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There is a nice review of Awakening the Harmony Within on Carolyn Howard Johnson blog - click here to read it.

An excellent book for advanced students of metaphysics
“As a person who regularly reads titles related to metaphysics and spiritual growth, I usually know in fairly short order whether a book I've begun to read is going to resonate with me or not. It only took reading the first chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within for me to be deeply drawn into the balance of it. In the context of this work the author addresses many very complex metaphysical subjects that, in many instances, I'd never encountered previously. Even with twenty years of walking the path of spiritual growth, I am delighted to report that I was able to learn a lot from this book. Ms. Oganova is clearly an expert in her field, and based on my experience in reading this work I now also look forward to reading her first book, "Mission Alpha."
Here's a really cool passage from the book:
"Fully embodying the belief that we create our reality frees our consciousness range from self-imposed limitations. This is the first step of the path of Self-Mastery - the mastery of the Mind. We become aware that we are responsible not only for our actions, but also for every thought we have. We then recognize that we must become disciplined in tracking these thoughts to their conceptual origins, and facing head on our fears and misconceptions. At first this process is much harder than the victim way of life, when we simply blame others, the world, or life for our problems. It is difficult and takes incredible vigilance to be able to pay attention to feelings and thoughts - all of them! People who are more mentally inclined might find it easier to track the thoughts, while those more emotionally inclined would find tracking their feelings easier. But in the end the result is the same - it leads us to the origin of the belief (we can feel it, or know it, or remember the actual circumstance) so we can change it."

- Jeff Maziarek, author: Spirituality Simplified.

What is required for awakening + how to get there from here
"Awakening the Harmony Within is a book that has arrived at the perfect time. Collectively, humanity must now step forward into Spiritual Adulthood, and out of the consciousness of fear, in order to solve the problems that face us as a global population. Eugenia Oganova communicates, in great detail in her new book, what is required and how to get there, so that all individuals who are ready can gain the power, freedom, safety, peace and mastery to be sovereign and effective in this endeavor. Chapter by chapter the author offers information, explanations, examples, inspirations, and perspectives that layer seamlessly together into an understanding of what it means to partner with Spirit, including: the need to listen deeply to and trust the subtle inner voice so as to gain a stronger knowledge of the Higher Self; how personal reality is holographically created; what happens at the physical and atomic levels as we learn to hold more Light and become more conscious; and that self-responsibility, plus the intense desire to be who we really are, are what fuels Spirit into form." 

- Isabelle Lambert, EnergyHealer/Counselor-Teacher-Tour Leader, Kenaz,LLC/Energy Pulse, LLC

Conscious Creation from the expanded perspective of the Soul

"In a very direct and concise way, in her newest book Awakening the Harmony Within, Eugenia Oganova explains what others have only touched upon. This book digs deeply beyond surface explanations to reveal aspects of the puzzle of Life that I have never seen or heard described before. With compassion and heartfelt insight, Eugenia shows us how to progress in our evolution. This book describes in detail how to "stand at the edge of what is coming" with new awareness that comes from looking at life from the expanded perspective of the Soul. In a powerful and impactful way, this book gave me the metaphysical context (conceptual framework) and the practical tools. The first time I read it, I had to lie down and "rest" (integrate the information) after the first 50 pages. The second time, I could swear that certain sentences were not there when I read it the first time... I am going for my third read in the next few days. Who knows what I will find!" 

Spirituality: from thinking to doing - changes created by working with beliefs and thoughts

"Many "traditional approach" self-help books answer basic questions. Then there are INSTRUCTIONAL books - the kinds that not only answer questions, but also create the thinking process to prompt our own internal inquiry. This book does just that. It presents information and instructions on the "how to do this" approach to issues and growth. In addition to that it creates the awareness to discern when, why and what are the advantages or disadvantages to certain ways of thinking and behaving. That is where true growth and change start to happen. My personal "ah-hah" moment in this book (among many, I must say) was the understanding of a simple sequence: Beliefs lead to thoughts; thoughts lead (rather quickly, so being careful here is important!) to emotions; and our reality is then the culmination of that sequence. Getting that into my true and deep awareness, daily and not just occasionally, I believe will lead to some foundational transformations in my life. I have mused about how all of this "happens" for a long time. Now I have the answer and obviously at this point it is up to me to practice, practice, practice this sequence with awareness. At some point, I hope to be able to not go into an emotional place too quickly so as to positively affect my own reality. Now THAT, my friends, is the kind of true "self-help" for our spiritual maturity and growth that it seems has been missing until now.
- Sherry Washburn, massage therapist

Understand who you are, in concrete terms
"This is a fantastic work book - a great explanation of the human make-up, the challenges we set for ourselves, and the small adjustments (not necessarily easy or fun) that, if made regularly, will lead us to learn whatever it is we need to. I think what makes it outstanding is the precision of the explanations and the depth of information. Because of those two features it is straightforward and easy to understand, but make no mistake, it requires some time to absorb all that information. I read the author's other book, Mission Alpha, and after that tome wondered what new information she could have on basically the same topic. Turns out, a lot!" 

- Jackie Knight, artist

How to Participate in the Conscious Awakening Process

"Awakening the Harmony Within is a multifaceted work. It delves into topics like "Personal Broadcast," "Self Design," "Our Divine Rights," "Mind Mastery" and much more. What sets it right beside author's first book, Mission Alpha, is its addressing the topics to support deeper understandings of our place in All That Is. For those of us seeking consciousness, this book gives the precise tools to support our awakening!
As an example, for some time now, I have wanted to know about the distinctions among soul, ego, lower self & higher self. The author brilliantly explains each. Because of the distinctions made, I am able to look at what I do or have done and decide if I am operating from my ego and lower self, or higher self and soul. Another example is water. I hate drinking water; I've tried purifying it. I've tried many of the products on the shelves in stores, looking for one that tastes good; I've added lemon ... all to no avail. When the author explained that with all the processing that has been done to our drinking water the life force energy has been processed out, I got it! She then gave several ways we could re-structure water to restore a healthy energy pattern. This means that by drinking this re-vitalized water, it will help our bodies to release toxins and regenerate better. I believe that Awakening the Harmony Within is very timely for people interested in the conscious awakening process." 

A Great Read Full of Useful Information for Daily Living "Eugenia Oganova continues to clearly teach conscious awareness in her second book Awakening the Harmony Within. Although the book addresses complex topics, the chapters are short and well thought out so as not to overwhelm the reader. I appreciate this writing style as many times I needed to pause between chapters to digest the information. Similar to her first book, Eugenia uses practical examples and provides meditation exercises to integrate the concepts. I am especially grateful for the 'Enlightenment' and 'Personal Reality' chapters as I found them empowering. I recently began to read the book for a second time in less than a month - a sure sign of a good book!" 
- Kristy Garnet

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