Autumn Equinox

Equinox is the time of harvest celebration, the balance of the Light and the Dark. In the fall equinox, the summer’s gifts had arrived, the night takes over and brings the cold of winter – the time of death and regeneration. The autumn equinox represents the duality that exists within the human experience. Just like all things must die in Nature before they are born again, so does the human consciousness must descent into the “darkness” before it can awaken to the “light”.

All who desire the Light of Consciousness must face the inner darkness of unconsciousness in order to awaken. The Ego personality is the one that experiences the beginning of “death” during the autumn equinox, after which one must deal with the inner unconsciousness, the inner chaos, the projections and fears, the blames and power-struggles, the anger and resentments, and above all – the meaning of who one is – for the Ego must let go, relinquishing its position to the Higher Self. The autumn equinox is the preparation for the spiritual Soul-Self to be activated at the winter solstice.

Horus and Seth Pendant to be worn over the chest - from Myers Museum - copyright: Paul James Cowie
In ancient Egypt, both equinoxes held special meaning of Mother-Goddess Hathor balancing the Light (in the form of Horus) and the Dark (in the form of Seth). This is the ancient Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra mystery schools symbol for the processing of the inner darkness of the personality in order to awaken to the Light of consciousness, with Hathor (the Mother Nature) as an equalizer pathway for the building of the Soul-Self – the “two eyes” (magnetic wisdom and electric knowledge) surrounding the Sun Disk of Ra (the Soul-Self), held by the two cobras (the Wadjet, the “inner knowing”, the symbol for the mystery schools of Egypt).

This fall equinox will commence at 4:22am EST (1:22am PST) on the morning of the September 23rd. I am setting up a special Night Quad for this event (the Tuesday night quad – from the night of the 22nd tothe morning of the 23rd) – let me know if you want to be in it :)
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