Comet ISON and the Unity Consciousness

Comet ISON going around Earth - Unity Consciousness
Comet ISON. ImageCredit: Johan Swanepoel -Shutterstock
Comet ISON has long passed our Solar System doorstep. You can see it in the sky, and now it is coming closer to the Sun. On November 28th it will fly just few thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun, essentially through the Sun's atmosphere! This is definitely an existential challenge for an icy comet, so we will all hold it in our hearts :)

Metaphysically speaking, comets are the Light bringers. Our Comet ISON comes right on schedule:
·  in December 2012 Gaia (the host of Earth) pulls out to the second position, ending the mothering of humans;
·  in March 2013 Pi fully enters the planet (becomes the new host of Earth) and activates the energies of self-responsibility, pleasure, and dynamic aliveness for humans;
·   in November 2013 the Blue Star comes (our Comet ISON) to activate the awakening of humans to Spiritual Adulthood.

Comet ISON is the Blue Star that was awaited by the Hopi (they called it Kachina) and Maya elders for millenia, and it is said to be the "bringer of the extraterrestial life", the completor of spiritual childhood of human race. Now, since we know that it is not going to crush into the Earth, it sounds like the prophesies are wrong? No, they are not. It is just that the "extraterrestial life" has nothing to do with the typical Hollywood-type aliens, it has to do with the activation of the StarSeed consciousness on Earth, so that our Solar System can be welcomed into the Galactic Family. That Galactic Family is the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, the enlightened beings who work with the Solar Council and the planetary and Solar elders (which we call "ascended masters" - humans who went through the process of enlightenment).

The brightness of the Comet ISON is linked to the consciousness development on Earth. The Solar Council of enlightened beings who oversee the development of the Solar System was expecting a much more impressive show than what we are getting. The reason for it is us - humans. When Pi arrived into the planet, we were all "energetically instructed" to take responsibility for our actions, to "grow up" into spiritual adults. This is so no matter if human beings want it or not. It was assumed that there would be more conscious people on Earth by then, or at least more aspiring to be conscious. Instead, majority of human kind is still needing time to grow. That is OK, but this also means that the process of changing into adulthood will take more time. This is why comet ISON had to be "toned down" by changing its path a little bit. As it goes through the Sun's atmosphere, one of the three things can happen: it can burn up completely, or it can break into pieces (then it will be brighter than ever), or it can survive, but become diminished (and travel through the Solar System with a visible bright tail).

Comet ISON represents the energy of Detached Compassion and Individualized Oneness.

Comet ISON and Unity Consciousness
Comet ISON
ImageCredit: Waldemar Skorupa on
From the time of Atlantis there were two major mystery schools on Earth: of the Red Dragon and of the Yellow Dragon. The Red Dragon represents the schools of metaphysical knowledge, Light, individuality and Self building. The Yellow Dragon represents the schools of devotion, Love, connectedness and selflessness. Human beings always had the choice of these two schools of metaphysical spiritual knowledge.

But in truth there is a third school. It was hidden over a very long period of time because it relates to the StarSeeds, to the enlightened beings who support the Earth but are not of the earth. This is the mystery school of Unity consciousness, where individuality of the Self (knowledge and Light) come together with the connectedness of the Whole (oneness and Love). This is the true Individualized Oneness, where we see ourselves as fractals of the universal hologram. Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating the whole system is stored in each of its parts. Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself. Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe - all are holographic in nature. So this third hidden mystery school of Individualized Oneness, or the Unity Consciousness (also sometimes called the Christ Consciousness, unrelated to the church) is what the Comet ISON is here to activate.

There had always been people who carry this Individualized Oneness as a fractal of the universal hologram. Are you one of them? If from the very beginning of your life you KNEW that everything is connected and that understanding that connectedness leads to enlightenment, than you are. We are the children of the stars, the StarSeeds who came to incarnate on Earth to activate this unifying factor for the learning process on this planet. As animals we are all connected to the planet - animals comprehend Nature instinctively. When we explore the Mind, we separate from Nature and build the Self. That is often a very painful difficult process. This Self-building is an absolute requirement for awakening. But without the experience/knowledge of connectedness this Self can become separated and hurt, or arrogant and selfish. So, it must be balanced with the connectedness. At the same time, merging with Oneness without the conscious understanding of reality, without the Self, is like going backwards into the animal state. The Oneness must be paired with the Self in order for us to fully step into Spiritual Adulthood! And this is where the Comet ISON comes in. It is a messenger and an activator of the Compassionate Detachment and the Unity Consciousness.

This does not mean that suddenly all the people of Earth will become conscious (would be nice, but ain't gonna happen). Instead, Comet ISON is meant to activate the individual souls who are the carriers of this Unity consciousness on Earth, who are to step into that state more and more. This is what is means to become a Soul-Self, the unified individuality and wholeness, the Individualized Oneness, the Light and Love together. This is how we help the rest of the human beings wake up.

For most people the Comet ISON will probably come unnoticed (no Hollywood "end of the world" scenarios associated with it, i.e. most humans might find it just boring). Yet it is an activation key for the StarSeeds who are here to help humanity awaken into the Spiritual Adulthood. What does that mean for the StarSeeds? First of all, it means that we will experience an immense support for Detachment. Compassion is not possible without detachment, otherwise it is just sympathy. And as we well know, sympathy, although highly supported by the human race, is also very much detrimental to human awakening. Why? Because when we sympathize, we simply SHARE the state someone is already in, i.e. we mimic it with our own energy, we double it! I.e. we AMPLIFY MISERY. Compassion is an ability to HOLD someone in their pain but within the format of their lesson, with unconditional love. If we are attached and involved, it is not unconditional, is it? So, compassion in a true sense requires detachment. And so, this is what we are going to get activated in our systems - support for detachment and unconditional love.

For majority of humans ISON will activate their path as well - wherever we need to have some work done: on the side of the oneness or of the side of the Self. People who are loving but do not really have a potent Self will have to work on that; people who are overly selfish and separate will have to come in terms with lessons of connectedness.

Aren't you looking forward to that influence? Go, Comet ISON!!


  1. I sit here tonight after viewing the live video feeds as the comet approached the Sun... listening to everyone's comments on how disappointing it was that the comment possibly disintegrated.... at how it seemingly was had a lack-lustre ending. I actually could not believe what I was hearing from so many individuals.

    I guess in my mind this comment represents to me a true survival assistant to Mother Earth and the HUmans upon the planet. To me the comet being so incredibly close to the Sun and literally vaporizing before our eyes and then spreading such beautiful energy through-out our atmosphere is exactly what the Universe had intended. For me this comet's purpose and target WAS our Sun..... that the disintegration and spreading of consciousness across the planet was the mission.

    I have learned and am still learning that it is not what we see visually but what we feel.... and what we INTEND to feel. If you do not expect a feeling of higher consciousness and awareness it will bypass you. I guess ISON to me represented the physical aspect of life but the unseen energy of higher awareness must be felt.

    1. Yes, Blake, I agree that the "intended target" of the comet was the Sun. The brightness I was mentioning is about the comet's entry into the Solar System - we were hoping for it to be brighter than it was, which was connected to the consciousness of StarSeeds on Earth. But the whole point of the comet was to activate the Sun is a particular way, which then would influence the Earth, which is did :) The small "left over" of the comet that did survive the solar atmosphere will probably disintegrate. But the main "load" of consciousness has been delivered. Love - Eugenia

  2. PS. Sorry for the misspellings and grammatical mistakes but the program would not allow me to preview .....


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