The Enveloping Light around Earth

In November 2016 (3rd to 17th from the 7D to 1D) there came a huge download of Light energies into the core of Earth, activating the vertical tube of our planet and opening up the star gates. These “star gates” are the access portals of the Tubular Network/ “Highways of Light” that interpenetrate the whole galaxy. Why is this important? It further unites Earth with the external space of the Solar system and the Galaxy, helping the Lower 3D have access to unconditional Love energies – it is a next step in “releasing the quarantine” that we’ve been in for a very long time. (The first step in releasing it was made in 1987).

This recent event brought into being an Enveloping Light around Earth that exists in the next sub-harmonic (6D, 5D, 4D) down into our sub-harmonic (3D, 2D, 1D). This “light envelope” looks like a field of pearlescent-gold energy, gently holding the planet.

In December 2016 (17th to 22nd from 7D to 1D) there came another download of Light – from the Galactic center. This energy went right into the field of Enveloping Light, activating it – and by the Winter Solstice it began to hum! Why is this important? This amplifies the morphogenic fields of Unity and not the fields of Separation. Remember, morphogenic fields are sort of the "communal consciousness” patterns of tribes– the shared human beliefs that people subscribe to. The Lower 3D contains many of these Separation-based belief fields that people who don’t have an individual Self yet, or who’s Self is “new” (“middle-schoolers” and “high-schoolers”) are plugged into. The newly vibrating Enveloping Light is meant to begin to modify these fields of Separation into the healthier fields of Diversity. If human beings can learn that this Simulation is about Diversity instead of Separation, the Lower 3D will evolve into a harmonious space. The healthy perception of Diversity is based on the incorporation of Divine Love – i.e. we can celebrate the differences, study them, learn from them, be curious about them – it is a way to learn much more quickly because instead of a firsthand experience of everything we can have a  secondary-type experience by tuning into another person and see the situation through their eyes.

The activation of new Light always brings a subsequent integration process, and it tends to be painful in unconscious people. The lower morphogenic fields are challenged by the new Light and “fight back” through activating people into rage, hatred, fear and victimhood. Unconscious people tend to experience a false sense of relief from their beliefs being “right”, thus many chose to fight for the “right-ness” of their existing disharmonious beliefs instead of opening up to the greater truth – which, from the "need to be right" perspective, seems challenging and uncomfortable. Of course, not everyone will externalize these negative energies, but the ones  who do end up affecting many people through spouting their negativity outwards through speeches, actions, and even through the acts of terrorism. The Lower 3D definitely reflects that.

Thus you want to focus on the Higher 3D Enveloping Light. What does it feel like? You might experience it as a vibration moving THROUGH your body from the inside out. Most of the time we feel the new energy downloads as coming from the outside inward. But this Enveloping Light vibrates from the inside of our bodies out into our energy fields – this is because it utilizes the newly-opened micro-tubular channels inside of us (recently activated in November 2016). This perception of energy moving from-inside-out was extremely apparent on New Year’s night (12/31/16 – 1/1/2017).


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