communication with a guide or another entity.

Why would one want to learn to channel higher frequency information/energy? Because an alignment to the higher frequencies increases one’s spiritual growth many times over, thus practicing that alignment is essential for awakening. The more we strengthen the inner connection to the Source within, the more purposeful and joyous our lives become.

From "Awakening the Harmony Within":

"We are resonators. We broadcast our unique energy frequency, and it attracts to us whatever matches it. If we are abundant and joyous, we will attract more abundance and joy into our lives, and also the people who bring us abundance and joy. If we carry a lot of fear, we will attract something that will activate that fear in order for us to have an opportunity to clear it inside of ourselves. A person with a lot of fear will attract to themselves people who are the activators of that fear (they trigger a fear response in us through their actions), and also people who are similarly afraid (they amplify our fear, making it very obvious)..."

Book Reviews for "Awakening the Harmony Within"

There is a nice review of Awakening the Harmony Within on Carolyn Howard Johnson blog - click here to read it.

An excellent book for advanced students of metaphysics
“As a person who regularly reads titles related to metaphysics and spiritual growth, I usually know in fairly short order whether a book I've begun to read is going to resonate with me or not. It only took reading the first chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within for me to be deeply drawn into the balance of it. In the context of this work the author addresses many very complex metaphysical subjects that, in many instances, I'd never encountered previously. Even with twenty years of walking the path of spiritual growth, I am delighted to report that I was able to learn a lot from this book. Ms. Oganova is clearly an expert in her field, and based on my experience in reading this work I now also look forward to reading her first book, "Mission Alpha."
Here's a really cool passage from the book:
"Fully embodying the belief that we create our reality frees our consciousness range from self-imposed limitations. This is the first step of the path of Self-Mastery - the mastery of the Mind. We become aware that we are responsible not only for our actions, but also for every thought we have. We then recognize that we must become disciplined in tracking these thoughts to their conceptual origins, and facing head on our fears and misconceptions. At first this process is much harder than the victim way of life, when we simply blame others, the world, or life for our problems. It is difficult and takes incredible vigilance to be able to pay attention to feelings and thoughts - all of them! People who are more mentally inclined might find it easier to track the thoughts, while those more emotionally inclined would find tracking their feelings easier. But in the end the result is the same - it leads us to the origin of the belief (we can feel it, or know it, or remember the actual circumstance) so we can change it."

- Jeff Maziarek, author: Spirituality Simplified.

What is required for awakening + how to get there from here
"Awakening the Harmony Within is a book that has arrived at the perfect time. Collectively, humanity must now step forward into Spiritual Adulthood, and out of the consciousness of fear, in order to solve the problems that face us as a global population. Eugenia Oganova communicates, in great detail in her new book, what is required and how to get there, so that all individuals who are ready can gain the power, freedom, safety, peace and mastery to be sovereign and effective in this endeavor. Chapter by chapter the author offers information, explanations, examples, inspirations, and perspectives that layer seamlessly together into an understanding of what it means to partner with Spirit, including: the need to listen deeply to and trust the subtle inner voice so as to gain a stronger knowledge of the Higher Self; how personal reality is holographically created; what happens at the physical and atomic levels as we learn to hold more Light and become more conscious; and that self-responsibility, plus the intense desire to be who we really are, are what fuels Spirit into form." 

- Isabelle Lambert, EnergyHealer/Counselor-Teacher-Tour Leader, Kenaz,LLC/Energy Pulse, LLC

Conscious Creation from the expanded perspective of the Soul

"In a very direct and concise way, in her newest book Awakening the Harmony Within, Eugenia Oganova explains what others have only touched upon. This book digs deeply beyond surface explanations to reveal aspects of the puzzle of Life that I have never seen or heard described before. With compassion and heartfelt insight, Eugenia shows us how to progress in our evolution. This book describes in detail how to "stand at the edge of what is coming" with new awareness that comes from looking at life from the expanded perspective of the Soul. In a powerful and impactful way, this book gave me the metaphysical context (conceptual framework) and the practical tools. The first time I read it, I had to lie down and "rest" (integrate the information) after the first 50 pages. The second time, I could swear that certain sentences were not there when I read it the first time... I am going for my third read in the next few days. Who knows what I will find!" 

