Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions + 2nd interview with astrologer Jim Buss

You might have noticed how difficult the last few days were - that is because the subconscious resistance to self-responsibility was coming out (which is often unfortunately translated into blame), further activated on Thursday the 19th. And we just had a Full Moon yesterday, which further activated the momentum of personal transformation.

As Jim Buss, an astrologer/astro-analyst, says:
"…The Full Moon was particularly momentous because it activated Pluto (Universal Unconscious), Neptune (Cultural Unconscious) and Uranus (Personal Unconscious) all together = big Mixmaster Moment where folks can be open to Change…"

And "being open" to what our subconscious brings is exactly what we need to be!

As you know, the Comet ISON is already in the Solar System. That is the long awaited "Blue Star" of the ancient people (I will write a separate blog about the comet). All native world cultures talk about the end of the Great Cycle occurring by the end of 2015. What great cycle? the 25,625 year precessional cycle of the "five world ages" is coming to an end, after the "blue star" arrives.

December 2012 was the entry of Pi into our lovely earth's body;

March 2013 was the White Light Day when Gaia moved out of the planetary matrix;

April - August was the time of the "deep dark water" - we all felt the extreme pressure of the planetary updates coming from Pi onto us every second - as if we were deep on the ocean floor with an extreme water pressure on top of us all the time! That was hard…but necessary! The reason that it was so hard is because Pi is teaching us to "grow up" into spiritual adults, and that means we have to become self-responsible (for our actions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs - everything!)

August 10th marked the beginning of Comet ISON influence (that will come to a conclusion on December 26th this year - with a lot more smaller changes in between!) - the "blue star" of the end of the great cycle - i.e. from the "deep dark water" we had initiated a "tsunami" moment for transformation.

Jim Buss and I are doing our second interview today about Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions. We will be talking about Gaia and Pi, about changes in perception of Time, and about Spiritual Adulthood.

If you would like to ask me something, feel free to post a comment on mine or Jim's blog (not on Facebook) and we will try to insert it into one of the future interviews!
Thank you!

Love - Eugenia

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