How to Cure the Victim Virus?

A “Victim mode” of perception is wholly a human invention. Inside the animal kingdom in the wild there are no victims. A rabbit is not a victim of the fox that hunted it, and the young lion who lost a contest for domination to an older lion is also not a victim. Their self-preservation instinct is simply the matter-form programming to preserve the body, or its’ young, when possible. When not possible, the animal Soul “leaves the game”, and the body dies. By the programming of instinct animals know with absolute certainty that “all is as it should be”. This same understanding is all-permeating once human beings arrive at a higher level of consciousness – we know that everything that occurs happens because it has attracted the participants together for the learning, and eventually there is no cruelty and other separation-type learning. But the intermediate phase between the animal consciousness and a more enlightened human consciousness is a very chaotic step, filled with misconceptions about personal value and power, and their opposites, victimhood and powerlessness.
As a transitional step, experiencing the victim state is a way of recognizing that one is out of alignment with one’s Soul-Self. But once one becomes addicted to the absence of responsibility that is inside of that victim perception, the victimhood perception of life becomes a habitual pattern. Worst of all, this pattern tends to be self-replicating, like a virus it spreads through one’s system if left unchecked.

Victimhood is a denial of one’s power.

The experience of projecting responsibility onto something external “feels good”, because it is easier than being responsible and dealing with one’s broadcast. This victim infection limits one’s ability to connect with the Higher Self/Soul, which keeps one stuck in that victim mode. This no-power-state impacts the energy field, which further limits one’s ability to process incoming data, which makes one believe the experience of the victim mode due to the perceptual limitation. What happens is we believe we are victims: we start to act out this powerless state, perpetuating blame, bitterness, fear and shame. Other people, who are in a similar state of pain, vibrate with us, and before long this “victim virus” replicates further and further in human consciousness.
Every human being on the planet has victim patterns to heal – some from the current lifetime, others from the karmic overlays of other lives. Here are a few very obvious ways to recognize when one is in victim mode:
  • irritability, which is dissatisfaction with reality – victim of circumstances;
  • doubt, which is about not being sure of one’s power – victim of fear;
  • confusion, which is simply a refusal to deal, to face life – victim of overwhelm;
  • hatred, which is a desire to erase something from existence – victim of competition;
  • rage, which is desire to harm – victim of entrapment;
  • worthlessness, which is a self-denial and collapse – victim of pain.
We must stop the victim virus from replicating if we want to awaken to Spirit! How do we do this? We must take responsibility for our own creations (everything exists in our lives because we attracted it to us as a lesson) and we must acknowledge that our personal reality might be different from others’ (because it is based on perception, not some external moral “right and wrong”).

This article "Curing the Victim Virus" was also posted on Nikki Leigh blog, where she shared more information about "Awakening the Harmony Within".

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