Morphogenic Fields of Consciousness

ImageCredit: by Purple Orbit
Our Simulation is experiencing a split inside the 3rd dimension of Earth, and the morphogenic fields are changing.  In the Lower 3D Earth the fear-based morphogenic fields are running the show, they are linked to the Separation perception. In the Higher 3D Earth are the love-based fields linked to Oneness perception.

Morphogenic fields are electro-magnetic templates/blueprints, created by everything in existence; it is the input and output of creation. They are created by planets, by the Sun, by Nature, by diverse energy entities and by us. With every intense feeling/emotion, thought and action (or non-action) every individual strengthens one of these fields that are already in existence. Some of these fields are lower-astral monstrosities of hatred and fear, while others are amazing healing and nurturing blueprints of peace and beauty. With the clear intention to channel a feeling, and/or with the focus of enough minds, we can create/support a new morphogenic field – of peace, responsibility and Self-consciousness (Unity-consciousness).

The current level of human consciousness is the “training wheels” stage for the formation of Self. It has created many morphogenic fields separate from Nature, not based on beneficial planetary instinctual intelligence. The dominant consciousness (“mass consciousness”) on the planet right now is fear-based, as it has formed from the negative sense of separation, scarcity and war. Our “mass consciousness” is disharmonic because it includes the actions, thoughts and feelings of humans who are locked inside of the image projections of what a self should be, instead of the true Self. At the same time that our mass consciousness is fear-based, there are other morphogenic fields that exist based on peace, healing, beauty, and love. All morphogenic fields in existence change their field strength with every individual feeling, thought, and action that occurs.

All matter-species (human beings, animals, plants, crystals/minerals) and all non-matter species, have a consciousness and therefore relate to a particular morphogenic field. The energy connected to an emotion/feeling is one of the most powerful forces of creation of morphgenic fields for humans, although as we evolve, we will be able to use this energy in combination with clear focused thought. A large number of people simultaneously focusing on a particular feeling or thought will generate a local morphogenic field (there are many “internet intention-setting opportunities” floating around, when people circulate a desire for a particular intent setting at a particular time, so that everyone who chooses to participate adds their intent in the pre-set moment, and they have resulted in creations of scattered balanced peaceful morphogenic fields on Earth). For this to be accomplished on a planetary scale, 22% of humanity has to hold that same feeling/emotion. With enough input, the morphogenic field itself creates a ripple effect that people, knowingly or unknowingly, are able to tap into. 

Individually and collectively we constantly contribute to the development of our Universe with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them. This is why awakening to the next level of consciousness cannot be possible without responsibility – not only for our actions, but also for our internal environment – thoughts, feelings, senses.

Morphogenic fields are accessed by generating a particular resonance to match the field’s frequency (fear attracts more fear; anger amplifies anger; compassion brings compassion). Because higher frequencies are more harmonious, high frequency morphogenic fields can modify/heal lower frequency ones: a field of compassion will resolve hatred; a field of love will resolve war.

One is able to connect to a morphogenic field at any moment from anywhere – all one needs is an ability to resonate at a particular frequency. Morphogenic fields are an amazing tool for training our consciousness to expand, and for releasing limited patterns.

This is how you can practice:
  • pick a particular issue that you want to work on (self-hatred, confusion, fear, anger, insecurity, scarcity, etc.)
  • tune into how this issue manifests in your energy field and body, where you feel it the most;
  • once you can experience the issue in your system, look for the morphogenic field that it is linked to (any issue of fear is linked to the planetary astral fear field; the issue of scarcity to the planetary field of human-generated scarcity, etc.)
  • notice how much of the issue is your own and how much is being supported/maintained by the planetary morphogenic field (in % maybe?);
  • tune into the morphogenic field of a higher frequency than the one you are linked to, a field that would dissolve your link to the lower field (i.e. tune into the field of uniqueness if you were dealing with insecurity; or to the field of love if you are dealing with hatred; or to the field of purpose if you are dealing with lost-ness, and so on.)
  • witness how linking to the morphgenic field of higher frequency dissolves the link to the lower field. Now you are left with only your own issue, without the negative support of the lower field. We are designed to work with our own issues and they are much easier to handle when they do not link up with everyone else’s! By doing this you just made your own issue more manageable and at the same time released your support of human negativity, helping others do the same.