Spirituality: from thinking to doing - changes created by working with beliefs and thoughts

"Many "traditional approach" self-help books answer basic questions. Then there are INSTRUCTIONAL books - the kinds that not only answer questions, but also create the thinking process to prompt our own internal inquiry. This book does just that. It presents information and instructions on the "how to do this" approach to issues and growth. In addition to that it creates the awareness to discern when, why and what are the advantages or disadvantages to certain ways of thinking and behaving. That is where true growth and change start to happen. My personal "ah-hah" moment in this book (among many, I must say) was the understanding of a simple sequence: Beliefs lead to thoughts; thoughts lead (rather quickly, so being careful here is important!) to emotions; and our reality is then the culmination of that sequence. Getting that into my true and deep awareness, daily and not just occasionally, I believe will lead to some foundational transformations in my life. I have mused about how all of this "happens" for a long time. Now I have the answer and obviously at this point it is up to me to practice, practice, practice this sequence with awareness. At some point, I hope to be able to not go into an emotional place too quickly so as to positively affect my own reality. Now THAT, my friends, is the kind of true "self-help" for our spiritual maturity and growth that it seems has been missing until now.
- Sherry Washburn, massage therapist

Understand who you are, in concrete terms
"This is a fantastic work book - a great explanation of the human make-up, the challenges we set for ourselves, and the small adjustments (not necessarily easy or fun) that, if made regularly, will lead us to learn whatever it is we need to. I think what makes it outstanding is the precision of the explanations and the depth of information. Because of those two features it is straightforward and easy to understand, but make no mistake, it requires some time to absorb all that information. I read the author's other book, Mission Alpha, and after that tome wondered what new information she could have on basically the same topic. Turns out, a lot!" 

- Jackie Knight, artist

How to Participate in the Conscious Awakening Process

"Awakening the Harmony Within is a multifaceted work. It delves into topics like "Personal Broadcast," "Self Design," "Our Divine Rights," "Mind Mastery" and much more. What sets it right beside author's first book, Mission Alpha, is its addressing the topics to support deeper understandings of our place in All That Is. For those of us seeking consciousness, this book gives the precise tools to support our awakening!
As an example, for some time now, I have wanted to know about the distinctions among soul, ego, lower self & higher self. The author brilliantly explains each. Because of the distinctions made, I am able to look at what I do or have done and decide if I am operating from my ego and lower self, or higher self and soul. Another example is water. I hate drinking water; I've tried purifying it. I've tried many of the products on the shelves in stores, looking for one that tastes good; I've added lemon ... all to no avail. When the author explained that with all the processing that has been done to our drinking water the life force energy has been processed out, I got it! She then gave several ways we could re-structure water to restore a healthy energy pattern. This means that by drinking this re-vitalized water, it will help our bodies to release toxins and regenerate better. I believe that Awakening the Harmony Within is very timely for people interested in the conscious awakening process." 

A Great Read Full of Useful Information for Daily Living "Eugenia Oganova continues to clearly teach conscious awareness in her second book Awakening the Harmony Within. Although the book addresses complex topics, the chapters are short and well thought out so as not to overwhelm the reader. I appreciate this writing style as many times I needed to pause between chapters to digest the information. Similar to her first book, Eugenia uses practical examples and provides meditation exercises to integrate the concepts. I am especially grateful for the 'Enlightenment' and 'Personal Reality' chapters as I found them empowering. I recently began to read the book for a second time in less than a month - a sure sign of a good book!" 
- Kristy Garnet

"The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt''


People have forgotten Maat (the Truth) and the Solar Council is considering ending the current Human Experiment. But Sekhmet, a multidimensional star-god, is determined to save it. She initiates a complex strategy of teachings, prophecies and messengers to help people awaken.

Looking into the mystery of the death of her parents, Bailey has uncovered an ancient secret society – the Shenu. Determined to find the truth, she and her shaman friend Craig, with the help of an ex-MI6 agent, an old Egyptian guide, two mental patients and the Council of Antiquities of Egypt, open the Time Gate into the ancient past. Their actions will change history.

