2018 – The Year of the Dog

2018 is the year of the yellow-brown Earth Dog. The energy shifts on February 16th. The colors to use for intention-setting and to wear are yellow (and its family: brown, ocher and deep red), olive/green, and deep blue/black. The type of energy is wild and humble, with a desire to be well-taken-care-of, so anything “showy” is not beneficial for the year of the Dog. This Dog enjoys all that is powerful, classy, strong, anchored, stable, thought-through, honest and fair.

2018 is the year of calculated risks, organizing, tracking, paying attention, and following through with details (think of a dog pursuing a scent). It brings an increased analytical introspection, investigation of inner fears and desires, a strong drive to find solutions to old recurring problems, and finally resolve them. The Dog likes to “follow through” – if you began something in 2018, you better finish it in 2018 (or at least have an ongoing strategy if this is a long term plan).

2018 runs an energy examination of our human condition. Authors, philosophers, poets, artists – this is your time to awaken human awareness to the core values of morality and caring, and to raise the fundamental questions about the human role in the conscious evolution of the Universe. Strength of character, living life from the Higher Self, inner health, and balance – these are the key areas to focus on in 2018.

The Dog is about empathy and social justice. Attempts at self-aggrandizing, demagogy, manipulation, and fear-based leadership will be unmasked, because the overall planetary energy in 2018 will only support the higher social morphogenic fields of common human goals, cooperation, and decency.

2018 energy is about positive change – it is a great year to choose a positive behavioral change! If you’ve always wanted to start meditating more, follow a daily workout routine, get healthy, quit smoking, stop negative self-talk, etc. – this is the year to do it because the energy supports positive lifestyle changes.

Symbolically the Earth Dog sits by a mountain, or between two mountains. Thus 2018 represents anything territorially related (inner and outer): gaining or measuring, containing, and the spiritual pursuits. This territory imprint of 2018 is not only about real estate matters, or border protection (boundaries), but also about our internal territories – how much space do we allow the Lower Self to take over? What do we want to change, as to how much room the Higher Self gets?

This 2018 mountain Dog is not a domesticated pet – it is a wild dog. This energy will block your way if you act from a place of insecurity, weakness of character, or fear – and it will lead the way if you show self-sourced power (not from the Ego), clarity of direction, and the drive to succeed. So, before any action it is prudent in 2018 to first gain clarity, then gain inner alignment with your Core Star / Higher Self.

Be aware that 2018 will also have an effect of amplifying the slower negative emotions like sadness, melancholy, depression, and heartache. This energy cannot make you feel something you do not already have inside, but it can amplify it. It is prudent to stay vigilant of these negative emotions (Water and Earth elements together make mud!), and see them in their proper perspective – they do not represent reality, they only amplify the issues you already have – thus they point to these issues! The solution here is to face the emotions in order to deal with the issues – this is what one must do in the Year of the Dog. Facing your negative emotions means becoming an Observer to them, rather than believing them and drowning in them – this clarifies the negative thought patterns and immature beliefs that we still carry and must transmute.

2018’s Earth element sets up the foundations for the 2019 Water element – thus we must do well in 2018 to have a successful “well fertilized” 2019. The Dog likes hard work. This doesn’t mean that everything in 2018 must be hard, but it does mean that there will not be any short-cuts.

Financially 2018 is about honesty, fairness, and integrity. If one is able to be positive and true in relationship to one’s money, the wealth will multiply. If one is scheming and looking for short-cuts and quick win-falls, one will actually lose money quite spectacularly. This also applies to the cycle-of-life in relationship to wealth: recycling and renewable resources will be strongly supported. Anything supporting the clearing up of pollution (including the internal type!) is supported. Industries supporting renewable energy, particularly solar energy and new sources of electricity, will flourish.

The Dog detests waste and impulsive unnecessary spending. In 2018 it is good to know what you actually need, and then share the rest with people you care about (instead of going after what you want and keeping it for yourself only).

The Dog is a social animal, and 2018 is the year of connections – human and non-human. Family plays a strong role in the Year of the Dog. However, the Dog sees family as “the people we resonate with”. Sometimes one’s genetic family is in this category, but most often it is about the close friends and people we are inspired by and relate to. In this upcoming year, strengthen your capacity for sharing, connection, and support for one another.

Looking forward into 2018, the noble and spiritually-oriented, wild mountain Dog will lead us into a more honest comprehension of ourselves.  

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Winter Solstice, Core Star, and Self-Love

Winter Solstice, time to self-source Love! orchid on snow

You might feel that the days can't get any shorter, but we still haven't yet reached the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. After Solstice the days will start getting longer, beginning the march forward to Spring. Winter Solstice is the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June solstice.

  I am doing two special Night Quads:   
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  • for the New Year (12/31) to help set the intention for the Year of the Dog

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The meaning of Winter Solstice is the birth of the sun. The Druids used evergreen trees, holly and mistletoe, as symbols of everlasting life during their Winter Solstice rituals – this is the origin of the Christmas tree. Of course, cutting down trees and putting them in their homes would have been incomprehensible, and seen as too destructive to nature.

The birth of the sun is the metaphysical representation of the birth of Light from the Void. This is why so many spiritual traditions had Winter Solstice mark the birth of the savior of the people – Horus (Egyptian), Hu Gardarn (Druid), Mithras (Persian), Jesus (Christian) and many more.

