Plasmic Band of Light: Entering the Golden Age

Plasmic Band of Light: Entering the Golden Age
In our Milky Way Galaxy there is active ionized plasma energy (Galactic Wind) that spirals out of the Galactic Core. It spirtals out in "bands" of different type of energy. We are currently entering a highly-charged Plasmic Band where the purest Light from the galactic center flows outwards (which increases the pressure on the Solar system). As stars rotate inside the galaxy, they all at some point pass through that area of Light, which the Solar Council calls the Plasmic Band of Light (what was metaphorically labeled “the photon belt”). This Plasmic Band is a material phenomenon as well as non-material.

In our Solar System, in the middle is the Sun, and in its gravity are the planets, around it all is the Oort Cloud (like a blanket of icy particles). The Galactic Cosmic Rays (high-energy ions, accelerated by the supernovae explosions) push on the outside of the Oort Cloud, while the Solar Wind (streaming of ionized plasma from the Sun out) pushes back from the inside our Solar System. The boundary of where they meet on the edge of the Solar System defines the parameters of our "simulation" (the energy-environment, inside which our Souls are learning and becoming conscious).

Galactic wind and solar wind
ImageCredit: NASA/Goddard Space
Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab
The Galactic Wind (Galactic Cosmic Rays, electro-magnetic energy flow) is met by the Solar Wind (the Sun's expression/delivery method for its wisdom) at the edge of our Solar System. The pressure on the Solar territory used to be a lot less than it is now, (it was measured by the Russian scientists in the 1960 as 4, now it is 40!) This is because we are right on the edge of this Plasmic Band! The plasmic energy is so strong, that is seeps through the Solar boundary at the Oort Cloud into the Solar system, affecting our Sun, and us here on Earth.

The Sun goes through many magnetic cycles, the smallest one being 11 years (sun spots), with 22 years double-cycle (solar flares and magnetic shifts), and many more larger cycles. Solar activity has increased in the last 20 years drastically. It is expected that 2014-2015 is the period where it will culminate and re-set into a different mode of broadcast. It takes the Solar System 250 million years to orbit around the Galaxy, and this is the largest Solar cycle, in which the Sun's magnetic polarity changes. It is activated by the Sun's entry into this major Plasmic Band.

This Plasmic Band contains a qualitatively different type of photon, and there are massive amounts of them. Metaphysically speaking, the difference between a "regular" photon and this new photon, is that the new one we are encountering is the "ascended version" of the regular one - it vibrates in more dimensions of existence at once. It is a messenger of pure Light/Word/Code of the Source. It can hold more of its' truest nature within the photon's form, similar to us being able to hold our Light Bodies in the deepest relationship (interweaving /interpenetrating) to our physical bodies.

And so our Solar System is entering that area of the Galaxy where the Light is extremely saturated, vibrant and alive. It will take our Solar System about 2,000 years to move through that Plasmic Band and this is what usually called the Golden Age - it is because this is the time of opportunity for the developing consciousness. This is so on all the dimensions in our Solar System - the beings who are lower or higher than us, who are on Earth or other planets in our Solar System - all are experiencing this Light.

One might think that experience of Light would feel great, right? So why are we not all spontaneously awakening, becoming enlightened, glowing and levitating? Because when the Light enters our body, it first hits all the blocks - fears, pains, issues - and we have to deal with the aftermath… And if on top of that we are in resistance to facing our fears, pains and issues, we attempt to avoid dealing with what Light activates - that only creates more fears, pain and issues!

This new photonic form will help us in remembering who we really are. But our bodies need to acclimate to this photonic light. Without it we tend to ache and feel exhausted even if we are not resisting anything! The stretching of muscle fibers is one simple way to help your physical body accept these large quantities of Light (with only more and more coming!) When muscles contract and expand, they send out a signal that tells the mitochondria to multiply. Mitochondria are the energy generators present in our cells and the more of them that we have, the faster we are able to transmute electrons into cellular energy, (for increased consciousness and health.) Mitochondria are the "zero point" portals that allow translation of energy into flesh, and vice versa. They link our physical bodies to our Ka bodies (the Soul-Self).

Think of being in the Plasmic Band of Light as a place where the veils are thinner and all the dimensions of existence are more accessible! 

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