Metaphysical Questions in a Radio Interview - LISTEN NOW

On the CoachCafeRadio show, with hosts Kathleen and Estra, I provide many #SoulWorkTools and answer variety of metaphysical spiritual questions,  including these:

·         - why don't we remember our past lives?
·         - why do we incarnate?
·         - what is karma and how self-punishment got connected to it?
·         - what is the Soul-Self and what are the mechanics of Creation?
·         - why is it "never too late" to start your spiritual journey?
·         - what is the "theme of a lifetime" and how to deal with repetitive issues?
·         - how to differentiate between reactions to life vs. true messages of the Spirit?
·         - how to properly deal with fear?
·         - how feelings are different from emotions?
·         - what is a good way of dealing with anger?
·         - can we change negative habits?
·         - human energy field anatomy 101 :)
·         - what happens with the energy bodies when we die?
·         - why some people are ready for conscious awakening and some are not?
·         - how do you know who is ready for awakening and who is not?
·         - how to recognize that you are in judgment?
·         - what is the Solar Council and what it does for the planet Earth and the human beings?
·         - why do we need to know about our energy field or how to change negative habits into positive ones?

(1 hour long, but you can pause anytime :)

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