The Ascension Timelines

There is more than one of everything that exits, including the timelines for the transformation of the 3rd dimension of this planet.
What are the timelines? – think of them as “possible developmental lines” of etheric and astral energy. Only the timeline that is grounded into the etheric and physical reality of this planet (i.e. linked to the entire First Subharmonic of the 1D, 2D and 3D) will become the primary one that the body of Earth will follow.

The timelines for Ascension of the planet are the possible scenarios, developed by the Solar Council, the Kadishtu, and influenced by ALL beings on Earth – the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, and the Human (lower and higher consciousness) kingdoms. This explains why it was so important to arrive at the 22% of human beings holding the higher consciousness energy in order to change the planetary course in 2012. Because we arrived at only 18%, the entire timeline of Ascension for the whole 3D could not be done, but a portion of 3D was able to “ascend” into an expanded range as planned (this is what became the Higher 3D Earth).

Going forward there are many proposed scenarios. Some timelines imply the eventual split of the Higher 3D Earth from the Lower 3D (because the gap becomes too large), with the Higher 3D joining the 4D (i.e. merging with the lower portion of Agartha in the Second Subharmonic – the 4D, 5D, and 6D). In some of these timelines the Lower 3D remains where it is now while the Higher 3D progresses on. In some less likely timelines the Lower 3D actually descends into a much less harmonious place than it is in now (sort of the version of where “humans destroy the earth” and then have to rebuild it, and through this process they grow up), while the Higher 3D merges with 4D Agartha of Earth.
Other timelines show a possibility of the Lower 3D “catching up” in vibratory frequency to the Higher 3D, and becoming “one 3D space” again (no more Lower and Higher 3D, but one 3D that is similar to the current Higher 3D).

There is no way to say which timeline the Earth will follow – only that if each of us does our best, we will help the Solar Council and all the citizens of Earth to create the best possible scenario. We are each fully responsible for OUR OWN internal space – in how we behave, which principles we stand on, what we allow ourselves to think and feel, what actions we take (and don’t take!) No one else is at fault for our own discomfort and pain – everything is a lesson. And if that lesson is proceeded into without resistance, we will have much less discomfort!



  1. Thank you for this clear reminder to stay sovereign. I trust the timeline, whichever one it may be. For now I will continue to do my inner work to transform my outer reality by being radically honest with myself and others. Compassionate truth. What a wild ride we're all on! Love.

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