Channeling and Your Personal Energy Broadcast

"Channeling to Increase Personal Vibration"
"Channeling is a way of aligning with the higher frequencies. All cultures trained and cherished individuals, who were able to communicate with the unseen, able to bring vision and purpose to their people. There are many names for these people – prophets, seers, shamans, oracles, mediums, psychics, channels…
So much confusion exists today about the term “channeling. ” There are three types of channels:  Trance channel, download channel, conscious channel…"

To read the rest of my article "Channeling to Increase Personal Vibration" click on this link, where Dyan Garris shares information about "Awakening the Harmony Within" on her Voice-of-the-Angels blog.

"We are resonators. We broadcast our unique energy frequency, and it attracts to us whatever matches it. If we are abundant and joyous, we will attract more abundance and joy into our lives, and also the people who bring us abundance and joy. If we carry a lot of fear, we will attract something that will activate that fear in order for us to have an opportunity to clear it inside of ourselves. A person with a lot of fear will attract to themselves people who are the activators of that fear (they trigger a fear response in us through their actions), and also people who are similarly afraid (they amplify our fear, making it very obvious)..."

You can read the rest of the article "Understanding of your personal energy “broadcast” and how to remain in control of it" by clicking here, where Phil Harris shares information about "Awakening the Harmony Within" on his blog.

With Love in Light and Dark, - Eugenia

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