My Interview with astrologer Jim Buss

Today I answer questions in an interview about Awakening the Harmony Within with Jim Buss, an astrologer/astro-analyst.

Questions about living vs. surviving, choosing our responsibilities, manifestation of undesired stuff, and over-feeling and over-thinking, will be answered :)
Jim Buss has an academic background and has been studying and practicing Spiritual Astrology and Jungian psychology for over 40 years. He says that the difference between "ordinary" astrology and Spiritual Astrology is that the ordinary astrology speaks to your Earthbound Self, while Spiritual Astrology speaks to your Soul-Self:  where ordinary astrology would describe your limitations, Spiritual Astrology will describe your Opportunities.

Jim shares the entire interview on his AstroBuss blog.


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Jim's AstroBuss Blog will give you many answers to astrological dilemmas, if you are willing to do the work on comprehending the situation :) Isn't it interesting how the personal effort is always a requirement in spiritual development?! :)
Love in Light and Dark,


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