Why Sacredness is a Requirement for the Unity Consciousness

Metaphysical - Sacredness is a Requirement for the Unity Consciousness
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The Unity Consciousness requires the perception of Sacredness. Everything can be sacred if we have the proper spiritual metaphysical view on life.

Our Sun is broadcasting the energy of sacredness of all life - to us and the entire Solar System - since the Comet ISON delivered its message on 11/28/13. The Comet's mission was to activate the StarSeeds on Earth which will amplify the overall energy range on the planet - allowing human beings to expand their consciousness. The necessary components for that Unity Consciousness are Compassion and Detachment (you can read more details about this in my other blog here: http://eugeniaoganova.blogspot.com/2013/11/comet-ison-and-unity-consciousness.html )

The imprint currently needed the most on our planet is sacredness. Why? Because without Sacredness there is no Honor, and without Honor there is no Self-Discipline and Self-Mastery, and without these there cannot be Self-Responsibility; without Self-Responsibility there cannot be Self-Respect, and without that - how can we Respect Life? Unity Conscious is based on the Respect for all Life - biological and chemical, material and non-material, visible and invisible, external and internal.

Sacredness is usually defined as "connected with God, deserving veneration", but unfortunately in this definition "god" = religious emblem, and "veneration" = worship. That is because the concept of sacredness became lost as the human kind went through the Dark Ages of unconsciousness, remaining only as a dim echo of its true meaning…

So what is the True Sacredness?

It can be explained as "connected with God, deserving veneration", but in this sentence the concept of "god" is an expanded one (as in "Spirit of all life"), and the "veneration" is not seen as worshiping, but as reverence and respect.

Glass Sculpture by Dale Chihuly
Metaphysically speaking, Sacredness is a perception of anything through the eyes of the Soul. It is not the object that becomes sacred, but the personal perceptional experience of that object. In other words, meditation each day can be sacred because it resonates you with the Great Silence; but also a stressful situation at work can be sacred if it is seen as a transformative personal experience in being able to remain calm; stone or an object brought home from an amazing journey can be sacred because of the connection with Spirit that it reminds you of; but scrubbing the mildew in the shower or throwing out garbage also can become sacred events if they are seen as a means to cleanse your life, to let go of the extra weight and attachments.

As we progress on the path of awakening into the Unity Consciousness, we must find within us that place of True Sacredness and choose to use our #SoulWorkTools to perceive Life through the lens of Sacredness. Not only the things/events that we like, or that we label "spiritual", but all of life's experiences. That way bit by bit you transform yourself from the ego-centered into the Soul-Self: the Higher Self centered identity, living in the Unity Consciousness.

There is also an interesting FranHeal blog about the Comet and the Unity Consciousness by Fran Zepera here:

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