Full Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox

On March 20th 2015 the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun, creating a solar eclipse that will signify a re-set of the planetary etheric matrix. In just a few hours after that, day and night on Earth will be equal, “rebooting” the planetary energy into the next phase of human evolution (this time with more Light available).

What is this Solar Eclipse about?
We have always “grounded” by aligning our energy with the density of the Earth. Have you noticed lately that it is much harder to ground? This is because the planetary matrix has been receiving Light – more and more of this high frequency energy has been poured into the planetary body – into the 1-D, 2-D, and the 3-D of Earth.

This has been done over the course of many years, but really accelerated with the 2013 arrival of Pi – the new planetary host – who replaced Gaia (click on “Pi as an Enlightened Gaia” to read more). Pi brought with her a tranformatory program for the lower three dimensions, modifying their density in preparation for the Light activation on Earth.

We used to deepen into the 3-D energies, then further into the Elementals of the 2-D, then down into the 1-D core of the Earth. If you are in the Lower 3-D Earth, that still works. But if you are attempting to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth, you now need to add the heart into it. The vertical alignment of the root chakra down into the core of the Earth now needs to be complemented by the flow from the heart chakra down through the 3rd, 2nd and into the 1st chakra, then down into the Earth.

The alignment of the lower four chakras with each other is a prerequisite for being in the Higher 3-D Earth. What does this mean? The root chakra is the anchor for our entire being, the 2nd chakra is the balanced self-worth and sexuality of the feminine and masculine inside of us, the 3rd chakra is about individuality and identity, and the heart is about compassion and connectedness. You can see why the add-on of the heart chakra to this alignment is necessary for being in the Higher 3-D Earth? – all of the current Lower Earth issues exist right now because people are NOT in connectedness, not in compassion to one another (instead, most are in righteous separation). Even though separation is required for the building of an individual Self, it is time for Oneness to also be accessed – on the planetary scale.

This is what this Solar Eclipse is about – it is to “reboot” the planetary matrix in order to integrate all the new downloads we’ve been receiving since 2013. On the personal level, it is an opportunity for each of us to re-set our own systems to integrate everything we have been receiving in the past few months (the last major download was from November 2014 to the end of February 2015: click on “The PortalTime on Earth” to read more).

Times for the Solar Eclipse: from 3:45am – 7:45am eastern USA time / 12:45am – 4:45am pacific USA time. It will pass over the North Atlantic and North Arctic oceans, and the North Pole. It will be seen from northern Europe mostly, but not from the US or Asia.
Times for the Equinox: at 6:45pm eastern USA time / 3:45pm pacific USA time.
This is a schematic of the Equinox
To support the alignment, to stabilize and focus the energy during this major re-set on the planetary scale, I am doing two Night Quads: on the nights of the 19th (for the Full Solar Eclipse) and the 20th of March (for the Spring Equinox integration). To help yourself stay in the most positive state during these planetary transformations, sign up for the Night Quad on these days/nights on my site www.EugeniaOganova.com in the #SoulWorkToolsor just email me and I will write you in (it's $25 per night).

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  1. I connect almost daily opening heart, 3rd, 2, 1 chakra and connect into earth star chakra and then into core of Mother Earth and send love from my heart to her and then wait until her love comes back into my heart. Then I open my throat, 3rd eye, crown and soul star chakra and all the higher chakras sending love to the heart of the Divine Father and wait for its return to my heart. Then the love moves in a spiral through me from the Mother Earth to the Divine Father and back again. <3


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