Why is Ascension so Hard?

Alright, many of you had noticed that we are being tossed back and forth by the planetary energy adjustments, which are coming with more and more intensity and more often than ever before. This is because the planet is attempting to place more change into the Higher 3-D Earth (the one that is in synch with 4-D and 5-D realities), and this means that Pi, the planetary being, must transmute the distorted energies of the Lower 3-D Earth, to purify them.

This oscillation of this 3-D reality is a type of slip-sliding, similar to two gyroscopes, as the Higher and Lower 3-D Earths are attempting to unify. Eventually there will be again one 3-D reality for all of the human race, but since right now there are two, they are fractioning. And this process is very difficult for people in both realities, in the lower and in the higher!

Even if you are in the Higher 3-D Earth, you are not in bliss and happiness all the time, not at ease of being continuously, right? This is because of two main reasons:
  1. it is very hard to remain conscious, it takes an enormous amount of effort, responsibility, love and patience! And we do not always succeed in that;
  2. this ascension alchemical process is, in fact, “chemical” too – it takes a huge toll on our bodies (mostly the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems, and brain functioning), which means we have to be the masters of our bodies as well, not only the heart and the mind (making this ascension process very difficult indeed!)

The ones who are in the Lower 3-D Earth are experiencing extreme duality, black-and-white emotional reactions which feel so intense as if they can rip a person apart. That is what fuels the current religious struggles especially. Have you noticed that now even within the same religion the “right vs. wrong” is tearing people apart? The financial situation is not far behind as greed becomes the main motivator. Greed has always been a way of learning power (well, false power), but it was limited to a small number of people at the time. Now in the Lower 3-D Earth greed and survival have become fused (as people are attempting to process these two patterns and awaken Self through the consequences of irresponsibility). This is the first time in this last ten-thousand year cycle of human history that these two patterns – greed and survival – have been fused. It is a very different learning (Gaia didn’t have this pattern, it definitely has Pi’s signature on it), even though it is sort of an improvisation on the theme of “survival of the fittest”.

And the lower realities of this planet is only getting darker and denser, while the higher reality is attempting to experience more Light. Don’t you think it might be painful to feel all this Light while still being linked to such painful black-and-white perceptions as well? Of course it is! Some of the people on Earth right now are ascending, while others are descending. You might be working on remaining in the Higher Self wisdom while walking through the world, that is mostly guided by the Lower Self greed and survival strategies – political, financial, social, religious, military… All of these systems are driven today by greed. Many lightworkers tend to think that these systems will be somehow replaced by more harmonious ones, and then these lightworkers become baffled when all they see is the exact opposite – more exploitation, more wars, more corruption… The corporations are fighting only for the profit of the shareholders (while employees become essentially the new slave labor), the military campaigns are not even concealed by the “pretty propaganda” anymore, blatantly exploiting the wars simply for financial gains (again, for the people at the top mostly, the rest have to fight and die in these wars), etc. Why is it that it seems to be getting worse?

This is because right now the Lower 3-D Earth is still very much populated by the people who require the descent into density for their spiritual growth, and it is influenced, for that reason, by the manipulative power-hungry beings who are also learning the same lesson (even though they have a bit more Self awareness and are more electric than the majority of the unconscious humanity). The Higher 3-D Earth is not influenced by these negative beings anymore, because it is in a frequency faster than what they can easily access, and because it is populated by the people who do not require such intense duality anymore.

The manipulative negative systems (political, financial, religious, social, military) will not be replaced by some rainbow-happy new systems where everyone will be happy – that would mean forfeiting the lessons still needed to be learned by a majority of the human population! Instead, these negative systems will remain and fester, become more and more intense and eventually absurd, so that the people who are being played are not interested in being played anymore – these people will then stop incarnating into the reality determined by such negative systems. Instead, these souls will incarnate with wider range of consciousness, eventually matching the range of the Higher 3-D Earth.

In other words, the place without these manipulative negative social systems already exists, but most people are not in it. The more people are able to match that energy, the more beneficial harmonious social systems we will see sprouting up in this world (new companies with a fair approach to employees and resources, new leaderships interested in trade and not war, etc.) The old systems though will remain and in a way densify even more – as long as there are people who choose to incarnate to learn through them… Our job, as lightworkers, “starseeds”, and “forerunners of ascension”, is to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth vibration, and create from there – not to attempt to change all of the old negative systems, or focus on “exposing” them by talking about them all the time (as if they need exposing! – anyone who can see and hear – does, and for those who don’t, it is because they can’t, no matter how loudly we choose to tell them the truth).

It is Always Darkest just Before the Dawn

Well, humanity requires purification before it is able to arrive at a faster vibration. This means that most of the planetary population will have to “go crazy” before they can wake up into spiritual sanity. And for that craziness to occur, the systems which control the people will have to “go crazy” first – so we might be witnessing how many political, military, social and religious systems “lose it” first, acting in a self-destructive manner without realizing it. This is the only way for the masses still in tribal consciousness (or of no “consciousness” at all!) to awaken.

This is nothing new – our planet went through many phases of such “darkest before the dawn” patterns before – history repeats itself. The current “dip” for the upcoming “dawn” had begun in 1975 – this is when the first wave of “starseeds” involved in the current planetary change were activated/awakened, and the second wave of “starseeds” were allowed to incarnate on Earth by the Solar Council. In 1987 the quarantine of our planet was released, setting the stage for a huge shift in 2012 (when the planetary host Gaia gave her place to Pi). Now that we are under the Pi’s tutelage, the “dip” has been activated – as a means of awakening for the ones who need it. From 1975 to 2012 this energy change has been in the higher vibratory systems mostly, but since 2014 especially, it has entered the lower vibrations. This means that if before 2014, the energy changes were experienced mostly only by the “starseeds” (i.e. the Starbeings incarnated on Earth) and few awake “earthlings”, now everyone on Earth is experiencing the changing energy (if they want to or not!) And all of that is occuring during the major "portal time" for Light Code activation (period from 1998 to 2016).

This process of change is very intense and many people have a hard time coping with it – they can take it only in very small doses. This is why there are so many people living very short lifetimes nowadays, when people die young of malnutrition, diseases, or in wars. This is occurring despite the fact that our lifespan is now much longer and people are capable of living much longer lives. Shorter lifetimes are a means of handling the changing energies – in small adjustments, so that the Soul can develop.

[As a side note, Pi was very kind to the ones who did not need to experience such a “dip” – she released the “ceiling” of development so that anyone who can progress beyond the “dip’s range” can move on – hence the creation of the Higher 3-D Earth.]

The ones of us in the Higher 3-D Earth – most are the “starseeds”, some are the “earthlings” who awakened enough to match the rising speed of planetary vibration, are the “Avant-garde of Awakening” for this planet (what some people call “forerunners of ascension”). We set, and maintain, the tone for that “speeding up”. It is a very important mission and many of you have been on it for many lifetimes – to bring consciousness to Earth through personal development and awakening, through achieving personal Mastery of Consciousness. For more of the spiritual avant-garde this is not so much about participation in the human affairs, changing the political or social scenes, but about internal changes which in turn affect the world. As you know, each one of us vibrates at a particular rhythm, broadcasting that “personal music” into the world. If most people broadcast messy out-of-tune music, humanity sounds akin to an orchestra when they are tuning up before the performance! But when some people begin to broadcast amazing harmonious music, which automatically synchronizes in perfect order with others who are also harmonious, the overall “orchestra” of humanity has a chance to begin tuning up – and eventually will play an amazing music for this galaxy!