We each have an inner sun – a Core Star – within us, and Winter Solstice is a representation of the “virgin birth” (from the Goddess of Oneness, the Void) of the beloved divine child, the “savior” (Core Star Light) – the part of us that is the essence of God Source within, which will lead us into enlightenment. Transformation from a physical being into a spiritual being is the path of ascension. Tuning into the Core Star now, while still here in the 3D material form, is a way of transcension – bridging the current state and the “final destination” while still having to go through the steps of awakening.

  To connect to the Core Star within, we must self-source Love.  

When we seek Love from the external world, we are in Separation – the Lower 3D perception.
We must stop seeking approval and acceptance from the outside world; we must relax and let ourselves believe the truth that the Universe loves us. When we relax into this Universal ocean of frequencies, we allow the Love energy to come in from the inside, and bubble up to the surface of our being from the deep source within.

Our negative thought patterns interfere with self-sourcing of Love. These thoughts become a dampening field of energy that slowly drowns the voice of God Source inside – so that after a while all we can hear is our own mental chatter. You might not even think of this mental chatter as “negative” – it might seem to be the “normal thoughts about the day,” about your to-do list, about your fears and worries, your stress about not forgetting something, or not doing something right, etc. But all of this noise is related to the horizontal plane of the Lower 3D – it is based on the Separation view of reality. We become what we focus on! If one focuses on the “normal thoughts about the day” all of the time, one BECOMES this reality – becomes one’s own fears, worries, to-do lists, and stress. This is how we become trapped in the Lower 3D! We take it seriously; we do not question the validity of this perception because everyone around us lives like this.

One of the ways to clean up this dampening Lower 3D interference pattern is to become a witness to your own thoughts.

  • Notice what are you repeatedly thinking.  What subconscious record is playing over and over in your mind? By doing this, we drag a subconscious karmic pattern to the surface of our awareness, which allows us to challenge it, to modify it.
  • Look beyond these repetitive thoughts – now that you recognize the voice of your subconscious karmic pattern, who else is speaking? You will notice that there is another voice – from your Higher Self. It was just hard to hear it under all the noise of the repetitive Lower Self chatter! This Universal loving energy is always with you, pouring from your Soul into your Higher Self, and into your personality’s daily awareness.

If you listen long enough, you will find deep inside you a Core Star sound – a resonance of the Love from God Source. It is a source of Love, Joy, Beauty, Creativity… It never stops flowing. And, it is inside of you. The only reason we don’t notice it all of the time, is because we are too busy paying attention to the karmic Lower Self mental loops!  These mental patterns generate emotions – which further generate reactions and addictions, keeping us stuck in the noise.
Its time to re-set!

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You are always loved by the God Source!

You are always loved by the God Source! hearts made of tree bark

You are loved right now. As you are. With all of your imperfections.
In the “beginning” the God Source was “bored”, and so it split into many parts of itself in order to “entertain” itself. These sparks each went on their own unique journey – these are our Souls. On these journeys of exploration of the Universe, the Souls learned a lot and the COMPREHENSION of reality came into being.
The Souls participated in different experiments – in “classrooms” like our Earth. Inside each Simulation / classroom, a personality was created by each Soul in order to learn further. The imperfection of each personality fed into a magnificent tapestry of God Source, further “entertaining” it :)

You are always accepted as a perfect divine aspect of God Source, a sacred extension of creation.

When we feel bad about ourselves, it is connected to the friction between the image of how we should be and the image of how we are.

If the “should” is connected to the Higher Self (let's say one feels guilty because one lied, or betrayed someone, or was irresponsible, etc.) – then we feel bad as a consequence of our conscience. The solution here is to FORGIVE ourselves and move on. When we feel bad because we didn’t behave as we knew we could, we automatically claim the lesson. But the key here is to forgive ourselves. We must take responsibility and either fix the situation we behaved incorrectly in, or commit to doing better the next time. But either way, we must let it go. Forgiveness and letting go are the solutions to this type of “feeling bad”.

'If the “should” is connected to the Ego or the Lower Self (let's say one feels bad because one went against the norm, didn’t do as someone else had expected them to, or we chose to put ourselves first in a selfish way, etc.) then we feel bad because we are disappointing someone or breaking someone else’s expectations of us, or we didn’t get what our ego wanted. The solution here is to REVIEW the origin of the expectations that you are placing on yourself, be clear if they are your own or not (most of the time they are either the parental or socially expected ones), and then recommit to your own idea of yourself. The key here is to RELEASE someone else’s expectations of you. It is ok to disappoint others – they are not walking your path and they are not your Higher Self, so they have their own agendas. It is not ok to be cruel or aggressive about it, but if you KNOW what you must do and it is not what someone else wants of you, you still must go for it, but be clear, kind and present. Comprehension and release of someone else’s expectations are the solutions to this type of “feeling bad”.

The substance we are made of is Love. We are not made of restrictions and expectations. These limitations are just the patterns of our own perception. If one’s perceptional lens is clear, one is Love. And Love is Abundance.

You are a broadcasting station – from you into the Universe resonate the waves of images, perceptions, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. What are you broadcasting? Are you embodying a belief that you are loved and supported, and that your imperfections are simply components of your learning process and are precious just like you? That you are working on becoming a master of yourself, remaining in the Higher 3D Earth and ascending further into the higher frequencies?

Or are you embodying a belief that you are deficient, defective, that your Lower Self will always win and that you are lacking some magic trait for awakening?