You can read more about creating your own morphogenic fields, self-responsibility, intention setting, etc. in my book Awakening the Harmony Within. Above excerpt is from “Morphogenic Fields” chapter.
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The Pendulum Time

The planet is in the time period of swinging from “life” to “death” to “life” to “death” and so on. This is not a season-related swing, but an energy adjustment. This is because the 2nd dimension of Earth is being imprinted with new Light Codes. Pi is inserting them into the 2D of her earth body. We here in the 3D are experiencing this process as a perceptual pendulum swing – one moment you might feel super alive and hopeful, the next you might feel like you are ready to give up, or feel near death emotionally or physically. This is perceptual, not literal – i.e. there is nothing to be afraid of, it is not that you are actually suddenly going to drop dead. But perceptually you are responding to the fluctuations of the 2D, as the new codes are being inserted there…

So when you fluctuate between the states of profound “I AM” awareness (empowered) and old self-doubts (disempowered), remember to stay centered. The key during this time is to remain detached. When we favor “feeling alive” and being in the powerful “I Am” states, and fear “feeling dead” and returning to our old issues, we only amplify the pendulum swing. Instead, try to be neutral and WITNESS both: “I am powerful and One with all Life”, “right now I am in self-doubt, pain, fear, and defense”. Both have value – the powerful state is about your return to Oneness and the negative painful state is about working on the issue so that the unique Self can be built (to eventually join the Soul in Oneness, generating the Soul-Self).

If you spend most of your time in the Higher 3D Earth consciouness, you might also notice another fluctuation: one moment you are feeling connected to All, the next you are in repulsion/frustration concerning the unconscious people in the Lower 3D Earth. It is important not to judge them or yourself for falling into judgment! Instead, go into the witness mode – notice the chaos and pain of the Lower 3D reality, the fears and defenses of people, but without having an emotional reaction to it yourself.

We only have an emotional reaction to something if somehow we take it personally. In this case, we can become repulsed/frustrated/scared of the unconsciousness on Earth because we link it to our safety. If we are in the Higher 3D Earth, we know that we are NOT the body and thus our consciousness is the Self, and it is eternal and cannot be harmed. From that place we know that we create everything as a learning. This gives us clarity as to what is ours to deal with and what is not. You can truly feel compassion for the people in the Lower 3D Earth only if you have detached your safety from having to have any particular outcome. Most of the time people become threatened by others’ unconscious behavior – and want to “fix it” so that they themselves feel safe. That can look like fear-based xenophobia and religious extremism, but it can also look like “passionate co-miserating” with the underdog. You want to separate yourself from the scary unconscious events first (be in Higher 3D Earth and WITNESS), then ask yourself “Is this mine to do?” – and if it is, then go do something about it (have a conversation, donate the money, volunteer, etc., and then STOP tuning into the pain!), and if it isn’t, then let it go and work more on your own safety and incorrect beliefs (the most common being “we all have to wake up at the same time, and these people being in chaos is wrong!”)

The Starseeds and the Forerunners of Ascension on Earth are responsible for their own processing, but the more inner work that we do, using all the #SoulWorkTools, the more we benefit the collective All of Earth. The individual inner work leads to the amplification of the Higher 3D Earth’s potential, enhancing its presence as a counterweight for the Lower 3D Earth’s reality.

The Crystalline energy matrix is being assembled on the 9th level of Earth’s 3D reality. This lattice/matrix is holding the codes for Unity Consciousness  – to further support the Higher 3D Earth energies as an “alternate reality” to the Lower 3D Earth where most people live right now. We can connect to that Crystalline energy if we are able to vibrate in the 9th level of our own energy fields. Practice tuning into it by focusing your energy vertically, from the root chakra to the crown (7th), and then moving your awareness further upwards to the 8th and 9th chakras. Through the perception of the 9th chakra it will feel as if you are made of a thin crystalline energy patterns (similar to the ice patterns on the window in the winter). This crystalline energy in you is linked to the crystalline energy of the 9th level of our planet. If you allow yourself to expand your perception on the 9th level of your own energy field (hold your vertical tube from the root all the way to the 9th chakra, then experience the oval of the whole field with the 9th chakra being the top), you can then connect to the planetary 9th level and experience the Crystalline matrix of Light being built there.