In 1,360BC Queen Tiye must make an important decision, affecting the course of human consciousness. Stepping through the Time Gate into the Zep Tepi, the First Time when the star-gods walked the Earth, Tiye receives a prophecy… With Sekhmet’s blessing, Akhenaten and Nefertiti challenge the gods of Egypt, so that the people of Earth can remember how to breathe the Light. 


This book is about Maat (Truth), Zep Tepi (The First Time of our history) and Sekhmet (a multidimensional person who taught wisdom to the people of ancient Egypt), and about the time of Akhenaten and Nefertiti (during this time Egypt let go of many gods for the sake of one god - Aten the Light). 

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One of the biggest tragedies of our present time is that we do not remember who we are – and because of it we are trying to reinvent the wheel with our current technologies, thus feeling superior to our ancestors. At the same time, even more absurdly, there are a few people who still hide the knowledge of the past, which was kept intact for generations, but their own consciousness is not high enough today to understand the information they are protecting. For centuries it was considered that we, as a species, were not ready to know who we really are because we would corrupt it due to our unconsciousness. The snippets of the knowledge released into the masses became diluted until they contained almost no truth at all. The few who still held the knowledge secret, initially with good intentions, became corrupt, political, and greedy. They forgot their role as sentinels of truth, instead basing their value on the ability to manipulate for personal gain.

This world's condition pains me because I see so much of the beauty, creative power, passion, courage and love in our species, yet we tend to squander it all on entertainment and false powers of the ego.

This book is about Sekhmet and her journey of love, hate, despair and awakening through pleasure. I feel that I know her very intimately and understand her journey. The current events and the characters in this book are fictional, but the references to the past, the information, the energy, and Sekhmet herself, are as real as I know them to be.

Intent, Affirmations, Programing for Manifestation

Metaphysical Spirituality - Intent, Affirmations, Programing for Manifestation
Intent is a purposeful aligned design. Affirmations and self-programing are ways of intent-application in order to manifest a desired reality. Affirmation is a strong declaration. Programing is a sequence of command instructions from the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind then influences the lower mind, the emotional body and the physical body, manifesting what we desire. Manifesting our desires is guaranteed. But this guarantee has six “small print” clauses:
  • embodying the truth that “I Am God” (for affirmations) and alignment with the Divine Mind (for self-programing);
  •  alignment with the perfect “Universal Timing”;
  • precise wording;
  • faith/ belief without proof;
  • detachment;
  • absence of doubt (facing/consciously transmuting the “internal Saboteur”).
And these six parameters are often the reasons why intentions do not work. Making a positive affirmation while having fears, worries, doubts and disbelief will achieve nothing. The same result will follow if an affirmation/intention is not continuous because we expected it to work immediately. If one is not detached while affirming (i.e. “know that it is”), it is very easy to manifest the fears of not getting what we want instead. If one does not comprehend, agree and embody as personal truth the knowledge that we are all interconnected, that our thoughts generate our perceptions and that there are Universal Laws that govern energy interactions, NO affirmation will work because its origin will be “too low” (instead of originating in one’s Divine Self, it will emanate from the lower mind).

This is why detachment is necessary for awakening. It allows us to release unconscious intense emotions, so we stop bringing these unwanted experiences into our lives. When detachment is mastered, intent is under our conscious command, and so is the application of intense desire upon request of our Higher Selves. Detachment does not mean “no desires,” instead it implies the knowing that any desire that is in alignment with the Universe is already fulfilled.

Intentions can easily be diffused by the “internal Saboteur”, a belief or memory that is opposite from that which we are stating. This “Saboteur” is a secondary pattern that runs parallel to the one we are affirming, thus they cancel each other out. One of the main “Saboteurs” to being in alignment with “I Am” Divine Self is the belief that we are only spiritual if we do “right, spiritual things”, like meditate, or do lucid dreaming, or eat a certain way, take vitamins, and many other limiting ideas we subscribe to.

Intent, Affirmations - Programing for Manifestation
An example of intent (program) that can override this pre-set self-judgment is this: “All my energy bodies, and my cellular body, are harmonious with the Universe. This is the truth in every moment, whether I eat, sleep, exercise, meditate or do anything else.” By choosing to program yourself with this intent, you are transmuting limiting feelings and thoughts.

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