We are the ones generating these beliefs. Thus we are the ones who can change them into anything we want. A belief is a combination of presence in the body, emotional experience, and thought patterns – a blend that we don’t usually question, but simply accept as is. Most beliefs are karmic, and amplified by the upbringing from the earlier years of our lives. If you want to change a belief, QUESTION it!!! When you move it from the category of “for sure 100%” into “this is one of the opinions”, then it is easier to further move it into “what if this is not true?” and so on.

Practice. Look at your negative beliefs and question them. Look at your fear of disappointing someone else – this could be another person, or a Lower Self inner-child that has a fear about disappointing the Higher Self inner-adult. Please leave your comments below!

Four Money mindset fixers!

frog laying on a pile of money - Four Money mindset fixers

How to receive more and feel GOOD about receiving more

Some of you grew up with lots of money, some grew up with nothing.
We all have crap about money…
Fighting about money is the most common reason for divorce and the cause of some of the worst childhood memories for many of you. The entrapment trauma experienced by being born into wealth, the “legacy money” that you are expected to uphold and maintain, is an emotional wound as well.


  1. One of the challenging issues about money is the judgment of “having money” as being “Selfish”. This is a very prevalent belief among the New Age community that somehow everything should be free and people who make a lot of money are “bad”, that everything “for profit” is not spiritual.

  1. Another issue is the fear that if we allow ourselves a higher standard of living, we won’t be able to live without it, becoming dependent on it and thus trapped.

  1. This next money misinterpretation is for the ones of you who think that Money=Freedom. It doesn’t. Freedom is a psychological lens on reality and NO material substance will ever be able to give it to you!

  1. And the most famous issue in spiritual people is: if I only had the money, then I could help people. This is a money trap as well, just in disguise!

Details, details…:

  1. This is a person who complains about “doing all that they could” but never being able to manifest money.
When a business owner or a spiritual lightworker person has an issue with receiving money, it traps them in the old mindset of limitations. And we all know that we create our own reality by attracting to us what we need to learn, right? So what happens here? Someone who judges money as “evil” and believes that it is “selfish to have money”, this person starts from scarcity, thus they will attract NO money. If they are looking to promote their practice, or sell their products, no one will come looking for them. Or a few people might be interested, but they will want it for free and argue, even blame, the practitioner or business owner for the price of their services or products. The same goes for jobs – instead of getting a great job, one will get a limited job with a hardship-tag attached so that their Lower Self can be proven right and remain trapped in scarcity. We love to prove ourselves right – it gives us COMFORT to be right. But by this means we are enabling the Lower Self.

  1. This is a person who has huge rainfalls, then goes hungry, then again an up, then a down – without any control over it or any ability to maintain a steady flow.
Someone who fears having money because it might become a limitation (of a higher end lifestyle?) can actually attract money as a Soul teaching to “learn to deal with money better” – but this person won’t be able to hold onto it. The opportunities will keep falling through, or some crisis will always require funds to fix it – and before long all of the money has now leaked through one’s fingers… This person’s issue is not the money itself, but fear of having money – that money results in entrapment. Usually, this is a karmic pattern – in this lifetime this person might wholeheartedly desire to have money and be super frustrated as to why it doesn’t happen. They must examine their entrapment beliefs. This karma can also masquerade as a flip-belief – i.e. believing that they are “trapped without money” while actually fearing to be trapped WITH money.

  1. This is someone who thinks that there is some “secret” to getting money and if they could only figure it out (if you’re electric) or “fall into a groove/become lucky” (if you’re magnetic), then the money would manifest.
Someone who thinks that money is freedom puts way too much pressure on the SUBSTANCE-SUPPLY as a definition of his/her REALITY. And we know what happens when we put matter ahead of Spirit, right? – karma! So, if you want to be free, then BE free. Right now. Find the internal limiting beliefs, find the emotional wounds that are in the way of this freedom, take RESPONSIBILITY for your own issues, and clean your lens up. Then the money concept is freed from the parameters/pressure you’ve been putting on it  – thus your efforts in money-manifestation will work much better!

  1. This is a bleeding-heart person with weak boundaries, who feels the pain of the whole world and wants to fix the world so that they themselves can finally relax and feel better, safer, and happier.
Why is “Money as a means of helping people” considered an issue? Isn’t it good to want to help people?? Yes, it is GREAT to want to help people. But this has NOTHING to do with the money! If you want to help people, then go help people! Period. You can donate your time or your skill if you don’t have the money to donate. You can invest your TIME in a fundraising for some project you believe in. You don’t have to HAVE money for it. This “having to have money so that you can help people” becomes a dampening energy field on your desire to have money – your container already has holes in it – you want to “have money” so that you can give it all away. The energy of money will never manifest as money for someone with this belief. If you want to be HELPFUL – great, you will attract a lot of opportunities to show the Universe that you are a helpful person. If you want to make money, have money, contain money, you have to have something of a Self to magnetize that money to! It cannot be for someone else. Once you have the money, true – you can share, give, donate all you want. But this CANNOT be the intent to get the money.

What are the negative beliefs that you have about money?
What do you fear you’ll become if you have the money? – will you become selfish? Cruel? Cold-hearted? A Republican? A non-environmentalist? A prissy queen? A demanding entitled king? Will you give all your money away to charity and earn a ton of karma? (but hey, at least you’ll be poor again, right?!). Will you be treated differently by your family, friends? Will you feel guilty and ashamed that you have the money? Will you have to become responsible? Do you think that the money will FIX some shame or guilt issues you have? (wouldn’t it be nice if a material substance could resolve an energy issue, right?)

