How our Attitudes affect our lives

Disappointment or Gratitude? 
All events in life are originally emotionally neutral – it is we who attach emotional reactions to them. Anything that we experience can be polarized into either gratitude or disappointment. It is our ATTITUDE that does the polarization. Attitude is an emotional reaction, and it is we who must be responsible for our emotional reaction to any event.

Read the rest of my article "Disappointment or Gratitude? on Nikki Leigh's "Love Pints" blog, where she shares more information about "Awakening the Harmony Within".

Transmuting Tribal Competition into Unity Consciousness
Humanity, in general, is moving from the negative Tribal Consciousness (“me vs. you”) to the balanced Unity Consciousness (“One Life”). This is a hard transition for many people because their identities are linked to the tribe that they feel they belong to, just as their pains are linked to the tribes that they felt they were abandoned by or pushed out of (circle of friends, family, country, religion/church, job, etc.). 

One of the ways to remember the codes we came to Earth with, the codes originating from the time when we were ethereal entities of pure Light, before humans existed in matter-form, is by resonating with Nature. This is the original Unity Consciousness (the “Vertical Belonging”), that we now are enhancing with individuality.

By the means of taking full responsibility for every experience we have, and understanding how our perceptions (beliefs, thoughts, emotions) create our reality, we generate the attitude of Self-empowerment, and through it really create our reality.

All events trigger an emotional response, either positive or negative, according to our perception of that event. The point of self-mastery lies in being able to notice the emotional reaction we are having, trace it back through the thoughts to the belief (concept) that created it, and change that belief.

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