Acceleration of Awakening

The vibrational rate of the 3rd dimension (and the amount of Light that the 3-D space can hold) is accelerating. The human collective spiritual energy is constantly being triggered by Pi into “paying attention” and moving along the Ascension Stairway. The speed is slower on the lower steps and faster on the higher ones, but all are being triggered into their internal “next step”.

This of course looks very different for the various levels of consciousness. People in the “kindergarten” and “primary-school” developmental stages (of consciousness – and this is NOT a judgment, simply an honest assessment) are being triggered into movement, according to their desires and fears as a means of building their identities. People in the “middle-school” stage of development are being triggered into believing and following their leaders, into tribal warfare and fear-based assumptions as they are being asked to experience themselves differently, to awaken their humanity. The typical “high-schoolers” are leading this economic, religious, corporate and political tribal warfare (just like in ancient times one king would expect his subjects/serfs/slaves to fight for him against the neighboring king). This is the Lower 3D Earth. It might look and feel disturbing to the people at the “college” level of development – and it might not look like “awakening” at all! How can wars, misconceptions, judgments and fear be awakening, right? – they can be, and they always have been, the steps one must go through in order to learn compassion and caring, learn to desire peace and cooperation, learn to create harmony and to share Love.

This disharmonious stage in human development is necessary because when the Soul descends into density, it separates from the Oneness of life as a training in Individuality, and is eventually meant to rejoin the Oneness. The process of moving along in the dark – in Separation from Oneness – occurs initially when one is confused and in pain, and then one attempts to regain the safety of the Oneness by adopting its surrogate – the Tribe. As the tribal support is relied upon,  the identity of the tribe becomes one’s identity, which supports one’s development at first, builds “civilized patterns” within, but in due course results in tribal warfare. Until eventually a Soul find too many inconsistencies with the tribe, cannot fit in anymore, and the process of moving on begins. At first these lifetimes are difficult – experiences of abandonment, fear, anger; but in time one learns to rely on oneself, forging one’s individual identity, becoming one’s own leader.

On the higher steps of the Ascension Stairway, the people of the “college” level of development are triggered into staying present, respectful of ALL life (including the unconsciously behaving humans!), compassionate while at the same time not in “rescue mode” or “victim mode” or “merging with the pain mode”, and in Self-Love that radiates onto ALL life, becoming the Divine Love. The people on the highest steps of the Ascension Stairway are asked to radiate this Divine Love/Sophia energy from their bodies, to harmonize the 3rd dimensional space. This is done in unison with the Solar Council, the Kadishtu beings, with Pi, and with the Elementals of Earth.

The energetic gap between the Lower and Higher 3D is becoming larger – in parallel with the  general semi-conscious (and various-levels-of-unconscious) human population. We have more Lightworkers and spiritual Masters living on the planet in material bodies right now, and at the same time so many such unconscious humans that they can barely be termed the same species! The planetary body is holding this accelerating shift in the Lower Subharmonic (the 1D, 2D, and 3D), but for the planetary energies to keep accepting the incoming photonic Light (from the Galactic Center) eventually the material form of the physical body will have to change into a less-dense mechanism (a micro-tubular evolutionary upgrade) and this is what the Higher 3D Earth is for!

The Higher 3D Earth still contains everything materially, but the energetic quality is of a much higher level, more Light and a much faster speed. It is like all of the senses have been turned on high all at once, as if one is in a magical land :) The acceleration of planetary evolution, especially in the Higher 3D, will support more and more upgrades in the DNA and in the etheric bodies to eventually translate the current material vehicle into a less-dense one.


Moving Along the Ascension Stairway

Image Credit:  rosannjoh
There is no hierarchy of Ascension from the worthiness perspective. Each step is important in and of itself. The Forerunners who are on the higher steps than our younger cousins must learn to be patient. Human beings who have just stepped onto the Ascension Stairway are not going to suddenly move up really fast and “catch up” to the concepts of Divine Love, Connectedness of all things, one’s creation of one’s own reality, and respect to all – this takes time and many more steps!

There is an acceleration of energy at the higher steps of the Ascension Stairway – the further up one is, the faster one is asked to move, while it is still quite slow at the bottom. This “speeding up” was pre-set before 2012 as a component of the planetary Ascension, and when only the faster Earth frequencies made it into the ascended state (what eventually became the Higher 3D), the “upper portion” of the Ascension Stairway gained momentum.