Get honest with yourself about your money-story. Own it. Look at the Lower Self desires for money as a “fixer” for your inner problems. Then take responsibility for these internal misalignments – take the money out of that equation. 

Now ask your Higher Self – what do I want the money for? How will it support my life? My spiritual journey? The world?

Money is not positive or negative, it is a resource, an energy tool to help you create what you want.
Our beliefs color the money as “good” or “bad,” and mess with our ability to manifest.
As long as you hold onto your negative beliefs about money, you will be repelling it.
Instead of thinking that if you want to generate money you are a “money-driven person” – think of yourself as an “EXPERIENCE-driven person”. You want to enter into different states of experience – this way the money is an energy that will match what your Soul lesson is. The Soul then will pull towards you the experiences that you need to have for your personal awakening journey – and the money to make them happen.

Outsource money to your Soul !!

Then you can allow more money to come in and OVERFLOW (exceed your NEEDS so that you can share it with the world from that place of fullness!)


Authentic Self-Inquiry

Without deep personal inquiry spiritual development, and ascension, are not possible. But there are so many misconceptions about what this actually means. The electric mis-translation is “self-analyzing”, the magnetic one is “extreme surrender”.
Personal inquiry is NOT the same thing as self-analyzing. When we self-analyze, we use our mental body in order to figure out the answers based on something we already know. You can see how this process is limited, right? Because the available answers are contained within the parameters of knowledge that the Ego already has. And that usually means that the answers come from whichever part of the Ego is the strongest.
Let us separate a person into four parts – the Body, the Inner Female (emotions), the Inner Male (thoughts), and the Soul (Higher Self). Since we are talking about analyzing – this means that the Male side, the thinking, is the strongest pattern in that person, so their Ego is seeing itself as “mental”. This is an attempt to find answers, and that person will be looking through their own knowledge base in an attempt to do so.
When we try to figure out how to move into the next step of our personal development, we have to use what is OUTSIDE of the parameters of the Ego. If we stick to the Ego view, then we end up in the same place where we started, walking in circles. Thus other mechanisms are required in order to become awakened. Analyzing does work for setting up a strategy based on the available data, and for sorting and organizing information. But not for spiritual development!
Inner inquiry is NOT the same thing as extreme surrender either. This type of surrender is often used as a strategy by the Lower Self to procrastinate, to avoid having to DEAL with the problem. True surrender is meant to be not in letting the Self go, but in letting the Ego go – i.e. the personality is meant to surrender to the Soul, which is in alignment with God Source (the Soul-Self). When one tries to inquire inside, and does it by self-erasure, there is no one to receive the answer! It is an extreme measure to engage in and it is not beneficial to spiritual development either.
So what is personal inquiry then? 
Personal inquiry is a balance between Intuition and the Inner Observer.
Intuition is the means of accessing knowledge that is beyond Ego parameters. It is the Inner Female way – the magnetic energy of connecting to Oneness and at the same time staying true to oneself. That bridge between you and the Oneness will “vibrate” when you inquire, and the resonance it generates brings answers from beyond the Ego.
The Observer is the required component because it allows us to be impartial and view what is going on inside of us as we experience life out in the world. Remember we separated a person into four parts (the Body, the Inner Female (emotions), the Inner Male (thoughts), and the Soul (Higher Self)? Let every one of these four parts of you share the inner space (like a conference room, round table style), and listen to their views. This tells you what the climate is of your internal world. Once you know that, you have choices to make. But first get all four opinions WITHOUT taking sides. This is very important – if our consciousness takes sides (“I should not be thinking this”, “it is stupid that I am feeling this”, “it shouldn’t matter”, etc.), we switch from Observer to the Ego, forfeiting the inquiry attempt. The only way to truly get a measurement of your internal climate is through the eyes of the Observer.
What is required for self-inquiry? – a combination of Intuition and the inner Observer.
What is required to turn the Intuition on? – the bridge between the Self and Oneness (i.e. connect to the Universe while feeling your own preciousness and uniqueness).
What is required to turn the inner Observer on? – detachment (you have to let everyone inside of you have an opinion, speak up, while you stay neutral and collect data).

Authentic Self-inquiry will allow you to see the true source of the inner problems and find solutions (instead of walking around in emotional and mental circles). It will also move you beyond thoughts and emotions, into the world of I AM – where you have access to Universal Intelligence. 


Learn the cause of your discomfort and resolve it

Have you noticed lately how personal discomfort levels have shot up? Considering what is going on in the world recently it is very tempting to slide into the Lower Self fears and defenses, being torn between the desire to hide, to help, and to self-protect.

You are uncomfortable for a reason – the reason is that your Lower Self beliefs are telling you to act in a certain way (worry, be scared, be angry, be protective, be desperate or negatively righteous about your opinions, etc.) while your Higher Self beliefs are telling you to act in the opposite way (stay neutral, Oneness-connected and Love-centered, aligned with the God Source inside yourself). Hopefully you are choosing the Higher Self mode – meanwhile, the Lower Self is freaking out, yelling at you that you are “being cruel and heartless!” or “jeopardizing your safety!!” or “escaping reality”… This inner dichotomy would make anyone uncomfortable and unstable!

