Super Interesting Q and A in a Radio Interview - LISTEN NOW

On the BiteRadioMe show with wonderful host Robert Sharpe, I provide many #SoulWorkTools and answer variety of metaphysical spiritual questions,  including these:
  • what is the main mission for every Soul on Earth?
  • what are the Spirals of Consciousness and why do we fall asleep and wake up?
  • what is the significance of "building the Self"?
  • where does dis-ease originate and how to "cure" it by resolving its true cause?
  • does "genetic predisposition" for a particular dis-ease relate to karmic lessons as well?
  • how all our experiences are triggers for awakening of consciousness within us;
  • what is the difference between a healthy boundary and a defense/protection?
  • what is the energy pattern of "worry" and how to clear it?
  • why is personal effort a requirement for conscious awakening?
  • what is the difference between positive control with life vs. negative control over life?
  • and much more! 
(1 hour long, but you can pause it any time :)

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