2015 - The Year of The Sheep/Ram/Goat - part I (personal)


2015 New Year is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep/Ram/Goat. 

Even though the calendar New Year begins on January 1st, the energy change from the Horse to the Sheep will occur between February 4th and February 19th (apparently it takes a while to slow down a racing Horse into a slow trot of a Sheep!)

In 2015, for those who trust in goodness, in Harmony and Peace – happiness will flow, success will come, and emotional stability will be established and maintained. It is important not to become engrossed in the emotional and mental situations, but have a perspective and choose to have a positive point of view on everything. The Sheep/Ram/Goat prefers positive happy people, supporting that attitude. The Sheep/Ram/Goat will eat a “good flower” with pleasure, and will eat a “thorny flower” with caution – but it will still eat (no avoidance!) This is the year when one is tempted to avoid looking at reality, preferring the rosy glasses instead. Many relationships might break up, jobs might be left, careers and majors in college changed because of this… The Sheep/Ram/Goat sees what is, no matter how much it wants to see everything in a perfect way. This truth of perception must be honored, and trusted – in 2015 you might notice in your relationships, careers, and friendships what you didn’t want to see before.

2015 is the year of feelings – lots of them – and it is up to you to have the right attitude about them. There will be passion, excitement and creativity, loving relationships and happy gatherings with people. But one might be tempted to ask for love, to fall into the victim mode and demand love – getting pity instead. So watch out for the desire to tell the whole world about how you had been wronged, hurt, how misfortune befell you, etc. – it will only bring “fake love” – pity. There will be a lot of people looking for a shoulder to cry on, so beware of them as well – be kind and openhearted (instead of giving them pity), but self-responsible and do not rescue them, take what you hear with a grain of salt.

The Green Wood Sheep/Ram/Goat rarely wants to think of small minute details of life – preferring to dream big dreams. This means that any big dreams can be realized this year, especially the dreams dreamt by more than one person (by a couple, or by a community). But be careful about self-responsibility – in 2015 you will be tempted to give away your responsibilities to others, and they to you. If you are choosing to do your part, you might have a lot of people running to you with a sad story, telling you why they cannot do something, asking you to do it for them instead. Notice that and, with an open heart, choose NOT to rescue them.

The Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat is a creative year – thus any professions which are naturally creative will be favored, any job that has creativity component in it will flourish. On the other hand, if your job lacks a creative spark, you will definitely become very much aware of that fact in 2015 – and might want to move onto something better suited to your nature. It is essential to do something inspirational and exciting for yourself (if your job is boring, find a creative hobby!) Pushing ahead in a project using one’s will alone won’t work in the Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat. 

2015 is about doing what you like and enjoying what you do!

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