But… The good news is that this is a transitionary stage – you need to learn to TRANSMUTE the Lower Self beliefs (not just to “ignore them”) so that the Higher Self mode is the ONLY mode left. In other words, instead of having two equally loud voices inside, you have one loud (Higher Self) voice and the other whispering (Lower Self) voice until it eventually AGREES with the Higher Self. We work on not following the immature advice of the Lower Self (hopefully succeeding most of the time in that) but this does not change the Lower Self’s opinions – we simply ignore them and move on. What happens then to the Lower Self views? – exactly: NOTHING. They remain inside, fester and grow stronger until one day we are triggered and they come out at us with a vengeance…

The key here is to help the Lower Self grow and evolve it’s immature beliefs in self-sacrifice and negative righteousness, fears and victimhood – not to just override them. Now is the time for good self-parenting – most of us were not parented well by our own parents (they had no idea how to do it!) and then we were not sure how to parent our own children (and so we did some of it out of incorrect beliefs), thus now we need to make sure we parent ourselves well. Self-parenting means that your Higher Self is parenting (in charge of) your confused and scared Lower Self's inner child – this way the wisdom is parenting the fears and worries.

When your world-views and self-views are from the Higher Self, you know that safety is internal, and that true caring is based on a compassionate detachment and passionate participation only when beneficial for ALL involved, and that you must be in the Vertical Belonging alignment in order to be safe, caring and passionate – and this means that you must be INDIVIDUATED. You can still choose to do something good for the tribe (family or human in general), but not as a self-sacrifice, only as a self-add-on, a “passionate participation” when the benefit is spiritually appropriate for all who are involved.

The problems arise when the Lower Self patterns bleed out to the surface and the fear, or beliefs like “I must make sure they are ok” take over – it is like a momentary amnesia when you forget about the Higher Self view. From that place “fixing the world” by worrying about it seems a viable option. In reality, we are only adding to the tribal warfare when we worry and fear the future – we fall under the mind control of the lower morphogenic fields. So, continue working on staying in the balanced morphogenic fields of the Higher 3D Earth ascension timeline – thus getting out of the lower ones, unplugging from them, and remaining an Observer while LIVING your life.

Being powerful (self-masterful, sovereign, in charge of oneself) also means letting other people follow their own path, even if it is dissimilar to your own. If you want to live in the Higher 3D, you MUST let go of the lower 3D (you cannot be in both!) – this is how we all help to RESOLVE the current social mess of the tribal warfare mentality. BE the Light and Love, stay the course!


If and how to pay attention to the news?

We all are concerned with the current social and political situation on Earth. But how much concern is too much? Are we callous if we don’t watch the news? Are we really involved and helpful if we do?

Before the split of the Higher 3D Earth from the Lower 3D, watching political drama was not conducive to remaining in the higher range. If we engaged emotionally with the astral situation (social, political, tribal), we automatically become trapped in that range, effectively locking ourselves into the Lower 3D. Expanding one’s awareness and sensitivity to raise one’s personal vibration in order to live in the Higher 3D was extremely difficult – one almost had to go away from the world (if not to a mountaintop, then at least by turning off a lot of the external world inflow into one’s life) in order to remain in the Higher 3D Earth.

When the 3D of Earth “split” (back in 2013-2014), the two ranges became more apparent – this made it easier to stay in one or the other, but harder to go back if you switched. From this place of being in the Higher 3D it is possible now to stay as an Observer (not a participant) and watch the Lower 3D drama unfold. 

This has two benefits:
  1. by having a proper perspective on what we are watching, we are actually contributing to the resolution of what we are watching;
  2. we get to build a stronger inner Observer by practicing this.

The Observer is a part of the individualized Self that is beyond the personality of the Ego – from the Ego’s perspective the Observer is neutral. In fact, the Observer part of us is not in duality at all, it is linked to the Higher Self and Soul – like a bridge between them and the Ego.

Without developing an inner Observer, enlightenment is impossible.

This is what separates the conscious people from the unconscious ones: consciousness implies the existence of the Higher Self and an ability to look at life impartially (non-personally) as a lesson.

How do we contribute to the resolution of the “tribal warfare” on the planet?

The “contribution to resolution” (1st benefit) – when one connects to the morphogenic field (joined link) but remains vibrationally outside of it (Observer), if one’s frequency is stronger than the field one is linked to, one will positively influence the field (harmonize it).
The “stronger Observer” (2nd benefit) – when one practices non-interference and neutral compassion (detachment), one strengthens this ability internally – one can then apply it more easily to oneself (self-compassion through detachment from the Ego).

But what to do with friends who are so much in the Lower 3D?

The same strategy goes for the breaking of connections with people who choose not to (or cannot) be in the higher morphogenic fields, while we still are. In other words – get new friends who match your journey! If we stay connected to these toxic people in a traditional “involved” way, we are forced to lower our own frequency and in a sense “move down” to match them (because they cannot go up). If we end the relationship, then we are able to remain in the more harmonious range where we are, and they remain where they are. Considering that we are staying in the higher field, we are actually still contributing to that person’s evolution (linking in as an Observer), vs going into the lower field where we are keeping their personality happy but also adding our charge to the lower morphogenic field’s strength.


Shield Align

We are not victims. Ever. Of anything or anybody.

The past few weeks have been very intense involving planetary energies – the Lower 3D fear-based morphogenic fields have been “at war” with the Higher 3D harmonious “all is one” templates – this resulted in a lot of people being triggered into “having to prove that they could stay in the Higher Self” – through the challenging situations, negative moods, or body aches. As these “ascension symptoms” showed up, each person had to make a choice to go into fear/trauma/pain about this, or to stay in the Higher Self mode.

