Feeling Alive or Dead? Or perhaps Both?!

A lot of you might notice that we are “in between” worlds now on Earth. You might feel like you are not quite dead and not really completely alive either. Some of you might feel “not fully alive” because you are struggling with patience when it comes to the outside world, or the open heart pulls you into the suffering, thus pulling you out of the highest frequencies that you can be in. This also might be because many of you are within the “energy gap” between the Lower 3-D Earth and the Higher 3-D Earth. Those of you “in between” are the “undecided”, the ones, inside whom the battle between the Lower Self and Higher Self is not completed.

To recap, the Lower Self is comprised of your defenses to life, fears and negative desires, it is an immature reaction to life in attempt to avoid experiencing pain. The Higher Self is the wholistic view of life, the Soul’s view through the eyes of wisdom and mature advanced comprehension of life. In between these lives the Ego – the social personality of who we are, which can be aligned with the Lower Self (then we become fearful, competitive, selfish), or with the Higher Self (then we become peaceful, centered and compassionate).

When the Higher Self wins inside us, we begin to see all life through the eyes of the Soul – this does not mean that everything suddenly becomes happy and pleasant! Simply that we are able to have a much larger perspective on life, on people’s behaviors, on our own reactions.

The “alive” or “dead” perception will eventually become the “I am” view – this is the mode of the Higher Self that will take us beyond the Higher 3-D Earth... This is because the duality will eventually have to reconcile into Unity. To facilitate the experience of Unity (non-duality, the Individualized Oneness) we must endeavor to experience everything that is occurring inside and outside of us consciously – we must become scientific researchers of ourselves, studying our perceptions and responses. The more we comprehend ourselves, the wider our consciousness range. Application of these #SoulWorkTools will bring us into the “I am” view of the Higher 3-D Earth and beyond.

The dimensions do not “go away” as the consciousness progresses – it is the consciousness that moves on, leaving the lower ranges of itself behind, expanding to incorporate faster frequencies. So the lower energies will still exist, but humanity will not choose to play with them anymore at some point – which is very far away from now. But you, personally, can choose to do it now – to leave the negative perceptions behind and move on into the faster range of vibration.

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