Full Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox

On March 20th 2015 the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun, creating a solar eclipse that will signify a re-set of the planetary etheric matrix. In just a few hours after that, day and night on Earth will be equal, “rebooting” the planetary energy into the next phase of human evolution (this time with more Light available).

What is this Solar Eclipse about?
We have always “grounded” by aligning our energy with the density of the Earth. Have you noticed lately that it is much harder to ground? This is because the planetary matrix has been receiving Light – more and more of this high frequency energy has been poured into the planetary body – into the 1-D, 2-D, and the 3-D of Earth.

This has been done over the course of many years, but really accelerated with the 2013 arrival of Pi – the new planetary host – who replaced Gaia (click on “Pi as an Enlightened Gaia” to read more). Pi brought with her a tranformatory program for the lower three dimensions, modifying their density in preparation for the Light activation on Earth.

We used to deepen into the 3-D energies, then further into the Elementals of the 2-D, then down into the 1-D core of the Earth. If you are in the Lower 3-D Earth, that still works. But if you are attempting to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth, you now need to add the heart into it. The vertical alignment of the root chakra down into the core of the Earth now needs to be complemented by the flow from the heart chakra down through the 3rd, 2nd and into the 1st chakra, then down into the Earth.

The alignment of the lower four chakras with each other is a prerequisite for being in the Higher 3-D Earth. What does this mean? The root chakra is the anchor for our entire being, the 2nd chakra is the balanced self-worth and sexuality of the feminine and masculine inside of us, the 3rd chakra is about individuality and identity, and the heart is about compassion and connectedness. You can see why the add-on of the heart chakra to this alignment is necessary for being in the Higher 3-D Earth? – all of the current Lower Earth issues exist right now because people are NOT in connectedness, not in compassion to one another (instead, most are in righteous separation). Even though separation is required for the building of an individual Self, it is time for Oneness to also be accessed – on the planetary scale.

This is what this Solar Eclipse is about – it is to “reboot” the planetary matrix in order to integrate all the new downloads we’ve been receiving since 2013. On the personal level, it is an opportunity for each of us to re-set our own systems to integrate everything we have been receiving in the past few months (the last major download was from November 2014 to the end of February 2015: click on “The PortalTime on Earth” to read more).

Times for the Solar Eclipse: from 3:45am – 7:45am eastern USA time / 12:45am – 4:45am pacific USA time. It will pass over the North Atlantic and North Arctic oceans, and the North Pole. It will be seen from northern Europe mostly, but not from the US or Asia.
Times for the Equinox: at 6:45pm eastern USA time / 3:45pm pacific USA time.
This is a schematic of the Equinox
To support the alignment, to stabilize and focus the energy during this major re-set on the planetary scale, I am doing two Night Quads: on the nights of the 19th (for the Full Solar Eclipse) and the 20th of March (for the Spring Equinox integration). To help yourself stay in the most positive state during these planetary transformations, sign up for the Night Quad on these days/nights on my site www.EugeniaOganova.com in the #SoulWorkToolsor just email me and I will write you in (it's $25 per night).

Galactic Starbeings - Kadishtu

We are not alone in the Universe. And we are definitely not alone inside this planetary Simulation (a “classroom” for learning) that we call planet Earth. Many beings from other dimensions are watching what we do, how we figure out solutions to the challenges, what experiences we have. Some of these beings were instrumental in creation of this planetary Simulation, others are visitors – some are advisers, some are scientists, others are simply travelers. But all are very much interested in what we, humans, come up with here on Earth. This is an incredible planet to be incarnated on, especially at this time. The rules of the Simulation are based on the basic 3-D rules for this Universe, with some extra additions particular to this solar system.

There are beings beyond this Simulation of Earth who are benevolent and interested only in gentle support and witnessing – they are multi-dimensional and of a very high frequency consciousness. There are also beings who are manipulative and interested in the selfish personal gain and power – these are of much lower consciousness than the first group, and these do interfere with our development. But no one can take away our free will – they can only try to "trick" us into us giving away our free will. This is important – we humans are capable of being extraordinary, amazing conscious beings, and we have the right to free will; we only become victims, lost and manipulated, when we give away our inner authority to someone else. High frequency beings will never ask you to give your authority to them (and if you try, they will refuse to take it).