Many humans have experienced this planetary situation as a fear-laden turmoil, with occasional moments of insanity (just look at the current politics or the world situation in general). Many have had their negative mental loops re-activate (negative self-talk) or have been in a negative emotional morass (depressive self-diminishing swamp). When this occurs, it is easy to think that someone else is in charge – it couldn’t possibly be us doing this to ourselves, right? In reality there is a truth to both: there are plenty of negative agendas at play on Earth in the Lower 3D right now (including human and alien architects), but there is also an amazing awakening push for the Higher 3D and it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH person to choose wisely.

People often talk about “implants” – some kind of manipulating energy-technology program that is affecting them negatively and if they could just remove it, everything would be alright… Well, this is not so. First of all, most of the time when we feel emotionally off, or psychologically triggered, it is not because of any alien implant, or a lower astral being attachment, but simply because we are not disciplined enough to remain in our Higher Selves, instead we slide down into the immature Lower Self viewpoints – and these Lower Self beliefs then generate the negative emotions that we want to escape. The solution here is to take responsibility for the immature beliefs and clean them up by UPGRADING your understanding and self-love – this will naturally resolve the negative emotions.

In a very rare case where there actually is an alien implant program embedded into one’s field, we are still not victims of it. Yes, someone must have wanted to put it into us, but we would have had to allow it. We cannot control who out there in the universe wants to do what – there are plenty of selfish beings, or just hungry beings who do not discriminate on their energy-food source! But just because someone wants to place an implant into you, or even eat you, doesn’t mean that they get to do this. Here is where the Shield Align comes in.

The Shield Align is a simultaneous overlay of four specific energy alignments (shields) that are required to make sure that no one can mess with your energy system from the outside – ever. (This includes lower astral critters, people who might want to drain you, social and alien manipulations, etc.)

The four alignments are:
  • Strong personal Boundary and presence in the Vertical Tube at all times;
  • Fearlessness based on a deep understanding that you are a Loving Creator of your journey;
  • Ability to make clear choices by resonating with your uniqueness / Self / individuality;
  • Free of any addictions by the fact of self-discipline and staying in the Higher Self.

Practice the Shield Align every day, adding one shield at a time. This is NOT self-protection or defense (these IMPLY an enemy!) The Shield Align is a self-sustaining right of every Soul incarnate – we just forgot how to do it over the long periods of being stuck in the dark. It is time to remember, practice, and be free!


The Lion’s Gate of the Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, during the total Solar Eclipse, our individuality will experience a spiritual upgrade to become calibrated with the Higher 3D Earth and the incoming 5D Unity Consciousness templates.

To recap the overall progress…
The construction of the Higher 3D began in 2013, when the “soul of the planet” we call Gaia had left/ascended in consciousness, and the new being, Pi, came to support our planet. By 2016 the Lower and Higher 3D Earths began to “separate” – both anchored in the same matter-body of Earth, they each supported  a different sub-level of the 3D stage of development.
  • The Lower 3D Earth Simulation is linked to the immature human consciousness that is currently in a highly agitated and disharmonious state –  it is a limited perception range that is supported by the entities who are interested in control and domination (non-Kadishtu, selfish).
  • The Higher 3D Earth Simulation component is linked to the Starseed and Forerunner consciousness of a much more harmonious nature – and it is an open perception range that is supported by the Kadishtu entities and the Solar Council – this is the “ascended 3D” that we were hoping for in 2012.

At the end of 2016 the effort of the Solar Council and the Kadishtu beings (altruistic consciousness) culminated in the liberation of many hijacked and/or clogged vortexes (portals, or stargates, that exist throughout the Macro-Tubular Network of this planet) in order to fully support the existence of the Higher 3D Earth consciousness plane. The Macro-Tubular Network of plasmic filaments is the means for the planet to “breathe in the Light” – to connect with the Universe. With them having been non-functional over the last twelve thousand years, the human consciousness range was significantly limited, “trapped in the box” as if wrapped in a shrink-wrap – which allowed the negative consciousness beings (non-Kadishtu) to manufacture limited morphogenic fields.

A morphogenic field is an energy construct on which a group consciousness runs, they can be harmonious and disharmonious. Before 10,800 BC the portals/stargates were open, and human consciousness was less controlled (there were always more and less conscious people on Earth at the same time). After 10,800 BC these portals/stargates became inactive (by combination of the effort of negative entities, and the further fall into density of human consciousness) – this effectively quarantined the planet, blocking her from the rest of the frequencies (including most of the higher dimensions of Earth). The limited 3D range then was further negatively affected by the entities interested in control – they utilized already existent limited/fearful human tribal morphogenic fields by amplifying them, and linking their power source to the South Pole of Earth. We are not victims – we are the creators of our experience, and the only reason this blocking of the stargates was allowed by the Solar Council was because human already existent fearful beliefs were used. In short, people were looking for someone to give their authority away to and that “field” appeared as requested…

Throughout 2016 many of the stargates were re-opened by the Kadishtu and the Solar Council, and by many hard-working Starseeds and Forerunners on Earth. Ireland’s and Siberia’s stargates have been liberated, and many more unclogged in Iraq and Iran, in India, Pakistan, the Altai region, in both Americas, and in Antarctica. This expands the limited energy range, but does not automatically guarantee awakening – the ceiling is removed, the doors and windows are open, but people still have to choose to look through these windows and walk through these doors (and this takes time – a LOT of time…) – and without personal work awakening is impossible.

