The Lower 3D Separation Programs and the 5D Unity Templates

I have written a lot about the Lower 3D Earth and the Higher 3D Earth. Obviously, physically they are anchored into the same material planet, but energetically there are two separate realities. The Lower 3D is functioning on the separation-programming of tribal consciousness (competition, survival, scarcity, fear, victim-ness). The Higher 3D was built by us, the Starseeds and Forerunners, who are able to hold the templates of the 5D (cooperation, peaceful presence, abundance, love, support).

There are two types of energy systems in our Universe: “altruistic” and “selfish”.

In this Galaxy we have the beings who are altruistic in nature and fully conscious, they are the Architects of Life, they create WITH Life, they RESPECT Life – we call them Kadishtu. Many types of beings from different dimensions and star systems are a part of this group – they are unified by the fact that they share this altruistic view about Life. Beings like the Pleiadeans have been visiting our planet for a long time, created many Mystery Schools, and themselves incarnated into the human bodies as well (the Pleiadean group is the largest one among Starseeds). Sirian beings (human-looking types, Urmah/felines, and Abgal/amphibians) have also visited Earth, mostly in Egypt, to support human spiritual development. (Amun-Ra and Isis architypes are based on the human-looking Sirians, Sekhmet is an Urmah, Nommo of the Dogon African tribe is an Abgal). There are also Arcturian, Lyrian and Vegan beings, Tau Cetians, Orions, Ameli from Aldebaran, Alpha Centaurians and many others – all have representatives on the Solar Council. Their approach to humans is in a form of gentle spiritual coaxing – no pushing, prodding, abducting, experimenting, or forcing of any kind. Some of these Kadishtu beings are of a very high consciousness, from the 5D, 6D and beyond, and they cannot fully function within the 3D environment of our planet (some have special geometrical “ships” – sort of a protective layer – as a means of “showing up” in our density). There are a few who are able to materialize here in 3D – like Imdugud and some Pleiadeans.

Many of them are here around our planet, right now, witnessing the current events and working through the Solar Council in support of the Higher 3D Earth. They do not support the shadow government and other control systems, instead attempting to inspire individuals into the spiritual direction of Unity Consciousness. The adjustments to the Simulation, from inside the planetary vertical tube, have been done by these Kadishtu and us, Starseeds and Forerunners.

There are also other beings who live on Earth and are more advanced than us – like the people of Hyperborea of the North Pole continents of the 4D and 5D, a few Namluu (humans whose genetic code is a mix of many Kadishtu species) in the 5D, the Uru people (Sasquatch/Big Foot) in 3D underground, the “Nordic” people of 3D underground, the Nagas (an original reptilian race of Earth, green-skinned humanoids who evolved from the dinosaurs), and the Elvin people (some in 2D, some in 3D, some in 4D). Uru, Nordics, Nagas, and Elves are called intraterrestrials. All these beings are generally very respectful of Life and of the Kadishtu views (more altruistic than selfish). They are very concerned with what humans are doing to the planet in the 3D.

The other group of entities is selfish in nature, and in consciousness similar to us in the Lower 3D. Some are a little more advanced, all have much higher technology. They consist of beings from the 3D and some of the 4D, and even a few from 2D. Typical representatives of this group are Dracos, Ushumgal/reptilians, Anunna, Greys, some insectoid species, and Musgir (they are from 2D). There are also some intraterrestrials of this type. All of these beings make deals with the shadow government and are very much interested in control as a means to remain in power. They are politically competitive, they create AGAINST Life in selfish interests and they do NOT RESPECT Life or other beings. Their approach to humans is in a form of control over them – political, financial, technological, mental and astral (media and advertising), through forcing, studying, abducting and manipulating. The morphogenic fields of the Lower 3D Earth are supported by these beings. Humans are not automatically victims of these selfish entities, but often operate as collaborators because of their lack of individuality and not choosing to “look inside” for true answers. As we each awaken to the abundance of Love thus healing our wounds of Separation, and approach Life by studying our perceptions of it, we become “un-manipulate-able” :)

The current struggle between these two systems, altruistic/internal and selfish/external, is occurring on Earth in Antarctica. Antarctica is the root chakra on the planet, the stabilizing anchor for all of the morphogenic fields, especially the less harmonious ones. The Kadishtu are working on opening up more of the energy flow through the root of Earth to transmute the lower tribal fields. In 3D Antarctica there are intraterrestrial races living under the ice, deep in underground caverns. They are also split into two camps - as it seems everything on Earth is! – some are aligned with the Kadishtu efforts, others are adamantly against them. Our job is to remain in the harmonious fear-free energies of the Higher 3D Earth, supporting the new morphogenic fields of abundance, love, vertical belonging and deep self-curiosity, non-judgment, and peace.


Sleeping for Enlightenment

Sleeping for Enlightenment – a series of special energy downloads
(Night Quads) 
April 4th – June 6th

These Night Quads will download the new Pi energies, related to the holding of the higher, more harmonious, frequencies in the body, and anchor these energy blueprints, supporting one’s presence in the Higher 3D Earth. Right now more than ever it is important to be able to remain in the non-judgmental balanced space, so that instead of contributing to the hatred, fears and lost-ness we can support connectedness, love and peace.
This is how “Sleeping for Enlightenment” works:
  • On Sunday I will post the “topic” for the quad – it will explain the type of energy that will be running during that quad and give suggestions of what you need to do to maximize its benefits;
  • You need to focus on that energy and apply the suggestions I give you – it should take minimum 30 min. of your time;
  •  Tuesday to Wednesday night the special Night Quad will run (every week) – you can choose to stay awake for part of it, or sleep through it as the energy runs through your body.

The time commitment is a minimum of 30 min. per week. You will need to read the information I post about that week’s quad between Sunday and Tuesday night. You can choose to focus on the energy “set up” (my suggestions each week) before the Night Quad, and then simply allow the energy to flow during the quad. Or you can choose to do your 30 min. “set up” as the quad runs (either at the front end – at 11pm of Tuesday, or at the back end – before 8am on Wed.)

I will post the “topics” for the quads on a Facebook “group page” – and I encourage ALL of you to comment – how did you feel?, what was your experience?, how did you deal with the homework portion?, etc. This is meant to be a “community bulletin board” for all participants to exchange information and participate consciously together. In the Night Quads you are already in a group energy, the “group page” is meant to enhance that experience. ONLY the participants in “Sleeping for Enlightenment” will have access to that page.

4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6

10 special night quads x $35 = $350

By check: $350 (made out to Pravda, Inc., address is in Payment Center)
By credit card: $378 (in Payment Center click on “night quads”, change quantity from 1 to 14)

To sign up – either email me at 
or write to me through this website.

Your spot is secured upon receipt of payment.

Let us enhance our personal vibratory ranges 
and support the planetary awakening at the same time!

PS – I will also run a regular Night Quad on Tuesdays. Only the ones who have paid to participate in “Sleeping for Enlightenment” will be included into this series and have access to the “group page” on Facebook.

With Love in Light and Dark,