2016 - The Year of the Fire Monkey

The 2016 New Year is the Year of the Red Fire Monkey. Because the Monkey is a yang animal  this year will be electrically dominant. Even though the calendar New Year begins on January 1st, the energy change from the departing Year of Sheep to the Monkey will occur on February 8th.

2016 energy is all about taking action, showing initiative, thinking creatively and pro-actively – instead of waiting and day-dreaming.
It is very important to be aware of one’s emotional reactions, because the Fire element of 2016 will be strong and at times it might feel too chaotic – thus people can be prone to over-reactions, to anger/rage, to losing control. Frustration might be your constant companion in 2016, unless the Fire is balanced out by Water – i.e. one must have the right perspective on life, sourced in the Connectedness of All. This way personal desires do not become demands (which, when unfulfilled cause frustration), but remain preferences and choices. Emotional stability (through personal effort) is paramount in 2016.

The energy of 2016 will require internal balance – go for what you desire, act on your own behalf, but at the same time don’t over-attach to any outcome and don’t be greedy. 2016 is about Self-power. One must learn to rely on oneself above all, and from that position one can help others with ideas and actions. Do not be gullible and na├»ve in 2016, or you can be taken advantage of. This is because the energy expects you to self-reference – if instead of this you want someone else to do it for you, to tell you how it is, to fix your own issue, then the energy will slam into you like a tsunami (the ricochet of the initial incorrect action). This is why 2016 is NOT the year for “waiting to be rescued” or “hoping for the best”! This is the year to be daring, to be audacious, to go for your dreams and make them happen, and to rely on your own inner strength to get there.

2016 is the year to make a quantum leap in your life, to create your own miracle. The energies of the year will support any change, including extreme an make-over! The more ambitious the plan, the more likely it is to be supported and have a successful outcome.

2016 will have a sparkly Fire energy, filled with enthusiasm and creative action. But you must match it, or it might feel like you are not invited to that party. The energy will be fast-moving in many directions simultaneously – plenty of choices for each one of us! But you must hustle, or that fast movement will feel like chaos, or a cattle prod, forcing you to act. If you feel overwhelmed by too much activity, first rest, then get the move on (instead of procrastinating, resisting and dragging along).

This is definitely the year to let go of one’s limitations based on embarrassment and shame – 2016 energy will not tolerate self-shame, self-hatred, or “putting oneself down” out of embarrassment. It is the year of the FREE EXPRESSION of your uniqueness! So be prepared to fully show up as yourself.

The 2016 energies will support physical stamina and require mental alertness from all of us – “spacing out” is not going to work for you in the year of the Fire Monkey! If this alertness is present, then we will be provided with the energy to overcome any obstacle (social, personal, health issues, etc.) The dynamic energy of 2016 might impulse you to “jump ahead of yourself” – watch out for that. The first months of the year (Feb.- May) will be more supportive in  the mode of helping you to gather your momentum, then in June-July the energy might feel too fast. It is important to pick your own speed and follow your own paths for the end of the year. If you realize that the choices you have made are not working, look into it, but do not get stuck in over-deepening emotionally or over-analyzing mentally – 2016 is the year to “decide-check”: decide, then check your progress, then decide again, then check again, and so on. If your choices are bringing you to where you intend on going, keep going; if not – notice and choose something else! Internal leadership, confidence and inner authority are required for all decisions in 2016.

To celebrate the coming of 2016, and to support your own strength during the Monkey year, wear red, orange, and coral colors, have them around your house – these colors have a harmonizing effect on the Fire of 2016, and will help you balance your own Fire element. The stones – garnet, amber, red and orange agates, ruby, carnelian, and red and brick jasper – are highly beneficial in 2016.

I am setting up a special Night Quad 
for the night between December 31st and January 1st
It will be about preparing our bodies and energy systems for completion of the slower Sheep year energies, and the activation of the Fire Monkey – so that as the new fiery energies begin to flow, we are ready and prepared to welcome them.

If you want to sign up, simply pay at the top right corner of this site, 
and I will add you to the quad :)
Image Credit: Dasha Alexandrov at www.DashaAlexandrov.com

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