Individual Empowerment

The choice to know, make and acknowledge one’s individual viewpoint is absolutely necessary right now on Earth. Before we go to someone else and ask how we should be thinking or feeling, or how some events should be experienced, we need to decide for ourselves – (there are always people who are only too willing to tell us how we should be!) This is the time to rely on your own perception first. You must learn to ask yourself “what am I feeling about this? What am I thinking about this? Why am I feeling/thinking that?” Too often we just follow our programming automatically – “this is how I always feel/think in such situation”, or, my favorite – “this is how a normal person thinks/feels about this!” There is no NORMAL and there is no “right way” to feel/think – there is only YOUR way. And the sooner we get connected with our own unique way, the sooner we can clean up our own act! If you can honestly claim what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing because of a particular stimuli (and these might not be all the same!), then you can examine if you AGREE with your own experiences or not. Sounds strange, right? How can one agree or disagree with an experience?? We think that we can because we have been programmed to think that these external stimuli determine our experiences, as if the experience is experiencing you instead of you experiencing the experience!

We determine what we choose to experience – we determine our PERCEPTION, not the stimuli. We are taught to focus on the stimuli – “I like when this happens to me and I do not like when that happens to me”, “I get upset when this happens and I get happy when I get this and that” – all of this is based on the stimuli determining us! But the truth is that it is the other way around. You determine how you are going to experience an event. For example, someone might yell at you, or be rude to you, and you have a choice – to respond to the stimuli in a programmed way (which is somewhat different for each person, one might get angry back, the other might go into a people-pleasing mode to pacify their attacker) or to respond in a conscious way (as whatever you have previously responsibly decided – “why have I attracted such an “attack” from this person?”, or “what am I learning here?”, or “this is an opportunity to practice compassion/ or practice tuning into that person and learning what triggered them”, etc.)

To be able to change your perception you first must be aware of what you are perceiving. Most of us have never been taught to tune in, to listen in – we are only taught to “listen out/outwardly" – thinking "what do other people do?" What do they think of it? What do they feel about us?" It is now time to focus in/inwardly. It is a requirement for living in the Higher 3-D Earth. All of the answers are inside of us – we must listen for them. This means that we have to spend time tuning into ourselves in silence. This is a scary experience for most people who are not trained to do it. The Ego personality becomes bored immediately, the Lower Self starts freaking out, looking for faults and worrying about everything under the sun… Yet one must push through that to quiet one’s mind, to WITNESS oneself. Witnessing means being neutral and just watching/recording what is being viewed. There is no judgment, no agenda – only neutral watching. This is a way to gather information about your own internal world. Once you have witnessed your physical experience, your feelings and thoughts, then you can study them, analyze them, harmonize them. Notice if what you are feeling or thinking does not match what you know to be a more harmonious perception. This means that your Higher Self knows something that is beneficial to you, but you are listening to the Lower Self’s fears instead. Choose to focus more on the Higher Self’s view, choose to align with that. You will then notice how your experience is changing to a more harmonious one.

Conscious Creation of Your Future - Decide on your Perception

In this current time on Earth the transformation of human consciousness is occurring. It is up to each of us which of the following two places we end up in – the one where we are a Creator or the one where we are a Victim, either in Unity or in Duality, or in Joy or in Fear. We determine our perception/experience. This material planetary Simulation that we exist in, this physical world, is maintained by certain rules which are not changing any time soon, but the human consciousness (or unconsciousness!) is maintained by us – humans. We program our reality perception. This means that if you, ahead of time, decide that whatever happens, it is going to be seen as positive by you (as a lesson, or as a test of your strength, or as an opportunity to practice compassion/being in the moment/inner authority etc.) – then it will be positive for you.

There are going to be many adjustments on this planet, especially during the 2015-2016 download time frame. There are many events coming which might be perceived as traumatic, dangerous, devastating. But this is the typical perception of the Lower 3-D Earth – it is based in a dualistic victim view of the Ego and the Lower Self. If you remain in the Higher Self consciousness, you will be able to benefit by any event. There are no bad events – only bad perceptions of events! Some events are comfortable, some are pleasant, some match what our personality/Ego wants, while others are highly uncomfortable, scary and painful, and represent what we don't want (from the personality view point).

It is a great responsibility for each of us to make our choice of perception ahead of events occurring. By doing so, we place ourselves into the positive, more harmonious and beneficial for us timelines of planetary unfoldment. In other words, we end up materially, when the events occur, in the Higher 3-D Earth range instead of the Lower 3-D Earth because we have decided ahead of time that we will end up there!! This is magic, the #SoulWorkTools of metaphysical mastery – this is how spiritual alchemy works. If you want to end up at point B, decide that you will end up there while still being at point A, then when you move off the point A, you will be pulled towards point B instead of towards point C or D.

Obviously, we cannot override karma, and whatever lessons that we have pre-set or agreed upon, they will occur no matter how much our personality does not want them to. I am talking about creation from the Higher Self, not the personality. For example, say your personality wants your child or friend  to be safe and healthy, but that person has something to learn through a difficult physical condition/situation – they might get sick or get in a car accident no matter how much you do not want them to. But you determine your perception of such an event. If ahead of time you decide that you love your child or friends and whatever occurs to them you will learn compassion through it and become more masterful at it – then when a difficult event does occur, you will be in the Higher Self, you will be able to love, to remain in compassion and conscious learning (vs. fear, pain, victim mode, etc.) The same applies to our own lives. For example, if you go to a spiritual retreat with the idea that you will become enlightened there, this probably won’t happen… Why? Because it is the wish of your personality/Ego, not the Higher Self. If ahead of time you decide that you will go to a retreat and whatever occurs will be beneficial for your personal growth, then this is what happens. But if you go there without that pre-set decision, you might be overly focused on “becoming enlightened” and instead end up comparing yourself to the people there which will bring you into either judgment that you are “not as far along as they are”, or being frustrated with others for “not being enlightened enough”!

When we decide ahead of time on the positive perception of the future, we also harmonize our path. This means that if the lesson can unfold in a less traumatic way, it will – because you decided to be in the Higher Self mode of positive perception. You must live your life now as if what you want is already here and now. This way even if most people end up experiencing something traumatic, you will not be a part of it – the material part of the event might still occur for you, but the experience of it will be completely different than the rest of the people who are in the Lower 3-D Earth of negativity and victimhood. And the damage to your system from the material part of the event might be significantly reduced also.

For example, if you decide that you are going to be safe today – no matter what, It is a psychological/emotional safety perception – a decision ahead of time for the whole day. Then, while you are driving somewhere, a huge accident occurs, or a bridge collapses, or a bomb hits the road – many cars are in the pile up – this is the material component of the event. But because you had decided that you were safe today, i.e. you are in the Higher Self – this means that your Soul is in control, so that it can find the most harmonious solution for you in such a situation. Everyone around you can be in anger, fear, pain, and trauma, but you might have a huge spiritual breakthrough about the nature of reality or your own mortality, etc. – i.e. you might end up with a positive experience, and even be able to be helpful to others, compassionate and kind. And the material damage to you/your car might be also significantly lessened vs. what it could have been if you hadn't made a decision ahead of time.

So, either you determine your own perception of events, or the events will determine your experience! Thus decide now to remain in your Higher Self by choosing to see your life as your creation and make it a positive one, filled with kindness, support, love and learning!