What does it mean to “stand on the Ascension step” within our spiritual development? Think of it as “existing in and being aware of..”, or “reacting to..”, or “focusing on..”, or “believing in presently..” (even if one conceptually understands the Higher Truths), whatever one finishes these phrases with – that is the actual step one is on. In other words, we might believe that, for example, everyone is on their own path and we each set up circumstances that are best for our learning, but at the same time, because of a belief in lack, feel envious of what someone has or is able to experience – this type of perception means that  this person is NOT on the higher step of “knowing the truth” but on the lower step of “envy because of internal not-enoughness." 

Being honest with oneself allows us to truly release the old and move on along the Ascension Stairway. The more quickly that we can remove old limiting beliefs, habits, expectations, old lower-consciousness energies, the easier and faster will be our ascent. Why is this ease so important? – because we must make repeated adjustments to embody the NEW not-presently-existent energies, while simultaneously releasing the negative past of our journey through the 3rd dimension, and this is a very difficult and at times painful process of perpetually transcending the current Self while evolving into the next Self (the Soul-Self). We must give ourselves all the help we can to do this smoothly and without struggle. Otherwise it’s like standing in the middle of a opening drawbridge, with one foot on each side – an uncomfortable, scary and highly unproductive way of moving to the other side!

And what is on the other side? What are the new higher energies that we are to incorporate as we move up the Transcendental Ascension Stairway? – among many are the ever-expanding capacities of consciousness, higher abilities, DNA upgrades, evolving chakras and energy bodies beyond the seven, and the Light Codes. The further up we move, the higher our standards must be – for self-responsibility, self-discipline, self-vigilance about not falling into any old beliefs or tribal safety patterns, and for self-love on a new scale. This brings us closer to rejoining the galactic Kadishtu community of Connectedness and Divine Love (Sophia energy).

The Coexistence of Two Earths

The Universe we live in is built on the frequency of Divine Love. This means that everything is interconnected. This Divine Love (Sophia) is a “fuel” for all of  the 12 dimensions and for every structure built inside of them. Our planetary Simulation experience is 7-dimensional, and is also fueled by the Divine Love frequencies. The current 3D expansion is possible because Pi is drawing more of the Sophia frequency into the Simulation.

Since 2013 the 3D of Earth (the 3rd “plane of existence” counting from the slowest) has been undergoing a major change. The original plan of “ascending the 3D Earth," in order to generate a more harmonious 3D, didn’t work in 2012 because there weren't enough awakened humans (the needed ratio was 22%). But there were 18% of us – and this created an unprecedented situation of having two defined realities co-existing here on Earth in the 3rd dimension.

The Lower 3D Earth remained with the majority of human beings who are either not participating in the awakening process due to being on the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway (the “primary-schoolers”), or those who are living in the conspiracies and victim modes (the “middle-schoolers”), or those who have given their power away to tribal leaders ("high-schoolers”). Please do not think of these levels of human development as “behind” where they should be. There is no “ascension schedule” that everyone must follow – the process ebbs and flows, as Souls enter the Earth Simulation and experience the friction, pain, compassion, love, desire, betrayal, attraction, fears, etc. As this process affects each person differently, one becomes a part of various tribal systems and morphogenic fields. This process contains the required challenges on the road to individualized Selfhood - it usually takes many incarnations to move along. And the majority of humankind is in the Lower 3D range of “kindergarten” through “middle school”, with some “high-schoolers” as leaders – the “shepherds leading the way" in the tribal warfare or tribal reconciliations. Until the sheep wake up to become the shepherds themselves, they remain in the Lower 3D Earth range – this is the law of the quantum physical process as one propels oneself through space/time/consciousness on the “ascension staircase”.
People in the Lower 3D Earth reality use mostly the lower four levels of their energy fields – etheric, emotional, mental and astral. The higher energy levels are available but rarely accessed or relied upon.

The Higher 3D Earth is the newly opened up area of the 3D range of Earth, whose construction began in 2013 and will continue through the years to come. People who are able to exist in this range are able to use all of their energy fields, relying mostly on the higher levels (truth, unconditional love and conceptual). Living this way creates a harmonious place of individuality through the dynamic interplay of opposites, inner development, constructive Connectedness-based systems, with open creative access to Sophia/Divine Love. This is essentially the “ascended Earth” we were hoping for in 2012! But this is still a very small % of the overall range within the 3rd dimension on this planet. This Higher 3D Earth is being held in place by the many Kadishtu beings outside of this planet, helping us move on along the Stairway of Ascension, and by the human beings who are on the upper steps of 3D development. This vibrational collective is made up of Starseeds and earthling Forerunners of Ascension who create a quantum dynamic, which raises the rest of the collective of the Lower 3D humans. This quantum dynamic of the interaction of subatomic particles in wave-particle duality and quantalization of morphogenic fields is the process by which the Lower 3D will eventually be transformed into the Higher 3D.