Comet ISON and Lessons of Detachment

Metaphysically speaking, Comet ISON (the "blue star Kachina") had activated the expanded range of consciousness on Earth, when it passed less than a million miles from the Sun. Melting itself by the solar heat, it delivered the message of Unity Consciousness, Compassion and Detachment. From that point on, the Sun began to broadcast the energy of the Unity Consciousness into the entire Solar System, affecting all the planets, including Earth. The StarSeeds, and anyone with an already spiritual view on existence here on Earth, were the most likely recipients of this message. Think of it this way: the "room" for consciousness on Earth just became bigger! Most people's consciousness range is still narrow and materialistic and/or tribal, which is ok, it is the place for learning after all! But the ones of us who worked on developing our consciousness range, on awakening the Soul within, on becoming the Soul-Self: we are the "expanders" of that range.

How do we do it? How do we help human kind awaken? By using our #SoulWorkTools and choosing to stay in the higher vibration, in the harmonious energies, instead of allowing ourselves to be swallowed by the current human messes - fears of social, financial and political nature, consumerism, family and other tribal feuds, powerless-ness and meaningless-ness. We must remain in the expanded spiritual perception of the events, even the most difficult and painful ones, in order to contribute to the spiritual awakening on Earth. We must look for meaning in every situation, for conceptual cause of every emotional reaction.

Knowing that within this planetary simulation everything one encounters is a lesson allows one to remain detached from the illusion of the story.

There was some worry about the Comet ISON - from it "hitting the planet", to it "dying" in the Sun. In reality Comet's job was to be the activator of consciousness range expansion, which meant it had to bring itself to the Sun. Destruction of Earth or returning back into space after visiting the Sun were never parts of its mission. Upon entering the Solar atmosphere most of the Comet melted, releasing its codes of the Cosmic Light into the Sun. A small amount of debris (without the core) survived the passage and continued past the Sun. Then the material component had also deteriorated, but the energy of the Comet will keep going, passing the Earth, and will eventually rest in the Oort Cloud (an asteroid-rich energy-charged outer "envelope" of our Solar System).

Solar System inside a large orb of the Oort Cloud
The lessons of Detachment are, and going to be, showing up in everything - watch for them. That is because in order to arrive at the expanded range of awareness (conscious dreaming, deep spiritual experiences, psychic abilities, inner knowing and intuition etc.) we require detachment from the lower confused energies. Human beings go through the confusion, powerlessness and sometimes suffering, in order to grow out of it. It is a path of initiation. In order for us to create the life we want, to use our intentions consciously, to wield the power of Spirit, we must be in Detachment.

While in Detachment, we do not demand life to conform to our will, we receive life. But it is not a blind submission to it either - personal preference is required in order to navigate and relate with Spirit. Detachment does not mean an absence of desire. It is just that the desire in this case is from the Soul, not from the Ego.

Preference is an exercise of unique identity without a demand.
Demand is an intense desire to control life, based on the will of the Ego, not the Soul.
Detachment is a state of being for a harmonious Soul-Self, where one is free of the lower desires of the Ego (demands) while exercising curiosity of the Higher Self identity (preference).

I am making a special Night Quad for the Comet ISON energy imprint of Detachment on the night of December 25th - the night after Christmas, from the 25th to the 26th. 
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You can read more about creating your life while applying Detachment in my book Awakening the Harmony Within. Here is an excerpt from Intentions and Manifestations chapter: 

"…Detachment is necessary for awakening. It allows us to release unconscious intense emotions, so we stop bringing these unwanted experiences into our lives. When detachment is mastered, intent is under our conscious command, and so is the application of intense desire upon request of our Higher Selves.
Detachment does not mean "no desires," instead it implies the knowing that any desire that is in alignment with the Universe is already fulfilled…"

 "Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit", 
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