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"Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit" by Eugenia Oganova
My book "Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spiritis a comprehensive and practical explanation about how to take charge of your Personal Reality and create with Spirit. At some point in time, every person arrives at an understanding that material life is not all that there is. Questions like “what is my purpose, why am I here?” begin to surface. If you are one of these people, then this book is for you. It offers multitude of metaphysical spirituality teachings, and applicable #SoulWorkTools for you to use in the daily transformation.

Here are some reviews:

Understanding the Power of Creation is Within You
"Energy. This innocent-looking word may bring to mind visions of light bulbs, motors or young kids playing. What it is unlikely to bring to mind is that dining room table sitting in the same spot for years, your cat sleeping twenty hours a day or the hands you use to hold this book. In Awakening the Harmony Within by Eugenia Oganova, you will discover that energy is this and a lot more. In fact, energy is what creates all that is within the Universe - that which is physical, but also thoughts, feelings, words and everything else.
In this book, the author explains how bringing your personal physical energy into vibrational alignment with the Universal energy, will allow you to feel peace within. Ms. Oganova explains in clear language how disharmony between these energies creates pain, discontentment and the inability to accept that we are all part of the same energy pool. While she explains that everything is One, she also covers the subject of individuality and how we create our own reality. The author helps readers discover what is causing an energy blockage within their bodies and then continues on to explain what steps are necessary for clearing these blockages and taking your rightful place within the Universal One.
While many of the concepts in this book were not new to me, Eugenia Oganova did not simply recycle what as already been written. She added to the information, broke the concepts down into easily digestible, and easily understandable bites. Some of the more scientific explanations may have the reader needing to go back and rereading that section, but I only found two such sections that required me to do so. Normally, my brain shuts down when anything scientific is presented, but I was able to grasp what the author was saying, which says volumes about how well the author is able to make sense of the complicated.
The only problem I had with this book was that it mention concepts I felt were necessary but rather than review these concepts to answer the questions brought up, the author refers you to other resources where more in-depth explanations can be found. I felt there should have been a note at the beginning suggesting the reader may want to read Mission Alpha by the same author. I believe if I had already read that one, the knowledge I gained from Awakening the Harmony Within would have been deeper and created fewer questions. I would suggest anyone reading this book also read Mission Alpha in order to fully grasp the entire concept. This book can stand on its own, but you will find yourself wanting to explore deeper before you finish.

If you have ever felt there is something missing from your life, this book is a must-read. As you go through it, the words will gently infuse themselves into each cell of your body, creating a sense of personal power you may never have felt before. You will find yourself experiencing a greater sense of yourself and your place in this Universe. Your biggest problem will likely be whether you want to keep your copy of the book to read again, or to pass it on to share with others the incredible knowledge it contains. This books rates a five on the Rainbow Scale…" 
- Joyce A. Anthony, author of "Storm"

"…Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit by Eugenia Oganova delves much deeper and eliminates the fluff you find in so many books on these topics. For people who want to make a dramatic change in their lives and want the full details on how to make that happen - this is a must have book…" 
- Nikki Leigh, Promo 101

Deeply Profound and Spiritually Uplifting Book
"Living is a complex process, involving our material bodies, our energy fields, our consciousness and our link to Spirit", writes consciousness expansion practitioner and guide Eugenia Oganova in her deeply profound and spiritually uplifting book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit. The author describes how people spend their lives in survival mode that they fail to live in a deeper sense of the self; and shares the practical steps toward making the transformation from living as survival to really living as a spiritual person in harmony.
Eugenia Oganova identifies the principle that all human beings must have what she calls a Light Body and an energy field. For the author, the human journey in this world is impossible without them. The energy field is essential as it generates the human body. Eugenia Oganova offers the concept that the Light Body forms a basis for the Soul, an energy structure, crystalline and oval in shape, forming our physical existence from all of our multiple life experiences. This individuality is encoded in what the author calls a vibrating signature that we broadcast to the universe. The first step toward awakening is understanding when our energy signature is vibrating out of balance.
Eugenia Oganova recognizes that negative thoughts and actions create an out of balance vibrating frequency that denies the Spirit. This negativity must be overcome to achieve harmony. What is worse, is that the negativity builds up within us over time, causing long term damage through bad personal habits and behavior.
Since the author points out that we resonate those bad behaviors, we attract even more problems and obstacles into our out of balance lives. Eugenia Oganova offers an alternative way of thinking and behaving to restore that personal balance into our lives, as well as the resonance we send out to others.

Eugenia Oganova understands that when we give in to this negativity, we also relinquish our personal empowerment. In place of strength and harmony, we find ourselves as behaving as victims, and become stuck in that pit feeling unable to escape. Eugenia Oganova presents a path out of that weakness trap that is not only empowering but also honors our Light Body and Spirit. Eugenia Oganova makes clear that the universe brings forward our expectations, and if those beliefs are negative ones, then we will find only unhappiness. Instead, Eugenia Oganova shares the road to harmony and happiness within ourselves and from the universe as a whole.
For me, the power of the book is how Eugenia Oganova combines a powerful theoretical and spiritual concept of our life, our existence, and harmony, with the practical steps to achieve happiness and personal empowerment in our lives. The author demonstrates clearly that people who believe they lack control over their own lives and careers, will find that to indeed be the case. Always feeling trapped and pushed about by the will of others, is what Eugenia Oganova considers playing the victim on one level, as the manifestation of the denial of the Spirit on a deeper level.
Unlike most books about personal empowerment, escaping the trap of victimhood, and taking control over your own destiny, Eugenia Oganova travels much more deeply into the philosophical and spiritual aspects of our lives. The author delves into the spirituality aspect of humanity to move past the usual materialistic interpretation of human behavior. Eugenia Oganova presents a humanity is that is spiritual, exists as a multiple life force, and is a resonating part of the overall harmony of the universe. The author shows readers how to transform a disharmonious spirit into one that shares in the universal harmony and resonates positivity and inner strength.
I highly recommend the personally empowering and life transforming book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit by Eugenia Oganova, to anyone seeking a clear and concise guide to achieving a harmonious and happy life, free of the traps of victimhood and personal powerlessness. This book is a road map to the soul and its inner strength that connects you to others people, different lives, and to the entire universe…
- Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

Intense, Expansive and Enlightening
"Awakening the Harmony Within is a deep exploration and ignition of personal spiritual awareness to create the full embodiment of Self. Ms. Oganova explains and reconciles how the vibration of beliefs, thoughts and words manifest in the material world, then shares specific ways to shift them and co-create with Spirit to achieve your highest desires. Thought provoking and inspiring!
However, this one comes with a caution. This is a pretty intense book, so read a few pages to see if you're ready for it. I would not consider it a beginning book at all. So, if this is your first foray into this topic, prepare to take this book in very small bites. Take the time to contemplate and digest each concept, otherwise you'll miss some important information… Dive in, but go slow and absorb. The material can take you to some very deep levels and give you the guidance to expand your awareness of what it really means to connect with Spirit while living the human experience…" 
- Paula Renaye, CPC, QHHT, CEH, intuitive coach, healing facilitator; award-winning author of "Living the Life You Love: The No-Nonsense Guide to Total Transformation"

 "Awakening the Harmony Within: 
How to Create with Spirit
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