The Lion’s Gate of the Total Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, during the total Solar Eclipse, our individuality will experience a spiritual upgrade to become calibrated with the Higher 3D Earth and the incoming 5D Unity Consciousness templates.

To recap the overall progress…
The construction of the Higher 3D began in 2013, when the “soul of the planet” we call Gaia had left/ascended in consciousness, and the new being, Pi, came to support our planet. By 2016 the Lower and Higher 3D Earths began to “separate” – both anchored in the same matter-body of Earth, they each supported  a different sub-level of the 3D stage of development.
  • The Lower 3D Earth Simulation is linked to the immature human consciousness that is currently in a highly agitated and disharmonious state –  it is a limited perception range that is supported by the entities who are interested in control and domination (non-Kadishtu, selfish).
  • The Higher 3D Earth Simulation component is linked to the Starseed and Forerunner consciousness of a much more harmonious nature – and it is an open perception range that is supported by the Kadishtu entities and the Solar Council – this is the “ascended 3D” that we were hoping for in 2012.

At the end of 2016 the effort of the Solar Council and the Kadishtu beings (altruistic consciousness) culminated in the liberation of many hijacked and/or clogged vortexes (portals, or stargates, that exist throughout the Macro-Tubular Network of this planet) in order to fully support the existence of the Higher 3D Earth consciousness plane. The Macro-Tubular Network of plasmic filaments is the means for the planet to “breathe in the Light” – to connect with the Universe. With them having been non-functional over the last twelve thousand years, the human consciousness range was significantly limited, “trapped in the box” as if wrapped in a shrink-wrap – which allowed the negative consciousness beings (non-Kadishtu) to manufacture limited morphogenic fields.

A morphogenic field is an energy construct on which a group consciousness runs, they can be harmonious and disharmonious. Before 10,800 BC the portals/stargates were open, and human consciousness was less controlled (there were always more and less conscious people on Earth at the same time). After 10,800 BC these portals/stargates became inactive (by combination of the effort of negative entities, and the further fall into density of human consciousness) – this effectively quarantined the planet, blocking her from the rest of the frequencies (including most of the higher dimensions of Earth). The limited 3D range then was further negatively affected by the entities interested in control – they utilized already existent limited/fearful human tribal morphogenic fields by amplifying them, and linking their power source to the South Pole of Earth. We are not victims – we are the creators of our experience, and the only reason this blocking of the stargates was allowed by the Solar Council was because human already existent fearful beliefs were used. In short, people were looking for someone to give their authority away to and that “field” appeared as requested…

Throughout 2016 many of the stargates were re-opened by the Kadishtu and the Solar Council, and by many hard-working Starseeds and Forerunners on Earth. Ireland’s and Siberia’s stargates have been liberated, and many more unclogged in Iraq and Iran, in India, Pakistan, the Altai region, in both Americas, and in Antarctica. This expands the limited energy range, but does not automatically guarantee awakening – the ceiling is removed, the doors and windows are open, but people still have to choose to look through these windows and walk through these doors (and this takes time – a LOT of time…) – and without personal work awakening is impossible.

In February 2017 a major work has been done in Antarctica to finally unhook the lower morphogenic fields from Antarctica’s portals – this way people can still believe whatever matches their level of spiritual development, but without these fields supplying the extra energy (in a sense, unplugging them). This was partially successful and the work is still underway. During this process many ancient artifacts became rediscovered (hopefully at some point they will be shown to the people). One of the vortexes activating the energy flow led to a crack in the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

July 12th-13th, 2017 the planetary magnetic grid experienced a re-set on the etheric and physical levels. This was the conclusion of a long process of adjustments to the planetary magnetic flow by means of eventually opening the stargates. This re-set occurred because a huge iceberg had separated from Larsen Ice Shelf (opening the energy flow from 1D to 6D Earth).

On August 7th-8th, 2017 there was a partial Lunar eclipse. The Moon is directly linked with the magnetic fields of the planet, and with our emotional and astral energy bodies, thus any major events on the full moon create a huge emotional/astral amplification, often leading to huge social (“horizontal”) frictions (like the recent North Korea / US escalation in the Lower 3D).

On August 21st, 2017 there will be a total Solar Eclipse. The Sun represents Identity and Individuality, it holds these programs for us. When one becomes individuated, one unplugs from the social morphogenic fields and is able to hold one’s identity/authority in the Vertical Tube of their own Light Body, essentially being “off the grid” of tribal consciousness. This is why most political and religious systems throughout the ages feared solar eclipses – when the unindividuated masses are unplugged from the external authority, they become fearful, can form mobs and challenge people in power, or start wars, etc. On the other hand, all mystery schools treasured the time of the solar eclipses as a moment of initiation into selfhood – and an opportunity for an initiate to prove himself/herself in their spiritual ability by standing alone and supporting one’s Light Body through one’s link directly with the Universal Oneness (instead of through the social tribal fields).

During this total Solar Eclipse parts of 14 American states will experience the shadow of the Moon directly. Even though the entire process of eclipse takes about 2 hours, the actual initiation moment is about 90-120 seconds right in the middle of the eclipse. If you are in the states where you can see it, notice how Nature goes quiet – birds and animals seem to intentionally hold their own fields. If you are not in the location to see it, you can still watch it live (here is one of the “LIVE broadcast” sites) or just tune into it. Find a place to really be in your Vertical Tube and internally-focused at least during the 90-120 seconds of the actual identity re-set. It is very important to be in a grounded harmonious state during that time.

I am creating 2 Night Quads for the Eclipse – the first on Sunday night (20th) to prepare your energy fields, the second on Monday night (21st) to anchor the changes after the Eclipse. 
To sign up, please pay for the quads on my site
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Let’s help the Solar Council and other Kadishtu beings to further activate the Higher 3D Earth, so that the Lower 3D can process it’s path along the Ascension Stairway more harmoniously. We only have one planet – time to be Self-strong, so that we can channel Universal Love into her 3D Simulation range.