The benevolent beings I communicate with, many of whom sit on the Solar Council of Earth, and many who are “ambassadors” to this planet, and many who do not have much to do with Earth at all and exist outside of our planetary simulation – they call themselves Kadishtu. There are many other terms for them… In ancient Sumerian they were called the Nugig and Nindighir (the "star-priestesses" and the “un-sick”, associated with the sacred priestesses, emissaries of the Original Source), in Akkadian - the Qadistu (associate with the sexual priestesses), in Hebrew – the Kadeshah (associate with the sacred prostitutes). The Latin word caduceus, denoting a symbol for healing, comes from the word Kadishtu.

The Solar Council is the extension of these Kadishtu on Earth – they oversee the Earth Simulation (the environment created for learning purposes that the Souls of many beings can incarnate into to become more spiritually conscious). The main purpose of the Earth Simulation is to facilitate the construction of individualized Selves in Soul, who choose to incarnate here, in this place of intense duality and, thus, extreme learning. The original “Earth experiment” was different than what it is now – it was modified midway by the non-Kadishtu beings. But, since everything is a part of creation, it was allowed, and it just made this place more intense (thus more interesting!)  

Kadishtu are multidimensional. Kadishtu are not one type or race of beings, rather they are a union of many allied worlds and species. What unites them is not some military objective or religion, but a particular level of consciousness. The lowest level of beings fully belonging to Kadishtu are in 5-D, although there are a few from 4-D. Most of the Kadishtu exist on the upper dimensions of this Universe. Most of the Kadishtu cannot enter into our 3-D anymore – the vibration is too slow for them here; same with the 4-D. Many Kadishtu that I know are from 5-D, 6-D, even 8-D and 10-D (remember that we are here in the 3rd dimension, in the linear-time-mental-perception, where the 2-D comprises our material structures (the Elementals who make up the atomic bonds), and the 1-D anchors the whole thing for this Simulation).

I know Kadishtu from before this incarnation as the Code Architects (I heard people also calling them “Planners” and “Life Designers”). Kadishtu means “an ancient assembler of life”, and they see all life as precious. Kadishtu are the creators of life in a way, because many of them know how to design forms. They are the Code Architects of forms (from genetics, to whole species, to whole planets, to whole solar systems and galaxies). We think of form as a material body – this is because we live in 3-D and our perception is materially oriented (which is an illusion, actually – in a way, 2-D is more “matter” that our 3-D!) To be clear here, Kadishtu do not “create souls” – all Souls originate at the Source, including the Souls of the Kadishtu beings. But all of us, Souls, enter into different forms – these forms have a different level of complexity and solidity depending on the dimension one “incarnates” into. And the dimensional simulations, environments for learning, and the forms/bodies to learn through/in are designed by the Code Architects, the “Assemblers of Life” – the Kadishtu.

Kadishtu do not interfere in the affairs of the lower-dimensional worlds – sort of a “prime directive” of non-interference. They allow species to resolve their own conflicts and only when these species are at certain level of consciousness do they make contact with them and offer further education/enlightenment.

Kadishtu entities honor and respect the feminine, the Goddess (Cosmic Root Substance, the unrealized potential matrix of the Universe) and because of this have a high level of responsibility with their creations (the masculine, the Creator-God aspect). They are electro-magnetic beings, some more feminine, others more masculine, but either way, balanced. (There is a misconception that all Kadishtu are female, sort of “holy priestesses” – this is not true. Kadishtu consist of different species, some female, some male, some androgynous, some of the gender we do not comprehend – and they all respect the magnetic/fluid energy (the feminine) and because of it are responsible with the electric/structural (the masculine) energy). They create with Life, adding to the Universal Creation. All the solar and planetary simulations are created by the Kadishtu, many planets are terraformed by them, and many species are created by them.