The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Challenged the Gods of Egypt

The Secret of Sekhmet, Why Akhenaten Chalenged the Gods of Egypt
My third book, The Secret of Sekhmet is finally ready! It is a metaphysical historical mystery novel.

Even though it is written in the format of a story, it is based on real history as I know it. I feel that I know Sekhmet very intimately and understand her journey. The current events and the characters in this book are fictional, but the references to the past, the information, the energy, and Sekhmet herself, are as real as I know them to be.

Feel free to research all the historical personages – everything from the height of their bodies (mummies) to the tiles on the floor of the Malkata Palace, from the types of makeup and jewelry to the talatals (stones) comprising the pylons of the now completely destroyed Akhet-Aten – everything is correct. It is based on the memories  that I carry from the lifetimes in that historical period.

The story of Akhenaten and Nefertiti takes on a whole different dimension when the larger picture of Sekhmet’s involvement is explored. Queen Tiye and the secret mystery school, initiated by Sekhmet, had influenced Akhenaten in his radical views. The initiation of the Earth Experiment, the Solar Council meetings in Agartha, the multidimensional travel, are all linked to Sekhmet’s personal journey of love, hate, despair and letting go by awakening through pleasure. After living on Earth for thousands of years, she eventually returns to her Sirian home.
Here is the back cover synopsis to entice you:

People have forgotten Maat (the Truth) and the Solar Council is considering ending the current Human Experiment. But Sekhmet, a multidimensional star-god, is determined to save it. She initiates a complex strategy of teachings, prophecies and messengers to help people awaken.

Looking into the mystery of the death of her parents, Bailey has uncovered an ancient secret society – the Shenu. Determined to find the truth, she and her shaman friend Craig, with the help of an ex-MI6 agent, an old Egyptian guide, two mental patients and the Council of Antiquities of Egypt, open the Time Gate into the ancient past. Their actions will change history.

In 1,360BC Queen Tiye must make an important decision, affecting the course of human consciousness. Stepping through the Time Gate into the Zep Tepi, the First Time when the star-gods walked the Earth, Tiye receives a prophecy… With Sekhmet’s blessing, Akhenaten and Nefertiti challenge the gods of Egypt, so that the people of Earth can remember how to breathe the Light.

The book is available for order. 
Get your autographed copy today!

The price is $30 with shipping. Please pay on the top right corner of this site, or mail me a check with that amount, and I will mail you a signed copy :) Please write “Sekhmet” in the MEMO area of paypal or your check, since I get orders for other books also.

Enjoy the journey!
I will post more blogs related to the historical details of the book over the next couple of months.

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