2015 - The Year of The Sheep/Ram/Goat - part II (planetary)

2015 is a year of Peace, Art, Tranquility and Harmonious Co-existence. It is such a nice year – much calmer than the Horse, it moves smoothly and with a lot of comfort (we all want that, right?) It is a kind year, with fleeting interests (easy to get excited over something, but also easy to lose interest), and acceptance of what is. If one remains within Internal Peace, and Calm, there will not be huge emotional issues, stresses, obsessions or mental turmoils in the Year of the Sheep. Instead, the Sheep/Ram/Goat is calm, and takes life as life is.

2015 holds an option for the end of wars, for peaceful solutions, for finding ways to live in harmony with one another. This artistic creative expression has a chance to mend the wrongs, perpetrated by the individuals who do not respect the planet, and life itself. In 2015, the faith that Harmony will prevail over turmoils of lower nature will fuel the healing of emotional wounds in personal lives, and within the country and planetary scales as well.

The emphasis of 2015 is to join forces, to stand firm in the positive, and to resist the destruction and fear which had been so active on the planet in the last year. There will be, in 2015, a greater concern with the problems of social, economic, and political areas. There will be the desire to go back to basics, to redirect the attention into smaller creative communal outlets vs. a separatistic desire to rule (which was so prevalent in the 2014 Year of the Horse).

The Sheep/Ram/Goat brings a calming influence to all warring Nations, and even though it takes more than that to pacify a war-hungry individual, the Sheep does have a very strong communal effect. Without a community, even the most powerful war leader has no army! And an “uninspired army” means “the end of war”… The Sheep/Ram/Goat cannot destroy the desire for violence, the fears, anger and doubts, but it will dampen them, smoothing the rough edges and helping people refocus on the community’s welfare instead of “winning”. Babies born in 2015 will have more internal capacity for peace, and many spiritual emissaries, who are meant (when they grow up) to facilitate Peace on Earth, are waiting to be born in 2015.

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