2014 - the Year of the Horse

2014 - Year of the Horse - black horse running
It is important to set our intentions for the New Year - you can choose the calendar date, the energy date, or both.
The calendar new year is January 1st, 2014, the energy of Year of the Horse will begin to flow on the January 31st, 2014 (shortly after the new Moon), and the energy will get fully activated by the February 4th, 2014. 

This is the year of super-fast speed, free-spirit adventure, unexpected discoveries, social friendliness, lots of human contact, decisive actions, independence, outer and inner travels/explorations, and energetic, intelligent activities. It will be all about great communication with people, your energy guides, the planet, and the Universe.

Every year has an energy type (animal) and an energy element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Wood, or Metal) attached to it. The different elemental qualities modify the animal qualities somewhat (for example, 2013 was the year of the Water Snake). 2014 is a Wood Horse, which gives it even more happiness and good fortune! Year's main color is green, and the minor color is blue. You can choose to focus on these colors throughout the year, and add some wood things to your outfits, household, and the car - to anchor yourself in the year of the Wood Horse. The stones which are great for the Year of the Wood Horse are: jade, malachite, green and blue agate, turquoise (for freedom energy), lapis, obsidian and onyx (black Water element supports Wood element in Chinese Feng Shui).
2014 - Year of the Horse - carved jade horse, China
Jade carved Horse - China
Due to the very fast speed, you want to be sure internally before making a decision, otherwise you will be galloping at a neck-breaking speed in a wrong direction! And this means that correcting problems is much harder in 2014, because the energy of that year takes you far into the problem areas before you even realize it, if you are not paying attention! Horse is not diplomatic, it is decision-oriented. So, there is no room for the "I'll wait and see" in 2014. Being impulsive is not a good strategy either, it might leave you lost and broke by the end of 2014 - so make sure you tune into your Higher Self before taking action - just act fast!

It is the year of financial successes, explorations of new opportunities, fast and brave decisions, and overall abundance, but can become unstable if the foundations are shaky. In order to benefit in finances and career, you must manage the details well in 2014, so that nothing can sabotage your quick decision to act. It is a great year for a career change, job change, and asking for promotions - all you got to do is stand tall and know that you are worthy. Tuning into your Higher Self is the only way to know what action is right for you!
There will also be a great temptation to spend your money, so be careful about how much you choose to spend and on what in 2014. The typical overspending areas in the Year of the Horse are entertainment, impatience, and over-helping others. Procrastination is a killer of abundance in a Year of the Horse.
But "financial success" does not mean "peace and profit for everyone". Some world economies will become stronger, while others might collapse in 2014, unable to match the speed of the global market change. Strong black-and-white tendencies will probably generate price fluctuations, wars, stock market ups and downs, and many extremes. Places like Egypt, India, Middle-Eastern countries, will experience a lot of turmoil and change (peace will be restored in 2015 Year of the Sheep, but things will have to get shaken up in the Year of the Horse).

2014 Year of the Horse - black horse standing on hind legs
It is also a great year for starting a new abundance plan - launching a new business, purchasing something profitable, opening a retirement account (even if you do not have much to put into it now, starting it in the year of the Wood Horse is going to set up a great abundance foundation for the future years).

Each year has the "energy code" related to it. For 2014 that code is 732. You can choose to apply these numbers in any combination to your life and ride the Horse well :)

Because the Year of the Horse is very fast flowing, there might be accidents if we do not pay attention to details. So, invest, pay and drive with caution, because the speed of the year will want to push you past your limits, and it is up to you to know your own speed!

Health-wise, the Year of the Horse affects mostly the lungs. As you know, the energy that runs through the lungs is either grief or freedom. Some sadness and depressive energies can also get stuck there, and any time we feel trapped, it is the lungs that become affected. So, process your emotions well, and fast in 2014 - be brave and face them immediately without procrastination - so that they do not negatively affect your lungs. Because the lungs are the "weak link" in 2014, it can result in some viral epidemics. Stay out of the victim mode - it is the victim mentality that allows our immune systems to invite the colds and flu viruses. If you stay in the creator energies, knowing that you are the one who attracts or repels events and conditions of your life, you will be able to ride the Horse without the issues.

Challenges of 2014 are: addiction to fast energy speed (over-electric), having to make decisions fast, money management, tendency to be stubborn, and lung issues.

Gifts of 2014 are: the exhilaration of a fast energy movement, social happiness, good financial fortune, and freedom.

I wish you the best ride on the back of this beautiful 2014 Horse!

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