In February 2017 a major work has been done in Antarctica to finally unhook the lower morphogenic fields from Antarctica’s portals – this way people can still believe whatever matches their level of spiritual development, but without these fields supplying the extra energy (in a sense, unplugging them). This was partially successful and the work is still underway. During this process many ancient artifacts became rediscovered (hopefully at some point they will be shown to the people). One of the vortexes activating the energy flow led to a crack in the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

July 12th-13th, 2017 the planetary magnetic grid experienced a re-set on the etheric and physical levels. This was the conclusion of a long process of adjustments to the planetary magnetic flow by means of eventually opening the stargates. This re-set occurred because a huge iceberg had separated from Larsen Ice Shelf (opening the energy flow from 1D to 6D Earth).

On August 7th-8th, 2017 there was a partial Lunar eclipse. The Moon is directly linked with the magnetic fields of the planet, and with our emotional and astral energy bodies, thus any major events on the full moon create a huge emotional/astral amplification, often leading to huge social (“horizontal”) frictions (like the recent North Korea / US escalation in the Lower 3D).

On August 21st, 2017 there will be a total Solar Eclipse. The Sun represents Identity and Individuality, it holds these programs for us. When one becomes individuated, one unplugs from the social morphogenic fields and is able to hold one’s identity/authority in the Vertical Tube of their own Light Body, essentially being “off the grid” of tribal consciousness. This is why most political and religious systems throughout the ages feared solar eclipses – when the unindividuated masses are unplugged from the external authority, they become fearful, can form mobs and challenge people in power, or start wars, etc. On the other hand, all mystery schools treasured the time of the solar eclipses as a moment of initiation into selfhood – and an opportunity for an initiate to prove himself/herself in their spiritual ability by standing alone and supporting one’s Light Body through one’s link directly with the Universal Oneness (instead of through the social tribal fields).

During this total Solar Eclipse parts of 14 American states will experience the shadow of the Moon directly. Even though the entire process of eclipse takes about 2 hours, the actual initiation moment is about 90-120 seconds right in the middle of the eclipse. If you are in the states where you can see it, notice how Nature goes quiet – birds and animals seem to intentionally hold their own fields. If you are not in the location to see it, you can still watch it live (here is one of the “LIVE broadcast” sites) or just tune into it. Find a place to really be in your Vertical Tube and internally-focused at least during the 90-120 seconds of the actual identity re-set. It is very important to be in a grounded harmonious state during that time.

I am creating 2 Night Quads for the Eclipse – the first on Sunday night (20th) to prepare your energy fields, the second on Monday night (21st) to anchor the changes after the Eclipse. 
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Let’s help the Solar Council and other Kadishtu beings to further activate the Higher 3D Earth, so that the Lower 3D can process it’s path along the Ascension Stairway more harmoniously. We only have one planet – time to be Self-strong, so that we can channel Universal Love into her 3D Simulation range.


The New Evolutionary System

The incoming Galactic Light Codes, and the new Enveloping Light around the Earth (fed by the Galactic Light) are accelerating the release of the Old Evolutionary System of Duality based on Separation  (old belief patterns, morphogenic tribal fields, and the negative personal codes). The Earth is evolving into the New Evolutionary System of Unity based on Diversity. This is a new cycle for our Simulation that the Kadishtu beings (galactic altruistic group of enlightened beings) are promoting in the 3D of Earth. The next sub-harmonic (4D, 5D, 6D) is already operating on this belief that diversity is a form of personal uniqueness that is to be explored and cherished. In this next sub-harmonic, comparison exists only as a form of defining, not as judgment. In our sub-harmonic (3D, 2D, 1D) so far the Earth Simulation has been on the path of “duality through Separation” with judgment, cruelty, fear, revenge, and victim-ness as the flag-posts.

The Earth Simulation is a very complex type of morphogenic field itself – it is a program that exists for us to learn through. It is like a computer game with rules that allow us to move along the Ascension Stairway. Harmonious thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotional responses allow us to move up a step, and disharmonious ones make us step down. It is not “wrong” to move down a step – it is a pre-set consequence of our behavior inside the Simulation. The key is to keep your focus on the proper component of the Simulation – the LEARNING that occurs within you. On the lower steps of the Ascension Stairway people over-focus on their FEELINGS and the EXTERNAL world and their desires associated with it. Learning and spiritual growth are the real reasons why we are in this Simulation in the first place, and the only way to move up along the Ascension Stairway is to focus on the INTERNAL world and your perceptions of life. The value of personal uniqueness cannot be underestimated here – without it we are back to the tribal system of lower morphogenic fields, lost in Separation.

Starseeds and Forerunners are already in upward movement on the Ascension Stairway, because they are on the “college” level and above. But don’t think this means that they are better than the ones who are on the lower steps – no one is better than anyone else. All Earthlings are one Soul, all Starseeds are from different places, and Forerunners are a mix of the more conscious Earthlings and some Starseeds. Either way, in the big sense of universal consciousness, we are all ONE – from the same Source. But the majority of Earthlings are on the lower steps right now, while the Starseeds and Forerunners are higher. This comes with its own challenges: Earthlings are in pain because they feel the friction of the collapsing lower morphogenic tribal fields, and are fighting to keep their “sheep”, while Starseeds and Forerunners are in pain because of their ability to FEEL ONE with everything – thus feeling the cruelty of Separation that Earthlings are in (and some of their own wounds as well). What balances this is Love, Joy and Peace.

