Feeling Alive or Dead? Or perhaps Both?!

A lot of you might notice that we are “in between” worlds now on Earth. You might feel like you are not quite dead and not really completely alive either. Some of you might feel “not fully alive” because you are struggling with patience when it comes to the outside world, or the open heart pulls you into the suffering, thus pulling you out of the highest frequencies that you can be in. This also might be because many of you are within the “energy gap” between the Lower 3-D Earth and the Higher 3-D Earth. Those of you “in between” are the “undecided”, the ones, inside whom the battle between the Lower Self and Higher Self is not completed.

To recap, the Lower Self is comprised of your defenses to life, fears and negative desires, it is an immature reaction to life in attempt to avoid experiencing pain. The Higher Self is the wholistic view of life, the Soul’s view through the eyes of wisdom and mature advanced comprehension of life. In between these lives the Ego – the social personality of who we are, which can be aligned with the Lower Self (then we become fearful, competitive, selfish), or with the Higher Self (then we become peaceful, centered and compassionate).

When the Higher Self wins inside us, we begin to see all life through the eyes of the Soul – this does not mean that everything suddenly becomes happy and pleasant! Simply that we are able to have a much larger perspective on life, on people’s behaviors, on our own reactions.

The “alive” or “dead” perception will eventually become the “I am” view – this is the mode of the Higher Self that will take us beyond the Higher 3-D Earth... This is because the duality will eventually have to reconcile into Unity. To facilitate the experience of Unity (non-duality, the Individualized Oneness) we must endeavor to experience everything that is occurring inside and outside of us consciously – we must become scientific researchers of ourselves, studying our perceptions and responses. The more we comprehend ourselves, the wider our consciousness range. Application of these #SoulWorkTools will bring us into the “I am” view of the Higher 3-D Earth and beyond.

The dimensions do not “go away” as the consciousness progresses – it is the consciousness that moves on, leaving the lower ranges of itself behind, expanding to incorporate faster frequencies. So the lower energies will still exist, but humanity will not choose to play with them anymore at some point – which is very far away from now. But you, personally, can choose to do it now – to leave the negative perceptions behind and move on into the faster range of vibration.

Lower 3-D Earth vs. Higher 3-D Earth

Since 2012, when the being inside Earth called Gaia went into the next phase of her awakening, and the being called Pi took over the main position of the planetary host, the planetary energy range has been going through a massive transformation.

There was always a great deal of muddy messy energy on the bottom of our planetary range (and I do not mean Nature, that energy might be “low” but it is harmonious – I am talking about the “slow” messy human control patterns and collective unconscious victimhood mostly). That lower unconscious energy had many human beings playing in it… The faster frequencies of this dimension were much less occupied by people. All of this comprised a singular system of 3-D Earth.

Since Pi arrived into the planet, the faster energies of 3-D are becoming even faster, while the slower energies are becoming slower. This has generated a very unusual situation – sort of “two earths”: one of the lower 3-D range, one of the higher 3-D range. The Higher 3-D Earth is the new state of being that we all have been waiting for – it is in alignment with the universal energies of harmony and it is synchronized with the 4-D and 5-D consciousness states. The Lower 3-D Earth is in density, duality and separation. Most people who have unfinished karma with Gaia, or who have not attempted yet to become an individual Self (and thus do not possess a conscious Soul), could not enter into the Higher 3-D Earth.

These “two earths” of course co-exist in the same material space, both anchored in the atomic structure of our planet. They differ by the range of consciousness, not the location.

The separation of these “two earths” has been gradual but intensely felt over the course of the past 2 years. It began on March 21st 2013, then the next large shift was on April 13th 2014, then July 16th 2014, and the last one to date was on November 24th 2014. This means that now one can experience essentially two separate realities here on Earth in the 3rd dimension – in one there is violence, fear, control, confusion, desire for satisfaction, sexual hunger, competition and right/wrong way of thinking, while in the other one there is peace, stillness and connectedness, cooperation and desires are harmoniously attuned to the Universe and are of the Soul nature. It is your choice which plane you tune into and vibrate with.

Many people on the planet right now do not have an option of vibrating with the Higher 3-D Earth because their consciousness cannot match that frequency yet. It will in time. Meanwhile all of us who can, must vibrate at peaceful inner stillness in order to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth. It is very easy to slide down into the Lower 3-D Earth simply through joining in that level of perception – based on fears, separation, and right/wrong thinking, so remain vigilant about your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When I speak of dimensions, I do not mean spatial dimensional axis, but the different planes of existence, numbered 1 through 12 (or 1 through 7 in the case of Earth’s simulation), counting from the bottom up.

For the ones of you who might have forgotten, this planetary simulation is seven-dimensional – i.e. our Earth has 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, 5-D, 6-D and 7-D.
  • We, the human beings, are in 3-D.
  • Most of the manipulative (“lower astral”, as they are mistakenly called) entities are in 1-D, 2-D and 3-D, and some are in 4-D also.
  • Most of the ascended masters (“ascended” as in “used to be human but were able to move to a higher plane of existence”) are in the upper range of 3-D, some in 4-D and few are in the 5-D.
  • The Solar Council, who oversees the planetary situation, is in 4-D Agartha (located inside the Earth) and some of its members are in 5-D, although there are “ambassadors” who are of even higher dimensions (inside the Sun).
  • The Kadishtu beings (often called the Galactic Federation) who are related to Earth, are in 5-D, 6-D and 7-D of Earth and of this galaxy in general. But Kadishtu are not limited to our planet (as the ascended masters often are). The main body of Kadishtu entities of this galaxy is actually in 8-D, beyond our planetary simulation (this is what usually is referred to as the Galactic Federation – a union of many conscious species, working for the benefit of all Life).
The “lower 3-D” is only going to become more dense. This is because the majority of human beings require this step of densification in order to build their Souls. It might sound strange to you – “to build their Souls”… Souls are not “there” consciously for each human being to begin with – the “spark of God” we call Soul is there in each of us, but it is unconscious – it is in awareness but not in consciousness (I will write “Awareness vs. Consciousness” blog on this subject). This is why it looks like our planet is “going to hell”, so to speak – the violence, the manipulation, the greed… These are simply the components of separation, through which humans are choosing to grow up. That might take a very long time… 

But using all the #SoulWorkTools, each one of us can facilitate this process and to some extent speed it up, through our personal vibratory note – the higher you are vibrating on a regular basis, the more charge you are adding into the Higher 3-D Earth – this provides Light and clarity for the people still experiencing the Lower 3-D Earth, giving them support in their awakening process.