To support the New Evolutionary System of Unity based on Diversity within yourself, do this:

➤ Focus on the internal, on your own unique personal perception of reality (instead of externally-delivered opinions about how you should think/feel);
Stay in your vertical tube no matter what (pain, fear, confusion, lost-ness, frustration, apathy, overload and worthiness issues are NOT excuses to leave your tube!!!)
➤ When you encounter hopelessness (and there will be moments like this as the old systems are breaking), tune into PEACE – the white soft calm energy that IS – no movement, just pure presence in harmony;
➤ When possible, focus on the Higher 3D positive energies that are inside the Enveloping Light – the Love and Joy :)


Food, Exercise and Sleep to Welcome Soul into the Body

Spirituality is not “somewhere out there,” but anchored in the material body. Our physical bodies are our “Soul temples” – the places that our Souls take up residence in for a lifetime. Currently, there seem to be three patterns of thought about this:

-the materialistic one that says that we must do the proper things for the physical body in order to stay healthy, but this is done out of fear of illness and aging;

-the old religious way that says that the body is “evil” and in order to be one with Spirit/God we must avoid pleasure and any support for the body;

-and the balanced way that reminds us that the body is the anchor point for the Soul and must be respected and supported in order to help us awaken to Spirit/God.

Obviously once a person steps onto the path of spiritual awakening, he realizes that the material body is an essential component of it – it heavily influences our perceptions! If the body is unhappy, we are in survival mode, i.e., no spiritual growth can occur, because we are too preoccupied with material matters.

In the material area of our lives, self-care can be divided into four categories:
water intake,
food intake,

It is our responsibility to allow our matter-vehicles, our bodies, to function properly in these areas. Drinking a lot of water is necessary for hydration, for the electro-magnetic conductivity of the energies we are processing, for the flushing out of toxins.

We are what we eat, and so the food we send through our digestive tracts must be as pure as possible: organic and light. Red meat and sugar are the heaviest substances out there, followed by dairy products; chicken and eggs are lighter, fish and seafood even lighter, and vegetables, fruits, and nuts are the lightest. No food change should be exercised based on mental or political decisions. Sometimes we actually need the substance we think we should not eat. Everyone is different. When a person is feeling angry a lot, letting go of eating red meat would be a great choice, while if someone is experiencing much fear and anxiety, and inability to pay attention to material matters, they might actually benefit by adding some red meat into their diet for a while. When the inner work brings a person to a fast and light vibrational range, he might not have any desire anymore for heavy foods – they would serve no purpose in his body. At this stage, foods like vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, and honey would be the best. Honey is also sugar, but it is holographically harmonious with the planet because the bees have added sacred geometry codes into the honey through a special enzyme which divides the sucrose into glucose and fructose – two simple sugars for our bodies to absorb directly, synchronizing us with the planet.

The movement does not have to be strenuous exercise. When we are in the process of working through our fears and issues, we might require very active work-outs. Getting into the body and building relationship with it is necessary in order to help it awaken, and building muscle will definitely get you into the body! Very active aerobic exercise is effective in the dispersal of fears and anxiety. But as one becomes more attuned to the higher vibrations, less strenuous exercise becomes more appropriate – like walking, yoga, Thai Chi, etc. Eventually breathing itself becomes all that the body needs. Deep breathing exercises, not the muscles (the macrocosm) but the cells (microcosm). As the rate of vibration of the material body increases, it will not require oxygen either, being able to breathe the life force directly. Obviously, do not try to do that until you are ready!

Rest is not only about sleep, but it is also about being calm and harmonious. When we are in stress and anxiety, in worry and circular thinking, we are not at rest! Intense energies are meant to activate our systems, but it is our responsibility to use the positive end of that energy. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, switch your inner viewpoint, and it will become excitement. Frustration can become courage to face the issue, depression can become emotional letting go, confusion can turn into the experience of spaciousness and opening for something new to come in.

There is a common misconception that when one does the consciousness work, one needs less sleep. During sleep, we recharge and regenerate the body, but we also download information, allow our “medical team” guides to help us with upgrades, process energy and, eventually do a lot of “travel” and energy work consciously. Therefore sleep is a tool we can use. Be kind to yourself, and never override your sleep patterns, allow them to unfold and use them appropriately.

Awakening the Harmony Within
How to Create with Spirit 

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Just as Nature cannot be hurried, we cannot be at the next step of our Soul consciousness before we have matured into it. Once water and food intake is appropriate, and the movement and sleep patterns are harmonized with the spiritual awakening process, we match the speed of the Soul. It is a unique speed for each person and there is no “right and wrong” here! But one more component is needed for further awakening – listing within. It is impossible to properly use intent or arrive at a different level of self-awareness without a certain amount of self-knowledge and inner guidance, which can only be gained through spending some time alone. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to serve others, like spouses, children, family, job, friends, but not ourselves. Yet these components: Water/Food + Movement + Rest + Inner Voice, are essential for our awakening. The physical parts are requirements to make the inner voice easier to hear!

Here is an interesting article to help you guys stay fit and know what to do if you want to shape up the RIGHT (efficient!) way. It is by Mark Williams – he’s a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast, who believes in empowering people with knowledge to make smarter, healthier choices in their lives.  Check it out: Best Core Exercises - click on the link.